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Does using the birth control IUD Mirena give you a lot of bacterial infections?

I have Minera. I love it. Convience, not having to think about it and not having a period is great. However, I have been getting a lot of bacterial infections and I want to have it taken out because I think it is causing them. My PCP doesn't really give me an answer just tells me to read about the side effects.

They have since found its the string used on IUD birth controls that harbor infections. If yours is a recent IUD then that shouldn't be the issue, they have since corrected it in the last 5 years. If you are having unprotected sex that could be it, partners can pass the same infection back and forth and not know it. Have your doctor do a culture test and see what can be done. If it is an infection that can be treated with antibiotics then have your partner take the same medication as well. Also before intercourse have your partner clean their genitals before and after to prevent passing it back to you and you to them. It's more common than people realize really.  (+ info)

What causes vaginal bacterial infections?

What causes vaginal bacterial infections? How do you get it?
I am married and my husband is very clean so nothing to worry about there. My personal hygeine is just fine. I also have had absolutely no symptoms. I only even know because I went to the OBGYN for something completely unrelated.

They just happen. Some people get them more than others and some never get them. It is called bacterial vaginosis if you want to look it up on the web.  (+ info)

why are antibacterial agents that target the cell wall so effective in treating bacterial infections?

I need help with these two questions please!!

1.) why are antibacterial agents that target the cell wall so effective in treating bacterial infections?
2.) How do some bacteria resist the activity of cell wall-active antibiotics?

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Why do i keep getting recurrent bacterial infections?

I keep getting bacterial infections, and as soon as i start meds, it goes away, i finish all of the meds as directed, and as soon as im done, i get a yeast infection, and then my initial bacterial infection comes right back. im so sick of going to the dr. for this. i have tried metrogel, cleocin, and flagyl. i dont douche, no multiple sex partners, i wear cotton panties, do i just have to regulate my ph? what else could this be? or what else can i do?

Yo jess, "meds as directed" are mostly prescribed, moron.  (+ info)

CHEESE - being so addicted to to cheese, can it cause more bacterial infections within the body?

I can't get enough of cheese products in my daily diet. I have had so many bouts with bacterial infections within this year alone. Can this be a contributing factor? Are there other suplements to omit cheese in my diet without feeling the need of CHEESE? Please help.

no , no connection !i like cheese , but mostly i like milk, cheese is high in calories and fat, its constipating , and causes gas and bloating!!so maybe just try slowing down on it a little , you don't have to omit it all together.the infections you are getting or have had , is common , right now for some reason,its like an epidemic going around and it Will pass, just because you don't have it right now doesn't mean that the other half of the world is not suffering from some kind of infection.so good luck , and don't worry.  (+ info)

Can a yeast infection be caused by the antibiotic cream prescribed for bacterial vaginal infections?

I seem to have acquired a yeast infection three days into taking my medicine for my bacterial vaginal infection. What should I do? Continue taking the antibiotic gel until it's gone and then get yeast infection medicine? Is this normal? Help.

yes sometimes depends on the brand or your condition ain't really what it suppose to be  (+ info)

What are symptoms of vaginal bacterial infections?

I used to have a lot of discharge with no smell whatsoever. In the last year my discharge has stopped and I have an odor on my underwear...is this normal? Is this the sign of a bacterial infection bc I heard any change in the amount of discharge means you have one. Thanks!

Signs of Bacterical Vaginosis is white/gray discharge with a "fish" like odor. If you have Bacterial Vaginosis, it doesn't mean you will have all the symptoms, some women who have this will not even notice any symptoms at all. But as long as you have any odor, you need to get checked, because it's not supposed to have an unpleasant odor.

Good Luck! :)  (+ info)

Can yeast and vaginal bacterial infections stop you from conceiving?

Someone told me if you keep a vaginal bacterial infection or a yeast infection too long it will stop you from conceiving. Is it true or will it just lower your chances?

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why is it harder to treat protozoan and fungal infections compared to bacterial infections?

why is it harder to treat protozoan and fungal infections compared to bacterial infections?

Bacteria are "prokaryotes"
While animals(inc humans), fungi and protozoa are all "eukaryotes"
There are major differences in the way these two type of cells are organised and operated. These means that some chemicals which are highly toxic to bacterial "prokaryotic" cells have little or no toxic effect on Human "eukaryotic" cells .Antibiotic can be thought of as selective poisons which only harm bacteria .Fungal and protozoan cell are much more similar to human cells and so there are fewer chemicals which are toxic to them without being toxic to the host's cells as well  (+ info)

Do different kinds of antibiotics tend to clear most bacterial infections?

I am in a foreign country and i recently contracted a vaginal bacterial infection. I personally do not want to go to a doctor here and have them examine me, and have a box of antibiotics that is made for upper respiratory tract infections. If I take these will it clear up the problem?

not necessarily. often, when you go to the doctor, they culture, or grow, the bacteria so that they can determine which antibiotic will be most effective in resolving your infection. also, you may not have enough antibiotic to completely resolve your illness and then it will come roaring back. why worry about seeing a doc in a foreign country? most of the docs in the US are from a foreign country.  (+ info)

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