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How soon would a urin show up letting you know ur pregnant?

I have a week and 3 days till my period starts. Would it be to early for a urin pregnancy test at the Dr's to come up positive?? Or would it be better for me to get a blood test being a week and 3 days till my next period?? Someone please help me!! Thanks so much
I went to the Dr today and they did a urine test and it came back negative. Then they took a blood test but I wont get it back till tomorrow. But I am haveing cramps and my nipples and around my nipples are real red and dry. Also I am haveing some white creamy discharge sorry (TMI).....Can someone help me???

the soonest is a few days before your period is due. For the most accurate results, wait until your period is late.  (+ info)

Why would there be red blood cells in the urin?

This is not blood in the urin. They tell me it is red blood cells. Not a disease, but needs to be checked often.

red blood cells ARE blood. That is what your blood is made of...so while you're not SEEING blood in your urine, you do have red blood cells present which means that there is a scant amount of blood making it into your urine (ie hematuria).

Like others have said, there's several causes, your best bet is to talk to the doctor who ran the test and ask him what could be some causes of this occuring.

here's one link I found that might be helpful.
http://www.emedicinehealth.com/blood_in_the_urine/article_em.htm  (+ info)

what can be done about blod clots in the heart.foodwise or other to eliminate?

friend of mine say she has blod clot in heart..is there anything can be done besides surgery to make it go away?herbs or sumthing?

There is no food that will do the trick. Warfarin (coumadin) is a drug used to prevent clotting. A more important issue is to address why there is clotting. That is not normal. Atrial fibrillation is a condition which can result in clotting. If it can be stopped there is no need for thinning blood. Also, one should also be mindful of any medical conditions which may contraindicate the use of blood thinners.  (+ info)

How long can a blod clot in the lung go undetected?

I am a 32 year old female who was just diagnosed with blood clot in the left lung. Severe symptoms came on about 6 day s prior but looking back now for past couple of months I had dry cough at night and was increasingly getting more tired and depressed feeling. Is it possible to have clot in the lung for months possibly even a year before detection?????

It can go undetected for months. My husband is also 32, and had a pulmonary embolism almost 2 years ago. For about 2 months prior, he was noticing unusual shortness of breath. For example, after walking up about 4 stairs at a bowling alley, he felt winded for no good reason. Then about a week before he was finally diagnosed with several blood clots in both lungs, he started feeling sick...coughing up blood, chest pain, fever. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, and when he wasn't getting better with antibiotics we had him tested for blood clots. Since then we've also found out that he has genetic a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. About 30% of people with pulmonary embolism turn out to have that. There are many other blood clotting disorders too. Young people especially are likely to have some sort of disorder.  (+ info)

what is life time of the HIV when it is outside the body , in a blod drop for example?

for example, when somebody is enfected with HIV and he got injured , the blod drops contains HIV. what is the lifetime of the HIV virus in this drop?

What I have read in my infection control, HIV lives a short period of time when it is exposed to air. However hepatitis can live for days and can be reactivated if dried blood becomes moist. However due to the deadly nature of both illnesses, I would not advise not to be tested. There is no reason to take chances.  (+ info)

Sister is freaking out because she was found to have MUCUS IN HER URIN sample?

My sister just received her test results back by mail, she's freaking out because she can't contact her doctor and she doesn't know what it means when "Mucus seen in urin sample." Can anyone explain what this diagnostic could mean? Please, serious answers only..

There is probably no need to worry. The mucus might simply be a discharge from ovulation, or possibly a mild yeast infection from too much sugar or other reasons. I'm sorry that her doctor is not available on the weekend, but if your sister is still feeling panicked, she can call a nurse through your insurance company for more information about the subject in general until she is able to talk to her doctor about her specific sample.  (+ info)

Bladder Infection? Blood in urin do I need to go to doctors again?

I went to the doctor about 3 days ago and she told me i had an bladder infection, horribly burning sensation when i urniate.

Now it still burns bad she perscribed me medicine, and I will be finished with it tonight.

But now there is blood in my urin as of yesterday.

Please call the doctor. Whatever she prescribed is not working and it sounds like the infection is getting worse, given the fact you see blood. You may also ask the doctor for a medication called Pyridium, a pill that turns your urine bright orange, but acts as an anesthetic (to relieve pain). Make sure to drink lots of water to help flush the infection out. I hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

How do you maintain normal blod pressure?

Mine is low while my bf's is high. A few days ago his blood pressure was v high and he was very tired we're 24 and 25 so we're not supposed to be that way.
Thank you

The most important thing to realize is that you must manage this problem yourself. After the initial investigation, you should be able to handle the management of this problem with relatively few visits to the doctor. It will be up to you to control your weight, your exercise, your salt intake, and to take your medicines. We think that it also should be up to you to take your own blood pressure. No matter how much the doctor would like to take care of this for you, he or she can't. Your doctor should be no more than a trusted advisor. You are in control, and good doctors will emphasize this point. I hope this helps you. And good luck.  (+ info)

How long does a small amount of Aderol stay in the body so as to ahow on a urin test?

I am a 37 year old male who weighs 260. Iam not too active and drink alot of alcohol. I don't take Aderol, but do take my own perscriptions regularly. Please try to be specific. I'm guessin 3-4 days.

ive heart it was 5 days  (+ info)

i had a blod clot in my lunch a few months ago in july, and i was wondering if i could smoke marijuana?

i do not currently smoke, but i would like to recreationally smoke marijuana. would i die from the smoking? i know that MJ expands your blood vessels and this is the part i worry about. will i have another pulmonary embolism if i smoke MJ?

ask ur docter  (+ info)

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