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Body temperature?

Does your body temperature increase when you're about to go into labor? I know I'm a raging ball of hormones right now (at 38 weeks), but JEESH this is insane. In the last few days I roast in a room warmer than 65 degrees!

It's b/c your metabolism is raised, you have about 50% more blood volume than you have not pregnant, and you are carrying around extra weight; not b/c you are going into labor.  (+ info)

body temperature?

okay so usually my body temperature is a good 98.6 but fe rthe past two days i felt like blah so i took my temperature n its 97.3 so thats low....soo what is it thats happening?

That is okay usually. It might be the change in weather.  (+ info)

Body Temperature!?

My body always seems hot during the evening. When I plug in my thermometer, it shows normal temperature or a mx of 98.9F. I think it's usually the fact that when I concentrate on something seriously, my body becomes hot. Do you think it's some medical condition that I should get checked up for? Does anybody else experience the same thing?

Yes actually when I concentrate on certain things I do become hot, But I believe it's normal.  (+ info)


well its a little werid question... but
when i place my digital themometer my mouth..
first time, i would place it directly straight under my
tounge and it would read about 97.6-97.7 ... then i
switched spots deeper in my mouth under my tounge
and it would read 98.0.... before i ovulated it read around 97.7 & after was 98.0
and i am 1 day / my AF i suppose to come some time today...
which body temp. should i take??

Theoretically, the lower temp for today if AF is due today.
I used to temp extensively, and have come to the conclusion that digital thermometers are useless (they keep timing out). You should invest in an old fashioned mercury basal thermometer (if you can still find them).  (+ info)

What does it mean when your body temperature is 6 degrees below normal?

When the room temperature is 68 degrees, and I am cold, because my body temperature is 92.8 degrees. Normally my body temperature is 96.8 degrees. I do not remember having a low temporature before, but maybe when I have a chill, that is what is going on?

it means you have a fever!! go to your doctor if anything else is wrong!!  (+ info)

What temperature of your body does it have to be for you to be able to eat medicine?

If you are sick, what temperature of your body does it have to be for you to be able to eat medicine?

Well, if your temp is over 100 you better hurry. Because a bit higher any you can take it...because you will be sleeping until you die.  (+ info)

What can cause low body temperature in a young healthy person?

This morning I took a urine drug test and failed, due to low body temperature. The sample was fresh was not tampered with. What could have caused this? I went to a concert last night and am very fatigued today? Could this be why?

Define Healthy!? There's a lot of unhealthy things that might have triggered that symptom. Sounds to me that you might have drunk something or eaten something that made your system upset, unless you took a drug voluntarily/involuntarily. Get checked by a doc if it's bad.  (+ info)

Apart from body temperature what are the other ways to know if am ovulating?

I have PCOS and hence irregular periods. Hence dont know am ovulation days. Doc asked us to have intercourse almost everyday but hubby finds it difficult. Apart from measuring body temperature what are the other ways I can find out if am ovulating or not?? We have been TTC for quite sometime now and been put on normal medication.

changes in cervical mucous - read up on this. when or if it gets to the consistency of egg whites - you are most fertile


OPKS. you can get them pretty cheap on ebay. good luck!!!!!!!

i tried for 4 years to have my son and have been ttc for 18 months - have found it easier knowing about the aforementioned but in saying that i am still trying ....lol  (+ info)

At what body temperature does brain damage start to occur?

In farenheit, how high can your body temperature go before showing signs of brain damage?

Research shows that burn scars need to be made on the actual brain itself to burn off brain cells and irradiate sections of the brain from the cerebral cortex. This means the skull bone enamel must reach temperatures hot enough and sustained long enough to penetrate through bone marrow and reach the brain. The skull bone is the strongest and thickest bone, however, the coronal sutures provide layaway air space which may allow heat hot enough to pass through the layer of skin to the brain. The findings include that when heat is applied in certain parts, it must be more hot to have damage on brain cells that other areas. When a flame at 243oF is placed at the sphenoid coronal, the hippocampus can be damaged to a point where the affected will no longer be able to recall anything from mere seconds ago, and will be placed in a state of utter confusion. The same effect is produced with a strong blow to the side of the head, causing amnesia. If any burn or scar over 107oF affects the temporal lobe, the affected will no longer be able to recall any event. That is, without any skull bone to protect it. As I said before, the Sylvian fissure on the skull outside the temporal lobe will allow heat to just barely pass through it, resulting at a necessity to avoid heats ranging from 240oF to 300oF and higher.

The only part of the skull without a close-by fissure, the temple, was found to require tempuratures of 315oF to affect the frontal lobe.  (+ info)

What is a normal temperature range for the human body in celcius?

My body temperature ranges from max. 36degrees c to min 32degrees c. It normally sits around 34degrees c.

Is this too low and if so why is it so low?

36-37 Celcius  (+ info)

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