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What can I do to prevent excessive loss of essential nutrients, such as iron, from my blood?

i'm 20 and not pregnant (not even sexually active). Whatever the reason may be (stress or nature or whatever), my period (which is ALWAYS regular...about 6 days long) came 10 days early (scary) and after 10 days, i'm STILL bleeding heavily (frightening). I'm changing my pad every few hours and everytime I go to the bathroom, I'm releasing clots and clots of blood. I haven't made an appointment with a doctor yet (i'm going to tomorrow), but my schedule is way tight with finals coming up and i just started a new job (i don't want to ask for a day off already) so i'll be lucky if i can get an appointment on a day that i'm available in the coming days.

until that day comes, this constant bleeding is seriously scaring me and there are times where i feel a bit faint and i want to know what i can do to keep myself from losing significant amounts of essential nutrients and minerals, such as iron, from my blood? any suggestions?

try taking a multi vitamin like centrum. also u may need some kind of birth control to regulate your cycle mabey. anyway u should make time for dr. appt cause if something is wrong u will know before it becomes to seriouse and u r useless. health should be a priority for your future.  (+ info)

Is there anything wrong with drinking after blood loss?

Last week i had an accident where i lost a wholee lot of blood. It's been a week, i can walk now without fainting, i feel perfectly normal, is it safe to drink? Is there anything i should be aware of?

Im not too sure if it would be safe to-best not to to be on the safe side in case.can you give us a bit more info it just depends on what injuries you got.  (+ info)

What can I do about large post surgical blood clots?

I had a second operation after abdominalplasty to remove excess skin on both sides of my back towards the end of the suture lines. The doctor used electrocautery and my back basically swelled up with an accumulation of blood which has now clotted into two large masses one on each side. IT has been over 4 weeks and they do not seem to be dissolving or re-absorbing. I am taking no medications and massaging them daily. Any suggestions on how to get these to re-absorb? Thanks

you probarbly have to go back to the doctor  (+ info)

What other body organs are in danger besides the possible loss of vision when on blood-thinners?

I speak from experience in dealing with it; my loss of vision I mean.

I do not use the term 'blood thinners'. The clots that form in arteries and veins differ in their composition. Thus whether we are trying to prevent clots in arteries or veins may determine which drugs to consider. In addition it is a very different matter to dissolve a clot than to prevent one. It is true that all drugs which try to prevent blood clots carry with them the risk of bleeding. I assume that your loss of vision was caused by retinal bleeding. The most common site of bleeding is gastrointestinal although the most devastating is cerebral hemorrhage and even death is a rare consequence. To be of more assistance I would require additional information. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I wish you the very best of health and may God bless.  (+ info)

What is the best non surgical remedy for hair loss?

I am a man and have been losing some hair (it is thinning) on the front of my head.

Dont listen to tom hes an idiot, what yo u got to do is get a prespriction for propecia, trust me this stuff works you will stop losing your hair, i did that and a transplant and it came out perfect, good luck  (+ info)

Does donating a pint of blood affect a weight loss program/diet?

Just wondering... I figured it might help because your body might have to work more to recover the lost blood resulting in more weight loss. But, that's my theory/guess. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

Well, it does burn the equivalent of about 650 calories. However, you're advised to take it easy for the rest of the day. As far as your body's concerned, you're wounded!

I made the mistake once of mixing a 5 mile walk home with a blood donation and it was the only time I ended up fainting.   (+ info)

What are the natural ways to increase blood flow to scalp (This is regarding hair loss)?

I want to know is there any natural ways excersise or applying any natural product on the scalp will improve the blood circulation to the scalp?

lie down on a bed with your legs up against the wall
bend your head down, close your eyes, put your fists by your temples to steady yourself, walk round and round on the spot as fast as you can then stop  (+ info)

at a surgical consult, will they test your blood or urine at all?

i have a doctors appointment for a surgical consult, in a week and a half, and i smoked weed today, and i just wanna make sure they don't go anywhere near your blood or urine. it's a surgical consult for a spinal fusion.

  (+ info)

I take iron supplements due to my massive amount of blood loss during my period?

This has lead me to become anemic. As instructed by my physician, I am to take 1 iron supplment a day. But when I'm on my period the iron supplement is making my period last over 2 weeks, and I'm loosing even more blood!!

So I decided to stop taking them becuase I was so scared of loosing all of that blood. Should I continue taking the iron supplements or should I just leave them alone?

Thank you!

The iron tablets don't make your period last longer. You need to find way to decrease the blood flow and duration of your periods, this will solve the problem of your anaemia.

Go back to your doctor, maybe using a tablet called Transenamic Acid will help control your periods? Can you use birth control pills they regulate periods as a rule and make bleeding much lighter. I had very heavy periods and now have a Mirena IUS which is a slow release hormone coil and my periods have now stopped completely thank goodness.  (+ info)

What are the long term health effects of massive blood loss?

Kaiser sent me home from a biopsy with my liver still bleeding. I lost 7.5 pints of blood. They tell me if I had waited 30 more minutes to get to the hospital, I'd be dead. My abdomen had to be vacuumed out and my liver cauterized. Since the incident, I've developed Diabetes, with no family history, and High blood pressure. Before the procedure, I had no health problems, except for a few extra pounds that I was carrying. They tell me that a normal size person would have died from this amount of blood loss, but because I'm a larger guy, it saved my life, because I carry more than the average 12 pints. Can anyone tell me if I have any other effects to look forward to ?

Wow - good for you for getting to the hospital on time. What was the liver biopsy for? Livers are tricky organs - they bleed like stink because of their blood supply. I hope you've fully recovered.

I have never heard of long term complications from massive blood loss. Of course, if you lose so much blood that you lose the ability to provide essential organs with oxygen you may lose consciousness, and develop multiple organ failure. If that happened, I presume you've recovered since you're sitting here typing. Obviously your brain is working! But how is your kidney function? And how's your liver doing?

The only way I can reason out a connection between your newly diagnosed diabetes and your blood loss is this - you would have had to lose so much blood that your pancreas infarcted (went without oxygen so long it, or a part of it, died). If that actually happened, you would most likely have symptoms other than diabetes, since the pancreas controls a lot of endocrine/exocrine functions. Also, if that's what happened - you would be similar to a type 1 diabetic, rather than the type 2 diabetes that most people who get diabetes later in life have.

I cannot reason out a way that high blood pressure is connected to losing a lot of blood.

I don't know what you mean when you say you are a "larger guy." But I do know that many people have diabetes and high blood pressure and don't know it. And that people who are overweight have this problem in much higher frequency that people who have a healthy body weight for height. Is it possible you had both these diseases, or were considered borderline for these diseases, and then the recent health problems and stress that comes with it tipped you over into the full blown disease?

Regardless, I expect that you won't have long term complications from the blood loss. Good luck.  (+ info)

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