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Blue Toe Syndrome?

how do you treat blue toe syndrome and how long does it take for it to go away.

Anticoagulant therapy  (+ info)

Toe goes numb blue and black in cold what to make it stop?

So in the cold winter my pinky toe goes numb, then turns a bluey black and it's extremely uncomfortable. I went to the doctor, and she said is was probably Raynauds(?) Syndrome. She didn't give any other advice but to put lots of socks on. Well that didn't work, so has anyone got ideas for how to 'cure' my toe from becoming blue?

sometimes people with Raynaud's symptoms may benefit from a Alpha blocker or Calcium channel blocker ..you may want to ask your dr. about trying a low dose.

People with Raynaud's syndrome are more likely than those with primary Reynaud's phenomenon to be treated with medications. Many doctors believe that the most effective and safest drugs are calcium-channel blockers, which relax smooth muscle and dilate the small blood vessels. These drugs decrease the frequency and severity of attacks in about two-thirds of patients who have Raynaud's.
Some patients have found relief with drugs called alpha blockers that counteract the actions of norepinephrine, a hormone that constricts blood vessels.  (+ info)

My big toe is black and blue and it hunts to walk what to do?

Yesterday I fall down my stairs as i took out a big bag of trash. I hurt my lift big toe now it's black and blue what should I do.

There is a possibility of a fracture so get it X-ray-ed. If you ruined it, the Docs will cast your foot, if its a hairline fracture then its just "be kind to your foot for a while", and maybe a pain scrip.
In the meantime, self-care is RICE
Rest- obviously don't do stuff that makes it hurt.
Ice- 10 mins on, 10 mins off for 3 cycles.
Compression- tensor bandage to help stop excessive swelling from pooling in your foot causing healing to slow.
Elevation- keep the foot above your heart to allow drainage of excess inflammation.
Just as a FYI - Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) can cut healing times on fractures by a full 3rd and reduce pain significantly.  (+ info)

Nail polish? What color of toe nail polish would go best with a blue dress and gold shoes?

Help, please! What color would go best with blue? Not something too vibrant like orange or pink or something ridiculous like that -- i want something matching!

Okay, you obviously want something classy and something that won't clash with either the gold or the blue; I recommend basically a taupe shade with possibly a bit of a rosy hue to it. And because your shoes are gold, it would be ideal if the polish had sort of a "pearly" finish.
Hope it works out! :)  (+ info)

Where can I find navy blue peep toe espadrilles?

I'm looking for a cute pair of navy blue peep toe espadrilles. The pair I bought from Ross 2 years ago finally fell apart. I have searched EVERYWHERE and can't seem to find any. I would prefer a cork heel over the standard straw-like heel, but I can't be picky at this point. If you have a link to where I can buy a pair, that would be greatly appreciated!


Good luck !  (+ info)

I dropped a weight on my toe, and the toe nail blue. Will it fall off?

I dropped a weight on my big toe about 2 weeks ago. The nail is blue and black about half way up, starting at the base. Will it fall off?

yea it will...theres nothing you can really do about it...exept next time mabey wear steel toe boots when you work out  (+ info)

How to pull off blue Finger&Toe nails & still look straight?

How to pull off blue Finger&Toe nails & still look straight & masculine?

Should i paint my toenails Blue 4 customer


Should i paint my fingernails and toenails Blue for cutomer service day ?

Blue is the official color of customer service week and on monday we are all encouraged to wear blue .

I got blue flip flops(last summer) , Blue denim shorts a blue shirt and spikers blue hair gel

Also i dont want to come across as a cross dresser per se altho the blue toe nails and blue fingernails might make me look more femm than i want to

Any suggestions on how to remasculinize my appearance if i stoop as low a painting my finger and toe nails ?

Splash on Drakkar ?
Extra amounts of swagger ?

Sure, paint your fingernails and toenails blue. Why not?? It doesn't matter what other people think and most people will think you have a fun personality for being outgoing. I would.  (+ info)

If your foot is blue, and kind of getting bluer, and your pinky toe is swollen, ehh, what does it mean?

The toop,left part of mt foot is blue and my pinky toe is swollen. My mom wants to take me to the doctor but she doesnt want to waste money. Do you know what might be wrong with it? I think my toe is broken. I cant move it. HELP!

eww go to the doctor  (+ info)

What's causing a blue color to appear in a baby with blue diaper syndrome?

in a baby's diaper with blue diaper syndrome*** is what I meant to say

maybe the daiper uses blue die? Not sure  (+ info)

Why is my toe black and blue for so long?

About 2 months ago while at work I dropped a very heavy pallet onto my toe. It hurt a lot for the next week or so but I toughed it out. Ever since then though my toe has remained black and blue and doesn't seem to be healing. It don't hurt anymore but the black and blueness won't go away...why?

I think your toe is dead. You should go and see a dr. My aunt years ago dropped a refridge on her foot and her toes turned black and blue and never healed. She ended up with them black from gangrene and they needed to be amputated.  (+ info)

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