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What are the Best recipesand drinks for Balkan Cuisine?

Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish...etc?

Someone just told me about Lion's Milk... I want to know about more drinks as well as foods in the Balkan region.

You can learn about Greek cuisine here: http://greekgourmand.blogspot.com/ An excellent Greek recipe blog with information on the history and culture of Greece.  (+ info)

Difference between IgA Nephropathy and Thin Membrane Basement Disease?

What are the main differences between IgA Nephropathy and Thin Membrane Basement Disease, except for one being more benign than the other? Any specifics as to the differences in symptoms?

  (+ info)

Looking for Balkan food in Philadelphia?

I am looking for an ethnic market or grocery store in the Philly area that carries Balkan food. Specifically I am looking for cevapi, lepinja or somun, and kajmak.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Thats good stuff. It reminds me of Bosnia. Try looking in the phone book or asking around. Do google searches to find out the info. also. If you are rich, you can fly over there (only 10 or so hours). hah ha  (+ info)

How do diabetes mellitus contribute to diabetic nephropathy?

When the blood sugar is high, it damages the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys. Those blood vessels filter waste from the blood. When they get damaged from high blood sugar, the kidneys aren't able to do their job as well.

Note to others: The question is about NEPHROpathy, not NEUROpathy  (+ info)

Can young adults get analgesic nephropathy?

All I can find is websites saying who it's most common in, but I'd like to know if it CAN happen in someone who's young.

Analgesic nephropathy occurs in about 4 out of 100,000 people, mostly women over 30. The rate has decreased significantly since phenacetin is no longer widely available in OTC preparations.

It doesn't say anywhere that the younger population is immune, they may be affected less commonly. I think females need to take analgesics more cz of the period problems. And after taking these medicines for many years, they are affected.  (+ info)

I have alot of medical problems and was just diagnosed with DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY. What might my life span be ?

I have full-blown rheumatoid arthritis and just had my 17th surgery in 18 years. I also have an under-active thyroid, type 2 diabetes, highBP, depression, irregular heart beat, raynaud's disease, growth hormone deficiency, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

This is a difficult question to answer mainly because it revolves around one thing: how well you're willing to maintain your health regimen. Of the things mention, the things that will kill you the fastest are your diabetes mellitus, hypertension (high BP), and high cholesterol in that order. If you take the medications (insulin or hypoglycemics, antihypertensives, and statins) that you need in order to control these chronic conditions, you will live just as long as the next person. Many people don't, because it's not fun doing so. Seeing my patients suffer from diabetes because they snuck in a cake slice or 2 or 5 during the day and only checked their blood glucose a few times a week rather than multiple times a day is a travesty. I have very bad diabetics that control their sugar levels quite well and have lived to very old ages without complications such as diabetic nephropathy.

You always have a choice. Please make it a good one. If you haven't been monitoring your blood sugar well in the past, please do so now. Their are much worse, more gruesome complications of diabetes (constant pain that doctors can't control, thrice weekly dialysis) that you can still get.  (+ info)

Can a hit to the kidney area in the back cause Diabetic nephropathy to accelerate?

I should add that the person is diabetic and diabetic nephropathy is already a suspicion. Could a hit in the back cause this condition to accelerate?

there is no relation between kidney trauma and diabetic nephropathy but kidney trauma can cause kidney injury and bleeding which makes the problem worse if happened  (+ info)

what is chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus nephropathy?

Kidney disease (also known as diabetic nephropathy) is a complication of diabetes that starts when the blood vessels in the kidney become leaky. These leaky blood vessels allow protein from the blood to be excreted into the urine. Eventually, some vessels collapse and place more pressure on those that remain. Under this increased load, the remaining blood vessels are also damaged and the kidney may fail. The disease may progress to where the patient may have to be placed on dialysis where a machine performs the role of the kidney or receive a transplant.

Here is a web page for you to get more information.

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

difference between minimal change nephrotic syndrome and iga nephropathy?

impaired kidney function, and non-existant kidney function  (+ info)

Name of best clinical center for treatment biabetes nephropathy in europe?


Treatment is rigorous glycemic control combined with BP control. An ACE inhibitor, an angiotensin II receptor blocker, or both should be used to treat hypertension at the earliest sign of microalbuminuria or even before, because these drugs lower intraglomerular BP and thus have renoprotective effects.  (+ info)

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