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What are the chances of dying from blood loss?

What are the chances of dying from blood loss, not by a wound or puncture wound in the skin, but by having a low amount of blood in your body?

You can die from lack of Blood.. I.E Dogs can die from loss of blood when bitten by flea infestation if left untreated.. The same can happen to Humans but its unlikely because Humans have the ability to go for treatment, Dogs however need our help..  (+ info)

Weakness and nausea following significant blood loss?

I sustained a deep laceration to my leg this morning (18 hrs ago) and lost enough blood to pass out and be taken to ER but did not require a transfusion. I was feeling fine most of the day but have started developing flu-like symptoms: nausea, weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite.Is it normal to have these syptoms, especially so long after the initial blood loss? If so, why is this?

You should definitely call your doctor and ask about it. In my uneducated opinion, it sounds like either
(1) the wound has become infected. Did they give you antibiotics?
(2) You are experiencing low blood pressure due to the blood loss.

In either case, call your doctor. Also, rest your body and drink lots of water. When your blood pressure is low, it's very important that you don't get dehydrated.  (+ info)

Does loss of blood make you lose weight?

Im not asking because im an insane dieter!!! Im actually asking because I am a cutter, and I think that i lose weight after I cut. Is it because of a loss of blood, or is it because they body uses calories to create more blood.

There are more tips and info.
How to lose weight naturally has been in debate for years.

Some say low carb. Some say high carb. Some say it's how much food. Some say it's how much exercise. But none of these covers the whole picture.

How to lose weight naturally is not rocket science. It just takes accepting the facts of these seven natural laws of weight loss, plus good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.

Seven Laws of How to Lose Weight Naturally

1. Make a commitment to whatever it takes.
2. Start from a foundation of happiness.
3. Design your own healthy diet plan.
4. Manage your emotions.
5. Find a way to exercise daily.
6. Keep a Journal.
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- Healthy life every day!  (+ info)

is a loss in blood pressure and cold sweaty hands a sign of pregnancy or that the women is extremely worried?

she had her period last month we almost didn't see each other this month and now her period is 2 days late she has been stressed recently including the loss of a family member why is is late and what does the cold sweat and drop in blood pressure mean?

Mental and Physical stress delays periods very often. Sweat and drop in blood pressure are also relating to mental and physical stress but there might be other causes that you may want to rule out as well.  (+ info)

What is the average amount of blood loss during a nosebleed?

today i had a nosebleed for almost an hour. how much blood is lost when you have a nosebleed? just curious. thanks.

The amount of blood lost is normally less than a tablespoon, and only 5 to 10 percent of nosebleeds ever need a medic's attention.  (+ info)

If you loss 1 gallon of blood how fast can your body regain it?

If you loss 1 gallon of blood how fast can your body regain it?

One US gallon is about 4 units of blood and each unit takes about 2-3 weeks even with iron and vitamin replacements so about 8-12 weeks depending on your system.  (+ info)

How long does it take to treat blood loss?

Now, let me give a hypothetical situation. Lets say a girl were to cut her wrists out in the forest and lost enough blood to become unconscious. She is later found and rushed to the hospital. How long would it take for the Doctor to treat her enough to send her home? Now this is all hypothetical.

depends on how much blood was lost, and how long she was without an adequate blood supply.  (+ info)

What prevents water loss from the blood in kidney dialysis for urea?

My physiology teacher is asking what should be the composition of dialysis fluid in order to remove urea, but not water. I know that once the urea leaves, the osmolarity of the blood will go down, so water will want to rush into the dialysis fluid. How is that prevented?

  (+ info)

I have active IBD and am wondering when i should be concerned about blood loss?

I have very severe Ulcerative Colitis and i am currently on maintenance drugs as well as pain and sleeping meds (my doctor wants to start me on 6mp which is a immunomodulator). The issue of blood loss is not urgent and i feel fine. I was just wondering because i have lost at least a couple tablespoons of blood today. a helpful web link would be useful.

hi salsa, i have crohns, a type of IBD like UC.

If you check out the crohn's & colitis foundation's site, they have a lot of great stuff like women's issues, treating IBD, diet, surgery, coping, as well as a live chat, a hotline, and an open forum where you can post questions to others like yourself.

I truly understand where you are coming from and CCFA has been a Godsend seeing as they have answered many of my questions. Their local support chapters are great to attend as well seeing as they have support and separate educational meetings.

For me, I see a hemotologist who runs a CBC to check my iron/crit/hemoglobin every 6 months. If it's low, I get an iron infusion as it wreaks havoc on the gut. This way, it bypasses my stomach and I am in no pain. Your primary MD or GI can run a CBC too. Ask one of them when the test is warranted due to your concerns about losing blood.

Hope this helps. Sources provided below. :)  (+ info)

3 part question. What does it feel like to: a) break a leg, b) cough up blood, c)have serious blood loss?

I have to play a part in a play that required me to fake coughing up blood, break my leg, and get glass stuck in my back(which causes the major blood loss). As I have never broken anything nor bled too much, I am at a loss as to how to fake them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i can only help with the leg thing. it hurts like someone is squeezing as hard as they can on your leg and it feels sooo heavy lkie its not your own leg and you cant walk.  (+ info)

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