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which of the following are considered diseases of the lower respiratory tract?

here are the options...
diphtheria and pneumonia
influenza and diphtheria
tuberculosis and pneumonia
common cold and tuberculosis

i keep thinking its pneumonia and diphtheria but then i get confused and the common cold is bothering me....its driving me nuts! please let me know if im right with pneumonia and diphtheria if im not right then can you tell me what it is and explain to me why or how? thanks!

The answer is tuberculosis and pneumonia. An upper respiratory tract infection effects the nose, throat. larynx, and trachea, while a lower infection effects the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, and aveoli. Diphtheria, influenza, and the common cold are all upper respiratory infections, so the answer is TB and pneumonia. Check out these websites if your interested in learning more:

  (+ info)

Why do urinary tract infections frequently accompany sexually transmitted diseases?

Because of the proximity of the two openings.  (+ info)

What is the role of fat in biliary diseases?

My son was born with a disease called Bilary Atresia. Atresia means "narrowing." Some are born with the ducts of the liver being too narrow or clogged. In my son's case he was born without bile ducts to get the bile out of his liver. When he was 13 days old, they performed a surgery that involved taking out the gall bladder and using part of the small intestine to make one large duct. We were told that this operation would only buy him time until he could grow and have a transplant by the time he was 2. He is 16 now and his liver is functioning normally without a transplant. There is a long story behind this miracle, but I digress.

I just wanted to let you know that for a long time he had to take "water-soluable" vitamins because they said that he would not be able to absorb the normal kind of vitamins. Those kind are called "fat-soluable." In other words, Fat travels throughout the body of a "normal" liver and vitamins attach to the fat so the body can absorb the vitamins. If a person has a bilary disease and the bile can't get out to break down waste, the person would become vitamin-deficiant. The water-soluable vitamins aborb into the body better in a person with a liver disease.

So, you see, a person with a diseased liver usually can't absorb vitamins because there isn't enough fat being produced to bond with them. I may not have all the facts exactly right, but I just know that my son's liver was very bad and the docs told us that his bilary problems meant that he couldn't absorb fats well and so couldn't absorb fat-soluable vitamins. Hope this wasn't too confusing. Believe me, we were much more than confused when this was all happening so fast.  (+ info)

common communicable diseases of the gastro intestinal tract?

common diseases of gastro intestinal tract that are trasmitted by humans to another humans.

Vincent's stomatatis, Acute herpetic gingivostomatatis, Thrush, Syphilis (secondary stage), Acute endogenous gastritis, Ileo-caecal tuberculosis, Hepatitis (viral, spirochetal, protozal, bacterial), Tuberculous peritonitis, Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, Peritonitis (fungal, parasitic), Hepatomegaly (viral-viral hepatitis, yellow fever, Infectious mononucleosis, Lassa fever) (Spirochetal- Weil's disease, syphilis, relapsing fever) (Bacterial-Typhoid, pneumonia, brucellosis, tuberculosis) (Protozoal-Amoebiasis, malaria, Kala-azar) etc.....  (+ info)

Different illnesses or diseases of the digestive tract?

They are to many to describe here so I would suggest you visit this site and get all the information you need :-
Or you can search the Net for more Health Sites.
I hope it solves your problem.
Take Care and God Bless !  (+ info)


What are some diseases that carry through life and gradually get worse till you die? Sorry bout the morbid topic.
Also, if you know, diseases that make you have allergic reactions to food. Can't remember what its called.
Umm... another is... diseases you can get as a teenager.

CEliac Disease -Celiac disease, whether called gluten-sensitive enteropathy or non-tropical sprue, is one of a number of diseases that disrupt the absorptive surface of the small bowel. The result with celiac disease: a classical malabsorption syndrome for the patient.

Pneumonia / influenza, tuberculosis, and diarrhea/enteritis; heart disease; stroke; alzheimer's ;arteriosclerosis; cancer ( prostrate in men and breast cancer in women) chronic liver disease/ cirrhosis; COPD( chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder); Diabetes;Nrephritis;CRF(chronic renal failure) ; stroke; Muscular dystrophy( MD); MS( multiple Sclerosis; ) ; MG ( myasthenia gravis); CAD( coronary artery disease)

SLE( sytemic lupus erythematosus) ; ALS( amytrophic Lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig disease.; cystic fibrosis; and Gaucher's disease; RA- juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; amyloidosis; moyamoya disease; AVM (atrioventicular malformations ) in brain; Hodgkin's disease; Myocardial Infarction( MI or heart attacks); HIV/Aids; PV ( polycythemia vera).  (+ info)


can you tell me some diseases that can cause deaths?

p.s it is for homework lol

heart disease
Liver disease
Mad Cow disease
the plague
Lou Gehrigs

Dang this is getting depressing  (+ info)

my cat have Feline Urinary tract disease, I just took him to the hospital and they inserted a catheter?

what is suppose to happen and how is he suppose to act. he been sleepin alot and dont want to eat .
yes,I took him to the clinic and that is when they gave him the catheter and i picked him up the same night.Iam just worried that he is so tired maybe because he did have all that catheter and all that into him but I have a follow up tomorrow morning.

The cath is to allow the bladder to drain of urine. There may be either some stones or even swelling and perhaps even scar tissue in there blocking the bladder. It's good you got him in quickly.

Did the hospital give you antibiotics for him? Other meds for inflammation, etc.?

Did the hospital talk about a modified diet for him?

The emergency vet hospitals in our area don't usually prescribe for that kind of thing, but they tell us to see our own vet for the followup care the next day. Be sure and do that. Your cat will need a diet that reduces certain minerals to reduce the possibility of the acute recurrance of the situation that led to his going to the hospital and needing the cath insertion. Very important to do the follow up care, or you may lose the cat to this disease. It can be managed, and it MUST be managed by you diligently.

He probably doesn't feel very good yet, so he's going to sleep and get better. Just watch him. See how he comes around. And get him to your own vet today, is possible, or you will be right back in the blocked bladder boat again quickly. Best wishes.

** peace **  (+ info)

Medical Dieting in the case of biliary dyskinesia or other disiases.?

Wondered if there is some well-known popular medical recommendations what food may be eaten and what shouldn't if one suffers from the biliary dyskinesis.

In Russian medicine there are renowned medicine diets so called tables, they are numbered, for example, Diet №5 is designed specially for ones suffered from the stated disease. In that diet for instance spinach is prohibited. I just want to find resources in English of something similar but in a meantime failed to find.

Avoid fatty foods with biliary dyskinesia.  (+ info)

Do anyone know if you can have childern if you have Biliary Atresia?

I have had it since I was born. I don't know anyone who also has it. I have tried looking at some web sites but they don't say anything about having childern for people who are older now. I am a woman so i am wondering if I could carry a child and be safe and healthy at the same time. Its a liver disease and i am wondering if anyone knows anything about the subject.

its a condition where the bile ducts are not develloped i think.
i dont see why it should prevent you from having children.
of course the pregnancy might require more care than usual , but otherwise i dont think there is any relation between pregnancy and this condition,as long as your liver functions are ok.  (+ info)

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