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AUTISTIC DISORDER....................?

please i need help....... Identify two implications (ethical, social, economic or environmental) of risperidone (rispedral) in the treatment of autism........... please specify wen answering if its ethical, social or environmental....tanx.....

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Is there a difference between autism and an autistic disorder in children or are they the same?

Are ADHD children getting mis-diagnosed? Is there such a disorder called "autistic disorder" that mimics ADHD? Or is autism all the same at different levels of severity?

All autistics share what is called the triad of impairments...being lack of eye contact, repetitive movements, and social 'impediments'. Other than that each autistic child is like a snow flake, all of them are unique and each has their own set of issues unique to them. Autism has many levels of severity. Aspergers is a form of high functioning autism. ADHD is a totally different disorder but many autistics share add/adhd diagnosis. Autism is referred to as a spectrum disorder simply because no one child is the same as the other. But to answer your question to be diagnosed as autistic the triad of impairments must be met. Autistic tendencies could fall under another diagnosis that many autistics share PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified)  (+ info)

what is the main cause for autism or autistic spectrum disorder?

I have a 6 years old child, diagnosed with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) .. i wanna know the reason, because i have a newly born child and wanna know if there is any precaustion or early intervention needed or proposed?

Genetics is a strong factor. The fact that the concordance rate (likelihood that if one is autistic, the other is too) for identical twins is somewhere between 60 to 80% and only 6% in fraternal twins indicates that genetics is a MAJOR factor - just not the ONLY factor.

In other words, if MY autistic neice - Arianna Had a twin sister - Brianna - if thye were indentical twins, the odds would that Brianna would be autistic as well. But if they were fraternal twins, the odds would be only 1 in 20, same as a sibline born at a different time.

Apparently one doesn't inherit autism as much as they inherit a vulnerability to autism. Something "triggers" autism in such children. Something which would not trigger autism in one without the genetic vulnerability. What the trigger might be is still a mystery. (the vaccination theory has been disproven)

Many professionals (such as Geraldien Dawson, PhD & S. Ozzonoff, PhD of the M.I.N.D. institute) believe more than one gene is involved. They believe at least 5 genes "collide" to create the vulnerability for autism.  (+ info)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder to replace Pervasive Developmental Disorder?

Pervasive Developmental Disorders includes:
1) Autistic Spectrum Disorder
2)Retts Disorder
3)Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
4)Aspergers Symdrome

But isn't aspergers on the mild end of the autistic spectrum disorder? Im confused. Can anyone help?

I know what you mean...it can be confusing.

The main heading for these disorders found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is "PDD" or "Pervasive Developmental Disorders." This heading is just the classic umbrella term for autism spectrum disorders. You will hear both of the terms PDD and ASDs because they are often used interchangeably. The term Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is just the more current term used rather than PDD.

The five subcategories of disgnoses under PDD are Autistic Disorder, Asperger's Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Rett's Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (Or PDD-NOS).

No matter which diagnosis a child received on the spectrum, a child with ASD displays symptoms in the following three areas:
- Qualitative impairment in social interaction
- Qualitative impairment in communication
- Restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities.

Asperger's is not a high-functioning form of Autistic Disorder, because children with Asperger's develop communication skills within the typical range for the first few years of life, while those with Autistic Disorder display a wide range of deficiencies (moderate to severe) in communication skills. However, Asperger's is still referred to as a high-functioning form of autism because of the autistic symptoms displayed with the disorder and because it is on the autism spectrum. So, Asperger's is not high-functioning Autistic Disorder, but it is high-functioning (or "mild") autism.

I hope that helps, and doesn't just add to the confusion.  (+ info)

How can someone with an autistic disorder learn to accept the disorder?

I do mean autistic spectrum disorder

It is very difficult to accept conditions such as Autism when we live in a society that does not accept these conditions.

My child has been diagnosed "suspected" autism by more than one professional. He does very well in school academics, is very well behaved in class, and prefers to be alone. Because he is "different" he is continually bullied, even by much smaller children. I am always enraged, but he handles this situation very well. I have learned to accept his "condition" by stepping back and viewing how capable he is at handling it himself. Much of the time he does not need my interference.

It appears that even the most challenged of individuals will thrive much better when we all step back a few feet and allow them the opportunity to accept who they are.  (+ info)

My child has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). How do I go about getting him evaluated in California, USA?

I am american living in England with my family which includes my autistic son (5 years old). Finally, he is at a good school with minimal hours (15+5 hours for nappies!) of support - all which we 'fought' for. We are taking a family holiday for xmas and I would like my son to be evaluated there and compare with what they say here in the UK; and, what provisions would be made in the USA if I had to go back for 6 months to care for my elderly mother.


I am a behavior therapist in California. I have a lot of clients who had their child diagnosed at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. institute. Ill put the link below. Also, you should get your son into an ABA behavior therapy program ASAP. If your area doesnt have an ABA program (behavior therapy program, with intensive services, which means 15 hours plus per week or more, I would imagine 20+ hours given your sons age) then you can contact Pacific Child and Family Associates, or a similar ABA program that offers international services. I hear they are interested in setting up offices internationally and just set up an office in Armenia. Ill put this link below as well so you can know what kind of services to look for. This is the only proven treatment for autism. Dont settle for just school services or consultation programs. Your losing precious time.  (+ info)

Anyone here have autism or an autistic spectrum disorder?

If so which one?

I work with children that have Autism. Some have Asberger's. Do you have autism?  (+ info)

How can i explain Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to my friends?

I found out a few mounths ago now that i have ASD. but my problem is not that i have it or anything it's the fact my friends want me to explain it to them and i dont know how!
I have looked on so many sites for help but none have well... helped me.Im in year 10 so im 14 so if anyone can help me please do!

thanks everyone!

xx :D xx

Just tell them that your brain doesn't understand figurative language and sometimes your disorder causes you to be unable to understand what they are feeling or body language or facial / hand gestures. Tell them that you enjoy being friends with them, but to avoid fights or upsetting each other to please communicate with you when they are mad or joking so that you understand.  (+ info)

In your conclusion, do you think the mmr vaccine causes the autistic disorder?

There is a clear correlation of vaccines & autism. In the late 1980's autism was diagnosed in 3 out of 10,000 kids. By 2009 the FDA/CDC put the # at 91 in 10000
In the past 20 years the # of required vaccines has risen. The # & types of toxins has also increased. The mfg method for some antigen (the target protein in vax your immune system recognizes) has been changing to growing antigen in gene altered bacteria/yeast. To get the antigen, cell walls are crushed & we try to purify the antigen from the cell debris, toxins & chemicals. The antigen is NEVER pure & is contaminated by endotoxin, non-self DNA fragments & other cell debris
Toxins added to increase profit are common. Preservatives, like thimerosal, are added to permit shipment of vials of vaccine instead of preservative-free syringes
Adjuvants are used to save money by reducing the amount of antigen. Adjuvants prolong/intensify an immune reaction to antigen & any immune reactive substance in vaccine (cell debris, endotoxin, etc.). Adjuvants also have their their own side effects
The rise in autism parallels the rise in # of vaccines & the rise in the # of toxins & novel toxins injected into kids. This is undeniable correlation, needing clinical investigation to determine if autism is caused
Dr Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health, said in a 2008 CBS interview "Vaccines may cause autism" & "It is inexcusable the proper research has not been done"
Are vax a benefit to humankind? Yes. Are some vax there not out of necessity, but because of greed? Yes (e.g. Gardasil, Cervarix, meningitis, pneumonia & others)
Laws must be passed to strengthen regulators against the influence of industy. The Gulf oil spill, the health care crisis, the financial "meltdown", biotechnology companies gene altering w/o oversight, big pharma killing/injuring adults/kids with near impunity, polluters destroying the environment... can all be tied to lax/non-existent regulation due to the corruption of regulators
Criminal statutes are needed punishing the regulators accepting bribes AND corporations/employees of corporations subverting regulators
There are many good people working/worked at the FDA (& other agencies) ready do the job right. FDA's David Graham & Brooksley Borne former head of CFTC are 2
The Vaccine Court has paid billions in damage awards to thousands of kids & their families that have been injured by vaccine. 1 case of autism has also been paid damages. If most autism is proved to be caused by vax damages will be in the 100s of billions.
This huge liability is why FDA/CDC & big Pharma lie about a vaccine link & produce fraudulent epidemiological studies (the studies of records, not kids) instead of clinical studies with toxin-free vaccine, to determine the truth.
There are cases in the Vaccine Court where live measles from the MMR vax caused encephalitis/meningitis & awards have been paid. MMR also has one of the highest surcharges/dose paid to the Vaccine Court funds used to pay damages, indicating it's a higher risk vaccine
In children with compromised immune systems live measles virus could infect their intestines causing inflammation & passing of large-sized molecules into the blood, causing organ damage, including the brain. This is the unproved hypothesis initiating Dr Andrew Wakefield's famous 1998 study. That study caused concerns about vax & autism
However, Dr Wakefield et al's study declared they DID NOT find a link between vax & autism. They linked MMR to enterocolitis they observed in a majority of the 12 chidlren studied. The conclusion also stated THE STUDY WAS TOO SMALL TO PROVE that MMR was responsible for the enterocolitis & larger CLINICAL studies were needed
Those studies have not been done. The only large studies were epidemiological. Reviewing records is not scientific proof. Study criteria determine which part of what records are looked at. This criteria can be set up by unscrupulous scientists to get any result desired
3 scientists come to mind regarding fraudulent vax/autism studies. Fombonne, Madsen & Thorsen. These scientists are heavily conflicted & their studies are known to be fraudulent, yet the FDA/CDC rely on them to say there is no link between autism/vax. One of them, Thorsen, is suspected of embezzling $2 million in FDA funds from these studies
Until a large independent unconflicted clinical study is done with MMR vaccine NO ONE can say for sure if the shots cause autism or not. The truthful evidence so far indicates the MMR, in kids unable to recognize or destroy the live virus, DOES DAMAGE KIDS (through encephalitis/meningitis) & is implicated in causing autism.  (+ info)

How long does it normally take a peaditrican to diagnose autistic spectrum disorders?

How long does it normally take a peaditrican to diagnose autistic spectrum disorders?
After a number of difficulties with my little boy of almost 9 years ,my GP suggested that he may have something related to the autistic spectrum disorder.He mentioned aspergers syndrome and has refered him to a local peaditrician.We are due to see him this week,will they they be able to tell us on the day if this is the case or is it usual to have a lot more tests etc. Does anyone know the procedure in the UK for this type of diagnosis

They will be able to tell you what they feel based on their assessment from that day, talk to your Son's school SENCO as well as they have access to speech therapists and educational psycologists who can also help with the diagnonsis.

It can take a long time sometimes, if you do it privately it will be quicker but you can start doing things that help autistic children cope with the world anyway now and see if it makes a diffference to him or helps him anyway.  (+ info)

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