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Blood Loss?

Can you get occasional tingly hands from blood loss? And if not, what causes tingly hands?

I had this for a while...it was because I type like 14+ hours a day on a computer keyboard.

Other things that can cause it are...Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy (if you're older), etc. Low Vitamin B12 I think can cause tingling, as well.

Use this symptom checker from the Mayo Clinic...to give you the possible reasons why. http://mayoclinic.com/health/symptom-checker/DS00671/SYMPTOM=43E7D265-2A5D-9994-E6B70312332254A3&TAB=Numbness%2520or%2520tingling%2520in%2520hands

I had mine for like a week or two, and finally went to the doc. Paid like $280 (no insurance)...had a blood test for just about everything...everything was normal in mine. The doc wanted to refer me to a neurologist...but I wasn't about to go pay somebody thousands of dollars to hook electrodes up to my fingertips and toes...only to tell me that I had something dumb like poor circulation and/or carpal tunnel syndrome. But my feet/hands felt numb/tingly/cold, as if they weren't getting enough blood flow. It seems to be the chair that I sit in...which can cut off the proper circulation in my legs, when I sit down for hours a day and type on a computer. So my feet felt the same thing. Also..if you leave on a counter/desk with your elbows, it can affect circulation to your hands.

Get a wrist rest if you type for hours a day on a computer. Make sure you are typing with proper technique. While my hands/feet don't tingle like they used to...it was because I started taking more breaks away from the computer. When you are getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it can cause tingling/numb feeling hands.

I don't get it like I did back in January. However...my pinky finger and the finger next to it, still feel 'numb/tingly' sometimes...when I type on the computer for a very long time.

If you have insurance, please do get a blood test done, just to be sure. That will take care of any doubts in regards to diabetes and other serious things that it could be. Hopefully this helps. :-) Rest your hands more (try to stay off from the computer as much as possible, if you can)...see if it gets better when you don't type much for 2 or 3 days. If it does...then it's carpal tunnel. Mine got better when I layed down and slept...because I wasn't typing.  (+ info)

Blood loss.?

Does blood loss relate to heart aches?
My hearts been hurting every morning at 2 until 7.
And i dont know why.

Of course it's difficult to diagnose what's going on with you only giving us 2 lines of symptoms. But I think the big question is your demographics. If you're 22 years old, generally good health, etc, the chances you're having a heart attack are slim. However, if you're 50+, have a medical history of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, then heart related problems need to be ruled out 1st.

The #1 cause of chest pain is NOT a heart attack, it's heart burn (acid reflux). So statistically speaking, it's more likely you have a little acid reflux. If you try acid relief (Tums, Rolaids, etc) and it goes away, you might have your solution.

The big question is, why are you asking about blood loss. Are you losing blood?? If so, get in to see your primary care doc asap, or to an Urgent Care/ER. Blood loss for sure can give you heart problems. Blood loss can create a low pressure system, causing your heart to beat harder and faster to maintain pressure. My recommendation is for you get in to your doctor or to an emergency clinic asap. Depending on your age, they should do a quick EKG to rule out any heart related problems. Good luck.  (+ info)

blood loss....?

How much blood has had to be lost for doctors to decide to give the patient a blood transfusion? Also, how do they check how much blood has been lost? Or do they just estimate it?
If the patient has lost a lot of blood but not enough for a transfusion, is it still considered serious?
Im interested because it involves my mate.

well they dont know how much they just look for clues. such as locaton. an abdominal wound would bleed more the one on a hand. and how large and what kind.  (+ info)

How long does blood loss take to recover from?

Blood loss. If one bleeds a lot, and passes out... how long till he or she will regain consciousness (assuming optimum medical care). Also, how long till the person can talk? Multiple answers involving different degrees of blood loss would be appreciated.


When a person's blood pressure and heart rate is restored to normal, a person will usually awaken. These abnormalities are usually caused by hypovolemic shock from the blood loss. It depends on how much blood a person loses and how severe the case of shock is. If the shock is so bad that the brain is deprived of oxygen for too long, the person may never wake up.

We measure the severity of blood loss using a blood test. The hemoglobin count is what we go by. Also, it depends on how the person lost the blood.

If a person loses 2 pints of blood and is given 2 pints of blood, they usually recover fully within a few days. A person that loses 2 pints probably will only lose consciousness for a short period of time, or not at all. It depends on how fast they lose the blood. If it is in 1 hour, they may pass out. If it is over a 2 week period, they probably won't.

If the blood is not replaced by transfusion, it may take 6 weeks for the person to feel better. The body can replace that much blood on its own and a person fully recover.

There are many variables, like the person's body type, weight, etc. This is a very broad question. I could write a book, so I am stopping here. :)  (+ info)

What can be the cause of the bright occasional blood loss?

Lost blood 2 months ago from bowels. Blood tests showed helicobacter infection, but the breathe tests showed it had cleared, but then further blood loss. No pain, doc said no piles, history of mother and father with bowel cancer. No weight loss.No heartburn. Need colonoscopy next but worried in the meantime while waiting. Anyone had similar?

When you say bright blood, I will assume that you mean bright red blood. That will always happen at the end of the GI tract. In other words, whatever is going on is just on the other side of your anus.

The number one cause is piles or fissures. While you might not have piles, you could have a fissure that is not completely healing and causing this from time to time.  (+ info)

How does someone react when they die of blood loss?

Like I need to make a skit and part of that skit is someone dieing of blood loss. How does someone react right before they die?

They shiver,shake turn pale and then say that they're so cold. Then they might take a breath or two shut their eyes and die.  (+ info)

Has any of you had blood loss during the white pills days? What does it mean?

During my current cycle I have taken the white pills almost three weeks now, I have two more to go and the brown ones, and now suddenly I have some blood loss, accompanied by my general menstrual pains. I am afraid something is really wrong with me?

Either you're period is starting a little early this month or you're having breakthrough bleeding which is totally common when on birth control unless the bleeding is excessive then which you should get checked out by your doctor. But if it's no more than a period it should be nothing to worry about!  (+ info)

Why packed RBC and not whole blood is given to a patient with extreme blood loss?

Please tell me why whole blood is not used in patient with extreme blood loss? A patient was given packed RBC's in lieu of whole blood? Please include any links to information given. Any help is greatly appreciated.I specifically need to know why whole blood is not used?

like the one before me said it takes longer because blood is thicker than RBC so blood goes into the veins slower and if you're losing blood at a rapid amount then you need RBC to go into your body as soon as possible. but thats just my thought im not a doctor.  (+ info)

How long does it take to replenish 2 pints of blood loss during surgery?

I had surgery 6 mths ago and loss quite a bit of blood. When I went in this week for a follow up surgery my hemaglobin level was a 6.4. They cancelled the surgery and rescheduled it for 4 weeks from now. I am taking iron supplements and do not know if it is going to be enough to be ready for surgery.

typically, they say about 3 months per pint. This is to get your Red Blood Cells up.

If the surgery is critical, a familiy member with the same blood type can be a donor. From what it sounds like, yours is not a critical being 4 weeks out.

The best thing to do in recovering from blood loss is eat healthy, begin to exercise, drink LOTS of water (not soda, remember HEALTHY). Get lots of rest, you will find you get tired easily, but try to go for short walks or low cardio. This stimulates the body to produce cell structures. It will also promote healing and reduce your recovery time.  (+ info)

Can regular donation of blood help in weight loss?

My question may sound little strange, Im not over weighted, but still like to loose some weight and Im also thinking to donate blood, so Im just wondering will it do any thing for the weight loss.

No. Blood is constantly being produced in your body so even after donating blood your body will reproduce whatever you lost. Eat a healthy diet and exercise.  (+ info)

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