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if you arent anaphylactic towards bee stings, then can you not be anaphylactic towards minor spider bites?? ?

im getting a rose haired tarantula which is a less venomous and less aggressive tarantula. its venom is much like a bee sting and it burns/itches for a while and may swell up. i have been bitten by bees before, and i havent had any bad reactions. i am healthy and am not allergic to anything. is it possible i will have an anaphylactic reaction if i am bitten by the spider??? any way to find out???

The bee sting and spider bite are only mentioned together to compare the PAIN of one to the other. They may cause a similar reaction, but they aren't chemically the same.
I agree that you should see your doctor or a specialist. You can be tested to see if you will have any reaction and if you do, they can give you anti venom to have on hand.
  (+ info)

I got wasp stings on my arm yesterday and my arm got swollen around the bites?

maybe an area of 6 in on my arm, I took benadryl 5 min after getting stung and I woke up at 3 am with lots of swelling so my parents took me to the doctor. they prescribed me something that fixes the reaction but my dad said something about lyphoma or something like that were my arm wouldnt stop swelling for years... I was wondering whats the worst that could happen to my arm

the doctor said it looked like a reaction to the venom instead of an infection.

my left arm has swollen and has an inch difference in circumfrence compared to my right arm

Sounds like an allergic reaction to wasp venom. See if the doc will give you some low dose corticosteroids.  (+ info)

How do I find out if Im allergic to bee stings?

Everytime I get bitten by a mosquito, I swell up really bad and the itching and swelling lasts for weeks so now Im thinking I might react violently to a bee/wasp sting.

Check at the doctors. Some people died because they were allergic to bee stings.  (+ info)

Is it normal for wasp stings to itch a day or two afterwards?

Obviously the sting ached, stung and was uncomfortable for the first few hours after the wasp stuck it's blow, but then the pain seemed to go away quite a lot.
That was two days ago, but last night the sting was itching like crazy and I woke up to a large red bump where the sting was, sort of like a mosquito bite.

Why would it start itching now? Is everything normal?

Yes absolutely. The venom breaks down into compounds that cause intense irritation after about 2 days. You probably will need some hydrocortisone cream and a bandage to stop scratching.  (+ info)

How to get rid of the itch from fire ant bites?

My friend has gotten bitten/stung by tons of fire ants and has tried numerous things to help with the itch, she says the itch right now is the worst. This happened to her last night. I have done some searching but only seems so much can help and wondered if anyone has tried anything else and it worked.

We know Aloe is to help but she doesn't have any. She has done the baking soda and water to make a paste, ice compress, toothpaste she is trying now. Hydrocortizone cream didn't do a thing nor did calamin lotion.

Can anyone help with how to help get rid of the itch with stuff you can find at home that really works?

Thanks for the help! Have a great Labor Day!

Put some rubbing alchol on it. I live in the country and I use that all the time.  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for fire ant bites?

My 3 year old stepped on a HUGE mound yesterday and was stung between 10 - 15 times on her foot. Does anyone know what kind of medicine to put on it to stop the itching?

I am from the Northeast and did not have these obnoxious creatures!!!! HELP!!! :)

I am allergic to Neosporin, so I am afraid to use it on my kids.

Expect pock mark like scars.
Benadryl ointment directly on the bites and Benadryl liquid in her tummy.
Cool compresses help--since it is her foot, use a cool damp sock.
Aloe with lidocaine(sunburn treatment) helps too.
Watch for fever or swelling.  (+ info)

What can i do for fast relief of fly bites ?

I recently got bitten by a sand fly, the really small ones that fit through screens,
And it itches like crazy!
I have a rash around it, not sure what from, and the bump is HUGE.
After bite really stung, and didn`t help me any,
and toothpaste isn`t doing very well either.
i really need help because this is driving me insane?

laugh now, thank me later... try hemorrhoid cream.

And you are sure it wasn't a spider bite? For that you may have to go to the hospital- fever, hot to the touch, redness, swelling, etc.  (+ info)

How much do snakebites and angel bites hurt?

I would like both of these piercings. I would like to know which ones hurt more and how much they hurt. Also what the pain could be compared to. (I've never had a bee sting so idk what that feels like)

For snakebites biting your lip hurts WAAAY more than getting it peirced i bearly felt a thing and im a HUGE wimp. the first one i felt nothing the second one hurt a tiny..barely tho. and a bee bite feels NOTHING like it. a bee bite hurts way more.
angel bites my sister said it didnt hurt at all  (+ info)

How do you stop bug bites from iching!?!?

OMG.i went to a family members how for the weekend and lucky for me they lived in the bush. When i got home i have bug bites EVERYWHERE. I want to know if theres a way for it to stop iching i dont want to use something that when you put it on it stings i tried it it DOESNT WORk, just hurts.PLEASE IM SCRATCHING TO DEATH HERE

You can take an antihistamine such as Benadryl ( diphenhydramine )
As for a dosage I can not recommend as I do not know your age , weight , and other medical history .
For immediate relief use some cortisone cream on the bites . Cool showers with an oatmeal body wash will also help dab dry and apply your cortisone cream to help alleviate the itching ..
If you continue to have issues after 3-4 days a trip to your PCP is indicated as you may have more issues , such as west nile virus , and others as well as to check for ticks that can lead to lyme disease as well as other diseases ....Both are dangerous and can lead to death if untreated ...
For now try the above treatment if you do not have improvement in 3-4 days seek care at your PCP  (+ info)

I have some kind of bite on my inner right thigh, It has become about half the size of a dime . it stings when?

THe bite is dark blakc/ red, which im assuming is blood or something conjoined wit the bite. OR i either hit my thigh causing a blood bubble or sumthing? I highly doubt the 2nd cause though, can anyone help me out I'm scared : /
I just popped it , what do you suggest i clean the infection with?

It does not sound like a bite,what it probably is is a boil. Soak in a tub of water and let the boil get soft. Pick it with a sterilized pin and let the blood seep out. That will take away the sting and get rid of the boil.  (+ info)

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