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What happens if a mosquito bites your eye?

I've always wanted to know because i've gotten bites from when i'm asleep around my eyes (cheeks forehead) but what would happen if it were my eyes?
*Could someone be partially blind? (probably in a certain spot of the eye??)
*Could someone die? because it's the eye.
*If stung through the lid does the mosquitos get the blood from the eye or eyelid?
Feel free to answer some or all of the questions.

You do not really have enough blood in your eyeball for a mosquito to even want to go there.  (+ info)

Why do i get stinging feeling like ant bites in different parts in my body?

I'm not sure whats going on. Lately I been getting these minor stinging feeling on my skin in different parts of my body that comes every now and then. It feels like an ant is biting me but when I look there is nothing on my skin. What is going on with my body?

There are many cause for 'stinging' sensations. Are you diabetic or have any other health problems? Careful what you're eating. Are you sunburned? Consider starting here:
1. Use a non-detergent soap & warm [not hot] shower or bath; gently towel-dry, then apply a different skin moisturizer (read labels!).
2. If 'stinging returns, you are having a sign of a "systemic' (= body system) disorder. May not be serious, but you should see a CNP [Certified Nurse Practitioner] or a doctor if it returns, not an Emergency Room.
3. Good luck. Just do it! :)  (+ info)

how can u stop itching bites,stings?

i just got a bee sting and i am itching allover so how can i stop
i just got bit by a bee it swellin my whole ankle and making it itchyyyyyy and relly red

For the moment since you are having a reaction to a sting I would suggest you call the emergency room and ask their advice.

something I have on hand all the time: I use "Rhuli Gel". It is a fast-acting invisible (clear) itch relief for poison oak, poison ivy, and insect bites. It works very well. They have a toll-free number you can call with questions. it is 800-558-5252 on weekdays from 9-9 EST. They might be able to tell you where you can find it in your area.
I hope this will be helpful for you.  (+ info)

does benadryl allergy and cold help out bug bites/ bee stings?

i was either biten by a bug or stung by a beed and now i have two bumps with oles in them iddle on my forearm and right on the side of my knee the bite on my arm i pinched and the bmp went away but nothing came out like liquid or ne thing so i am asuming if there was anything in it then it went into my bloodflow but any way i toke a benadryl allerg and cold pill will that help it out?

Yes, an antihistamine helps reduce the swelling and itching. A topical application of a paste made by mixing a small amount of water with baking soda also helps. Apply the moist baking soda, and cover it with a damp paper towel. Leave it until it dries. Then rinse. Reapply as needed. The baking soda is soothing, and cleans out the wound.  (+ info)

I'm looking for a remedy for fire ant stings(bites)...can anyone help?

putting a paste of baking soda and water on the sites will help stop the stinging, or you can rub apple cider vinegar on the sites. put aloe vera on the sites after the stinging subsides for fast healing.  (+ info)

Marine Bites/stings???????????

For the followinf injurie i neeed to find :
Treatment or management ?
plzhelp,in full sentences plz

Types... with all the marine creatures out there that bite or sting, you are asking a lot but here are a few...jellyfish, sting rays, stone fish, sea wasps, sharks, fish, eels, anenomes, whales, dolphins, crabs and lobsters and on down the line.

Causes...stepping on one and they sting or bite in defense, you swim too close and piss one off, you invade their territory, you are wearing something that attracts them (barracudas are attracted to gold or silver jewelry and are nothing but a mouthful of teeth) and so on.

Signs...depends on the creature that bit or stung you.

Symptoms...again, depends on the creature.

Treatment...once again, depends on what got you.

For a sting...vinegar is used most often to neutralize the venom of stinging creatures. For bites, it depends on what bit you and how bad the bite is.

EMT  (+ info)

Dermarest Plus methol gel a relieve for bites and stings - purchased St. Lucia. Where can I buy please?

Dpends on your location. If you are in a city, look for a store selling African/Caribbean products. If you are in a rural area, you will most likely be unlucky. If you have a Caribbean friend or neighbor, you could ask them about it  (+ info)

Why do my insect bites (mosquitos and wasp) swell up more at night and itch more at night?

An example would be the wasp sting I got a few days ago. The swelling and itching are way down in the daytime but flare up as evening approaches. Itch cream barely takes the annoyance away. My only relief is an ice pack. And then in the morning and throughout the day it feels like it is actually going away. And then again as night falls, the swelling and intense itching reappear.

Mosquito bites do the same thing with me. Is this normal?
They start swelling up and itching way before bedtime, about 7 p.m. while I am still active.

Yes, its normal. I was up 2 nights ago with a itching mosquito bite. It bit me on the finger and it itched like crazy. I really don't know why it only itches at night. Good question. I'll be anxious for your other answers.  (+ info)

Can bug bites/stings harm my baby? 19 weeks pregnant?

The other day, I was either bitten or stung twice in my lower back/side area. We're not sure what kind of bug it was; we thought it might be a horsefly or some type of bee or hornet. Anyhow, I now have two very red and fairly large welps in both spots, and they itch occasionally. I'm just worried that it could harm my baby. I just started feeling her move quite a bit about a week ago, and I feel like the movements may have been less over the past couple of days. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but does anyone know if my baby could be in danger? I have no other symptoms, like cramping or anything like that. Help please!

  (+ info)

Weird lumps/bites/stings on skin?

My boyfriend woke up with two large lumps on his head.
There is no visible "bite mark" or holes, but the just dime-sized swollen lumps.

Honestly, it looks like one of these lumps, but a little smaller and on his head.

What could this be?
We live together, so if it were some type of bug, wouldn't I have been bitten also?

If it makes a difference, our dog was also bitten a few days ago by something.
She has a large swollen red lump on her hand.

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