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Is it normal to have a higher body temperature week of youre period?

My body temperature is averagely 98- 100*F. But the week I'm supposed to have my period (I usually do a continuous cycle with my birth control to avoid cramps as much as I can) but I still notive my body temp is about 101.

Could this be another symptom of endometriosis (that I might have) or is this normal?

  (+ info)

Does body temperature rise in the late afternoon?

My daughter always seems warm to the touch in the late afternoon. I haven't actually checked her temperature, because there's nothing wrong with her, and she doesn't feel like she's burning up or anything. Last night I checked her forehead again in the evening, and she felt cool as a cucumber. This has happened several times. Does body temperature increase in the afternoon? If so, why?


I've noticed the same symptoms with my 11 month old. But its not enough to worry me. I just assume that it is because it is during his most active time of the day that he gets a little heated.  (+ info)

At what temperature does the human body start to cook?

My friend needs to know what temperature the body starts to cook. And he needs to know in kelvins lol thank you

Anything over 98.6 should be a concern.  (+ info)

When you have a fever and your body temperature rises, does the heat help fight infection?

I know when you have a fever your white blood cells are working to fight infection, but does your elevated body temperature do anything to help too or is it just something that comes along with it?

Yes it does help most bacteria and so on do best at body temperature. The body raises it's temperature to try and kill of some or all of the bacteria that's in your body. The increase in temperature can destroy some of the bad bacterias DNA and other things they need to live. So a fever is your body trying to kill off the illness along with the white blood cells.   (+ info)

My hands have been higher than my body temperature these days. What does it indicate ?

My hand are always hot. Worse still , it's higher than my body temperature.
I find it weird , quite worried about it.
What does it indicate ? Any diseases ?

It's not likely that your hands are warmer than your body temperature which is normally about 98.6 degrees Fahren heit. It just sems that way. Maybe you are one of those warm-blooded people with good blood circulation in your hands (where blood vessels aree closer to the skin surface) which always seem to feel warm. Your friends may tell you that after shaking or holding your hand.  (+ info)

Why do I have bad temperature regulation in my body? is there a medicine that can be taken to prevent this?

I often have high or low temperature in my body irrespective of the temperature in the room or outdoors. Is there a diet or medicine that can consumed to help regulate the temperature?

I get this!.... I think?
I go outside and I get used to the temperature and then when I go indoors I get so hot. And I don't know why.
I even get it if I get on a bus!
my friends have come round my house before and have sat in coats and blankets while I'm just wearing a vest top and jeans...
Then at college everyone else is freezing cold and wants the air conditioning on at 30 degrees, which is way to hot for inside. And I don't. I just put it down to them not moving enough and they just have bad circulation... But the whole room o9f people???  (+ info)

my body temperature increasing and also acidity due to over eating of eggs,milk,meat.how can i reduce heat?

i am very thin.to increase my weight i am eating eggs,milk,chicken meat .due this my body temperature is increasing so much and also acidity in the stomach.can u plzzz suggest me the food or any thing which can reduce my body temperature n acidty.

just eating protein is not enough to add muscle tissue to your body. it needs to be accompanied by excersize. at any rate you dont need to eat more than about 200-300 gr of protein a day, and need to excersize to turn that protein into muscle tissue. you need to do heavy muscle building excersizes.
you also might have a tendency to develop hyperuricemia, you better check that out and if it's true, you'll have to lower your protein intake.  (+ info)

Why do I sweat so much if my body temperature is low?

Usually, my body temperature is between 95.6 to 97.5. I know, it is pretty low. I am always cold to the touch, too. But, the thing is, when I am outside doing sports, just sitting around inside, or even just sitting with friends outside in the shade, I sweat a lot. I drink a lot of water, to avoid dehydration, and always make sure I cool myself down if I think I am about to get overheated. Why is it that, if my body temperature is so low, I always sweat like I am hot?

My temp is normal at 97.4, always has been. I have hypothyroidism.

But I've always sweat normally too. I don't mind because it takes alot of impurities out of the body. And I know my inner cooling system is working just fine.

Why wouldn't we sweat more, the temp outside is always a degree hotter for us than others? And in the winter it is a degree colder for us that others.  (+ info)

How to take basal body temperature?

I've read that that's the temperature your body is when you wake up. Should you give it a few minutes to let your body cool down from being under blankets before you take it, or can it be taken right away?

Take it right away. After a month or so, you'll be able to reach out without even opening your eyes, turn it on, stick it in your mouth, and fall right back to sleep. Then the beeping will wake you up again a few minutes later to let you know that it'd done. My husband uses my BBT as his alarm clock :) LOL

I see your reasoning about the blankets, but it's best to do it immediately. After all, if the blankets are ALWAYS on you each morning, then any effect will alter ALL the temps that month, so you'll still see a graph of the exact same contour. Better to stay still than to move around.  (+ info)

Why is my body temperature low after working out?

So I don't usually work out, but i have about three times this month. I used to work out daily, and I stopped. I am a 17 year old male and i am 5'10, 150 lbs. so I am not overweight, but rather slim. I have noticed that each time after a workout, my core body temperature feels low. I touch my waist of stomach or thighs and they feel cold. Why?

well supposedly your body tries to maintain equilibrium. when you work out, your cells are undergoing metabolism to create more energy and consequently releases heat, and you sweat to keep from overheating. i guess it means your body is doing a good job of keeping cool :]  (+ info)

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