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Why don't doctors always give antibiotics for bacterial infections?

I had a bacterial infection had the doctor said that it is against CDC regulations to give antibiotics for bacterial infections but sometimes they due to provide relief to the patient.

Because bacteria quickly develops resistance against antibiotics. To prevent emergence of AB-resistant bacterial strains, doctors are instructed to prescribe only in most severe cases.  (+ info)

what vitamins can i take or what foods can i eat to prevent bacterial vaginal infections?

i have been getting bv for the past few months and i am given metronidazole. which then gives me yeast infections but doesnt cure my bv.

The foods you eat have nothing to do with getting/preventing bacterial vaginosis. Avoid having multiple sex partners and douching.
Also a compromised amune system. Those are known causes of BV.

  (+ info)

Can Zonegran cause Vaginal Bacterial Infections?

Taking for Epilepsy but keep getting Bacterial Infections that won't clear up. Are they related in ne way?

This is what I found on the web. I hope this helps you.. It doesn't say anything about Vaginal Bacteria.. Are you sexually active?

Use of ZONEGRAN was frequently associated with central nervous system-related adverse events. The most significant of these can be classified into three general categories: 1) psychiatric symptoms, including depression and psychosis, 2) PSYCHOMOTOR SLOWING, DIFFICULTY WITH CONCENTRATION, AND SPEECH OR LANGUAGE PROBLEMS, IN PARTICULAR, WORD-FINDING DIFFICULTIES, and 3) somnolence or fatigue.
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I wanted to add something. i just read about a case where a young woman kept getting rashes, which turned into Vaginal Bacteria infects as a effect of this medication. Her dortor said it was an allergic reaction. she lived with it for over a year! It may be a good ideal to contact your dr!  (+ info)

Does anyone know what causes chronic vaginal bacterial infections?

I seem to have an issue with having constant vaginal infections. I am very clean and shower everyday but I still have an odor and discharge everyday. Is this normal. I am 26 and have 3 children. I am married so I only have one sexual partner. I have had this problem for as long as can remember. Do you think it is possible that his siemen is causing me infections? What can I do to treat the problem without constantly see my GYN.

I have this too, and I am 27 married with 2 kids. You're not alone. Treating each one as a yeast infection works for me, but it may not be yeast. I'm seeing a urogynocologist now. The current treatment I am trying is a 4 week session of daily diflucan pills. After I finish this, if I am able to go for 4 weeks without an infection, we'll consider the problem solved. Here's what my doctor told me are the different possibilities-
1. Chronic yeast infection- This could be due to frequent use of antibiotics for another problem, such as frequent UTI. The antibiotics have killed off so much of the good bacteria that yeast is growing out of control throughout your body, and making itself known in the vagina. This is why I'm using the diflucan. If that doesn't work, a regimen of acidophilius supplements is also a possibility.
2. Chronic bacterial infection- Since we're both at low risk for STD, thats probably not it. If you haven't done it already, ask for some blood testing to check for immune system problems that could be causing your body to be unable to fight the infections. If it's not that, then it could just be that you are more succeptible to the infections, and you're getting them from things that other people can do without having to worry about it, so there isn't much you can do but treat each infection. Examples of simple causes would be sweaty clothes after exercising, wearing tight clothes/nylon a lot, etc. Also, my doctor thinks it is likely that the spermicide I have been using with my diaphragm is at least part of the problem, so considering different birth control if you use spermicide may help.
Hope that helps. Don't feel like your dirty or gross, it happens to a lot of women around our age and with a few kids.  (+ info)

What are some natural remedies for preventing or destroying bacterial infections after tooth extraction?

I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and my oral surgeon prescribed me Clindamycin HCl. I'm having shortness of breath from it, a metalic taste in my mouth, some skin itching, and occasional chest pains. I have discontinued this med, however I am worried about how my gums are healing and I'm scared of getting a bacterial infection, so is there an effective natural remedy that would work?

Clindamycin is an higher generation anti biotic, try some thing lighter like Amox 250, 3 times a day. Keep your mouth clean by properly cleaning them, brushing & gargling with mouth wash.  (+ info)

Rubbing Neosporin in your nose for bacterial infections?

Okay I'm trying to find more about this. Is it true that if you rub Neosporin on the opening of your nostrils you can stop a bacterial infection? Please answer this question from some article your read on the computer. You can copy and paste it as your answer.

Sorry, if you wantr an article do the research yourself. I will simply answer the question as to what I believe may be true.

Neosporin is a topical ointment that has a topical effect only. It will kill the bacteria on the edge of your nose, but thats about it. It does not aerosolize and prevent infections. However, the thing you might be reffering to is "bactroban" another antibacteril in the nares "nose holes" it will kill MRSA, a bacterial infection. This is a common treatment in hospitals, and has shown to work. Walking around with neosporin around your nose may have some benefit, although slight. May also destroy some of your own personal bacteria that your body uses for defense.  (+ info)

Antibiotics are medicines developed to fight bacterial infections Which of the following statements ?

A. They all mutate the DNA of bacteria.
B. They cause the bacterial cell to shrink through osmosis.
C. They interrupt processes vital to the bacteria.
D. They all prevent bacteria from absorbing food.

C, and learn to do your own homework or research.

EDIT: To mari, you're an idiot. There are a set of classes of antibiotics that work to either inhibit protein synthesis, inhibit DNA replication, inhibit RNA transcription, or breakdown the peptidoglycan cell walls of bacteria. None of the antibiotics out there mutate DNA, as that would also damage our own DNA. They have nothing to do with osmosis, and also do nothing to prevent bacteria from absorbing nutrients. If you're going to try to be a smartass, at least have an IQ better than that of an overgrown wombat.  (+ info)

is anaerobic bacterial infections most ofte are due to several species of anaerobes acting together to infect?

it is important to recognize that the anaerobic bacterial infections most ofte are due to several species of anaerobes acting together to cause infections, explain?

I don't know which situation is more prevalent. With anaerobes, there often is more than one species present, and therefore treatment should be aimed at controlling all species determined to be present.  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis twice within the past 6 months and I get yeast infections after?

After I get off my meds for BV I always get yeast infections. Is this normal or is something wrong? Thank you everyone
I forgot to mention that I have been tested for all STDs about 3 weeks ago and they all came back negative. Thank you all for your quick responses :-)

You can get a yeast infection from meds, so it's possible. If you get more than 2 or 3 in a year you should talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

What bacterial or viral infections can cause psychological changes?

I remember reading several years ago about some type of infection that left the victim with a psychological problem (schizophrenia, paranoia, ?), but I can't remember the details. Does anyone have any idea?
Some more details: if I remember correctly, the infection caused temporary numbness of the body/skin (a few weeks?), but had no other outward symptoms.

Rabies, but it's almost invariably fatal within a couple weeks of the onset of symptoms.

Pathogens that could infect the brain (that is, they cause encephalitis) could cause permanent damage of various sorts. It just depends on which part of the brain they damage. Eg. Herpes virus. (Though before anyone panics, herpes usually doesn't do that, especially not in a healthy, immunocompetent person.)  (+ info)

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