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Can bacteria from yeast infections & bacterial infections get in the womb?

No, like when you are already pregnant with a baby and you have those infections. Could it come in contact with your baby?

Yes.. its crucial to go get checked asap. Those infections can affect the fetus in many ways. If you suspect.. go get treated!.  (+ info)

How are bacterial vaginal infections caused?

I'm curious b/c I got a pH of 6 on a vagisil screening test, and I am NOT sexually active. I have a strong unpleasant odor, yellow discharge, itching, and a bit of a rash. I also have soreness around the vaginal area. I am wondering if I got these symptoms from public bathrooms or eating too much refined sugar or something else.

Such infection can come from unhygienic utilities as well as from a partner.  (+ info)

What are the different types of bacterial infections?

im itchy down there but i dont know why. its just in my pubic hair region where i shave. i also have a lightly scented white discharge. pls help me.

It might be yeast infection instead of bacterial infection. Thing is, to get it treated, you gotta see a doctor to confirm. Here's the difference between yeast and bacteria infection

Yeast Infection: Itch and irritation, clumpy discharge ranges from white to yellow (texture's like cottage cheese), a light smell that's like yeast or bread

Remedy for yeast infection: Over the counter cream like Monistat 7 or oral tablet like Diflucan.

Bacteria Infection: Irritation and Itch, fluid like discharge of white to grey color with a fishy smell

Remedy: Anti-biotic

The bottomline is, see a doctor to confirm, above is just a brief idea of what's what.  (+ info)

What can you do about vaginal bacterial infections?

My boyfriend and I had frequent sex for the past few days and now I'm itchy and red, any ideas on what to do?

Bacterial infections are only treatable with antibiotics which you'd need to get from your doctor. If however it's a yeast infection (thrush), then it would be possible to be treated with a cream available from most pharmacist. It could also be just regular run of the mill irritation for having so much sex. If you aren't getting any discharge or noticing a very different change in smell then it's most likely irritation and will clear up in a few more day. If it's not just that, go see your doctor so they can determine if it's yeast or bacterial infection (if you haven't had a yeast infection before, it's important that you go to the doctors first to make sure it's a yeast infection. Yeast helps keep bacteria in balance so taking the wrong medication can make things much worse)  (+ info)

Are any gastrointestinal bacterial infections bright green in and of themselves?

Or are the bright green stools caused by organisms such as giardia and salmonella purely a result of bile?
I understand that green stool often just results from bile, but I want to know if there are any gastrointestinal parasites that are themselves bright green. Thank you for your time.

Green stool often indicates that food has passed through the intestines faster than normal (called decreased bowel transit time), before it could be changed from green to yellow, or brown.

You certainly did not provide much information so I am basically providing you with a generic answer.

If you were have the diarrhea, then the Bile color was still present on your fecal representation.

In addition, # Bacterial overgrowth, Infectious diarrhea - especially salmonella and giardia can result in this green color.

If you have these parasites, I recommend GSE = Grape Seed Extract for 10 days 2 - 3x/ day in orange juice. It is a SUPERIOR product to rid ones system of unwanted parasites... oh it is EXCELLENT!

Get well soon.  (+ info)

What microscope magnification is needed to view bacterial or viral infections in sputum?

Using a standard non-electro microscope. Please, no glib answers, it only wastes time.

The average bacterium is 1000 nanometres long and can be resolved using a light microscope, Diffraction limits resolution to approximately 0.2 micrometre so it is not possible to see a virus whose sizes range in size from about 20 to 400 nanometres in diameter. These require an electron microscope.  (+ info)

Can the microwave oven be used to kill bacterial infections in food?

My Fiancee shared some chili fries with me a few weeks ago (she's a sweetheart). She had bronchitis at the time. I figured that by heating the food in the microwave for a minute, that it would destroy any communicable bacteria. Was I wrong?

I ended up being sick anyway, which may have been inevitable.

Can heating shared foods in the microwave kill the cold virus or other disease if the person eating the item before were sick?

Great question.

It is as effective as heating the bacteria up to whatever the ambient temperature of the food is with another method.

No better, no worse. It is the heat that is doing the killing, not the microwaves.

So, if you put a big container of water filled with germs in there and zapped 'em for 30 seconds, it would probably not kill them. If you put a small container, it probably would.

Since all life has an element of water in it, putting something with germs that is basically dry in a microwave and zapping it would kill them virtually instantly.  (+ info)

What was used to treat bacterial infections before the discovery of antibiotics?

Yes it used to be extremely difficult to treat the Systemic bacterial infections in the Pre Antibiotic era...

Thats the reason that the mortality rates for any infectious disease used to be so high...

Yes for topical infections like that of wound infections the antiseptics or the surface agents were discovered are in vogue for thousands of years.. They have used plant, animal products and also the minerals for this purpose..

BUT for the Systemic infections, it used to be very difficult.. Simple pnuemonia used to prove fatal... The main aim of the Treatment was to improve the General health of the Patient, in the sense, they used to improve the Nutrition and the adequate rest... They also had practices of shifting the patients to a sanitarium where fresh environment used to be available... The Principal is to build up the immune system of the patient itself to fight the infection on his/her own...  (+ info)

Can having intercourse the 1st thing in the morning cause bacterial infections?

If you have intercourse at night, fall asleep and immediately engage in intercourse again the very first thing the following morning, there has obviously been no bathing in between. Isn't this dirty? Wouldn't this at the very least put the woman in jeopardy of a UTI?
If you don't have an educated answer PLEASE don not waste my time or your's!
If you don't have an educated answer PLEASE do not waste my time or your's!

Bathing has nothing to do with the issue. What you must do to prevent urinary tract infections is to urinate after intercourse. This will rid your urinary tract of any bacteria that could have gotten in there and prevent infection.

The reason that bathing has nothing to do with UTI is that the normal bacteria on your skin is not what causes the infection. UTIs are generally caused by E. Coli bacteria from your intestinal tract, which is why a woman must be very careful to wipe herself from front to back so as not to introduce E. Coli bacteria into her vagina.  (+ info)

Which of following are bacterial infections of the skin oil glands?

a. melanoma c. skin dryness
b. sunburn d. acne

Bone fractres in children are often different from fratures in adults. Explain why this may be so.

Are you doing your homework??

Lazy! You have access to the Internet and could probably have found the answers faster than anyone here would be able to answer.

I answered then decided to erase it.  (+ info)

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