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Can I be experiencing muscle atrophy from being bed ridden for 2 weeks?

I suffered 2nd degree burns in my left leg and foot and was not able to walk for 2 weeks. Now that I'm walking again, (limping) the muscles in my legs are achy and burning and I'm having pain in my joints.

Most likely it could muscle atrophy. It only takes 7 days for muscle to start to weaken.  (+ info)

Are there ways to reverse muscular atrophy when you have muscular dystrophy?

Other than just exercise, I mean.

are you attuned to reiki? i know a couple of people who have used it to overcome some serious stuff. none of them have muscular dystrophy, but i don't think the chi knows the difference.  (+ info)

Does a car accident causes Brain atrophy and what are the symptoms associated with it?

someone told me that his brother had a car accident and at the hospital they said the accident caused brain atrophy is that possible? he is saying that his brother is destroying his ID's mobile phones he also destroyed his laptop. when he talks he doesn't make sense some times he doesn't talk. he doesn't sleep or eat for days. is this related to brain atrophy? is it possible for him to recover from this? can brain concussion lead to brain atrophy?

A serious head injury can certainly lead to brain atrophy, personality changes and cognitive problems. His symptoms certainly suggest he's having problems with his brain. The younger a person is, the more likely he is to recover, especially with a good rehab program. If he's not getting rehab, he should.

Some people do very well even after a large portion of their brain is damaged; others do very poorly even if the area of damage was smaller. A lot of it depends on which parts of the brain are affected.  (+ info)

After you've been Reiki attuned, is it possible for the universal healing energy to leave or atrophy?

I am Reiki attuned (level II) and have been for just over a year. Sometimes I feel like the energy does not flow through me very strongly. I want to feel it more strongly. I've asked my spirit guides to allow the energy to flow intensely, but this doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions or information?

There are those who do Reiki and those who live Reiki.

Once you are attuned you are always attuned. Sometimes the energy is flowing just as strongly but you do not get to feel it move through you, only the person receiving. I have had days where I can not feel the energy but I do the session properly and trust that the energy is doing its thing and it always does.

Also you may want to take an inventory to see how clean and sensitive a vessel you are on any given day. This can influence your effectiveness ad a conduit.

Do you eat and drink healthy, minimally processed foods? Do you sleep enough, drink enough water? Do you drink alcohol, use drugs, take medications, eat a lot of sugar or meat? Do you pray and /or meditate daily? Do you spend time in nature? Do you do daily self healing? Do you use your Reiki frequently?

All of these things can make a difference in your intuition and sensitive perception of the energy as well as how smoothly the energy can move through you and how much can move through you at any given time.

The cleaner you live and the more you are in touch with your spirit and in the flow of the Reiki energy the more effective you will be as a healer. You can chose a less pure lifestyle and still the Reiki will work through you because of your willingness but you will be less effective.  (+ info)

What is severe atrophy and cortical thinning of the right kidney?

what to do to stay healthy?

Wow, what a heavy question. I hope you are speaking to a medical professional about your concerns if someone in your family has been diagnosed with these conditions.

Severe atrophy in a general sense is a partial or complete wasting away of the body. Any major organ can atrophy. Atrophy is brought on by a number of things, most commonly: lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition or severe nerve damage.

Severe atrophy is often found in the elderly that are bed ridden.

Cortical thinning of any kidney essentially means, in a very general way, the shrinking of the kidney. The kidney is basically getting smaller because the cortical nephrons (on the outside of the kidney) is thinning. This can be brought on by a number of things.

I have only begin to study nephrology, but cortical thinning often leads to renal failure. Renal failure is essentially when the kidneys fail to function adequately. There are two types of renal failure (one with urine output and the other with very little or no urine output) and they are not life threatening if a transplant, removal or dialysis is performed. Of course, that is depending on the severity of the disease that caused renal failure.

The two symptoms you described are often found in the elderly, the paralyzed, or people in a coma.

The best way to stay healthy in this situation is a hard question to answer. This is depending on what has atrophied and how severe it is. If the muscles are atrophying then exercising, stretching and massaging the muscles can make the pain more bearable and hopefully prevent further damage. Cortical thinning, if leads to renal failure, can only be helped by dialysis. It is very hard to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle with these two problems. I suggest that you listen to your doctors and keep holding on.

I hope no one you know if currently experiencing these conditions. I wish you the best.  (+ info)

I had facial atrophy beneath my eyes due to applying a topical steroid, now i look sunken what can i do?

please no surgery and creams, worth top doller to restore it.

It's hard to offer suggestions without knowing how badly "sunken" it looks beneath your eyes. Is this very serious?

I can recommend an under-eye cream with a high dose of retinol, because this purified version of Vitamin A increases your skin's collagen production making skin more supple. (Roc has a good under-eye brand with retinol, it's in a gold box. Available at Target, Walgreen's, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc.)

Next make sure you are consuming enough fluids and eating a diet full of vitamins. You'll need plenty of iron which help your under eyes look less sallow and dark so eat lots of leafy greens. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables but be sure to get enough protien in your diet.

I wish you luck!  (+ info)

How do you strengthen muscles that have started to atrophy?

the muscles in my hamstrings on the back of my knee are so weak I cant even stand for and extended period of time without straining tendons and ligaments. What is a way I can gradually begin to strengthen these muscles to prevent further injury?

My suggestion is three-fold. Do leg curls, making your heel come up to knee-level. When you feel ready for it, add a bit of weight to your foot/ankle for extra resistance. Do 20 reps at a time on each leg.
The simple task of walking is another idea. Take long steps.
Third is stretching. I am betting that you are not very flexible back there. Reach down towards your knees or farther and hold a gentle stretch.
The improvement you seek will take time and seem to progress very slowly. Be patient, because that is the best way to get a limb rehabbed.  (+ info)

Is there any actual evidence to suggest that cardiovascular conditioning actually does cause muscular atrophy?

more specifically atrophy of SKELETAL muscle!

  (+ info)

Does your testosterone count cut in half if you get atrophy in 1 testicle?

Basically if you lose function in one testicle or if you get it removed?

When you loose a testicle, there will be a slight "SHORT TERM" loss in testosterone level, but it will never drop down to half. The testicles are eficient, and never need to run max out to satisfy the demand.

The pineal gland will sense a slight drop, and will signal the pituitary gland to signal the testicles to produce more testosterone. The pituitary gland will put out a chemical signal into the blood stream, that the testicles will regagnize. The signal will be a command for the testicles to up the production of testosterone. The by-product of that increased production will also be more sperm to make up for what the lost one had produced.

Since there is only one testicle, the single remaining testicle will responde with an increase in production of testosterone.
The pituitary gland will continue giving out a chemical comand to increase the production until the single testicle is with ease, able to meet the equal amount of testosterone that had been originally produced from two testicles, and still have spare capacity to produce. It may need to increase in size to meet the demand of greater cpacity, so it will get somewhat larger. The testesterone level after is equal to two testicles production, with reserve to spare, except now there is no spare if something happens to the second, which isn't likely.

The change adjustment back to "good normal testosterone level" only takes a couple of weeks, and the drop may not even be noticed, because when the pituitary gland is calling for more testosterone, the sex drive goes up to match that demand, as in puberty.

The body thermostat type control here, will then level off to hold the free testosterone level at what it had been with two testicles.

The urologist can now put an artificial testicle of size match into the sack where the missing one is, to give a balanced look and feel.

The body has two organs in each case, where critical systems are concerned, like two lungs, two kidneys, two liver to some extent, two brain lobes, and two testicles. Nature considered a Dudes sex life to be a critical system. When one critical organ fails, the second takes over to make up for both.

We probably would have had two hearts, but the complexity of tying to run two pumps into the vascular system makes that impossible.

The dual organs is called redundancy!

Hope that answers your onfo. request Dude

Me! :- )
  (+ info)

I have facial atrophy, I got an electric facial muscle stimulator will this help?

I have facial atrophy so servere i cannot even smile anymore and I look like crap, will this product help restore my face to what it used to be?

Who knows?
But you can probably do some REAL cool stuff to your cat!  (+ info)

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