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What is the cause of cysts on my back?

Along the top of my right pelvic bone near the spine I have a number of large soft cysts. This is a weak point in my body and I keep pulling a muscle here which is painful and debilitating. I don't have these on the left side and experience no problems there. Is this a build up of toxins, blockage in a meridian, or what? How can I get rid of them and/or heal this area?

suggest you consult a surgeon for removal of the cysts, and perhaps a neurologist for any nerve issues you may be having, not to mention a dermatologist to see if there is a skin issue leading to the cysts.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any good supplements that help regenerate jaw bone?

I just found out that due to several jaw surgeries, I have complete bone loss on the right side of my upper jaw. There was a cyst growing which I had removed. The doctors that I have seen are specialists yet they have no idea why the cysts had formed. They also informed me that I will be losing all my teeth in that area of my jaw. However, if I can find something to help me regenerate the bone, my teeth very well may be saved. Please help! I am only 37 and I will end up with a mouth of an 80 year old if I can't find a way to rebuild my jaw bone. Thank you!

try osteocare...  (+ info)

Do bone cysts (e.g. dental cyst, in the jaw) give indication that patient has leukemia (or bone cancer)?

This is in the case of a cyst in the jawbone, diagnosed (by accident) via an x-ray.

It also coincides with slightly higher than usual lymphocyte levels (50% when the upper bound is 40%). Levels have been high for 3 years now. Cause has not yet been determined. Doctor looking into viral infections as possibility for this.

Other than this newly discovered dental cyst, and slightly high lymphocyte levels, patient seems physically OK.

Dentigerous cysts are usually found to be benign (approx. 98% of time).

High lymphocyte levels can often be due to simple viral infections (patient has previous history of one such minor infection).

Are two findings mutually exclusive or inter-related?

Separately, problems do not seem too worrying. But combined, they could be an indication of danger ahead?

Blood test in progress, and surgery for cyst removal+biopsy planned. But I felt so anxious & scared, I just had to post this.

Please help. This is for a close relative.

Yes, but can bone cysts have any relation to leukemia? That's what I mainly wanted to know.

One thing may not be related to the other. It is possible to have leukemia and to have a benign cyst. The best thing you can do right now is wait for the cyst to be removed, have the biopsy, and follow up with what is going on with the lymphocyte levels. Be persistent until you get a definitive diagnosis. If you feel uneasy about this . . follow your instincts!

My son was originally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which we thought explained his anemia and why he was finding sports physically exhausting. What we didn't know is that he also had multiple tumors in his abdomen. He had cancer and he had hypothyroidism. So, it is always possible that two medical issues, both separate, are going on. Follow up with your doctor.

Be strong.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

Bone Cysts, what causes them and how serious are they.?

A bone cyst is a noncancerous, fluid-filled cavity within the bone. Bone cysts occur most often in children in the long bones of the arms and legs. The cause isn't known.

A bone cyst usually causes no symptoms. But sometimes a bone cyst can weaken the affected bone, which increases the risk of fracture. A bone cyst is often discovered only after a fracture occurs.

Treatment of a bone cyst, which is directed at preventing fractures, may include:

Corticosteroid medications
Injections of bone marrow aspirate
Surgical removal of the bone cyst  (+ info)

Is it possible for a cyst to move muscle and possibly bone?

In discussing the problem with my left forearm, it was posited that a cyst could be the cause of the lack of tautness in the area of my left wrist. But for this to be the case, the cyst would have to make the bone/muscle shift upward, towards the thumb,while not shifting the bone/muscle outward away from the main forearm bones. In such a manner that the bone/muscle is no longer centered.

Also, the lack of tautness exists whether I make a fist with my left hand or not. Although veins will show more, they are easily moved as is the surrounding flesh. I can also push the flesh downward between the veins a good distance, there isn't that much room between the back of the forearm and the fleshy front of it.

I called the doctor that gave me the cortisone shot, but I was not called back, I would have talked it over if he had. I will have to do something else.

for a cyst to be there it would have to move things in order to exist theres no telling how it will move things in order to exist I dont think its possible to move bone but the im not a dr either and why a cortisone shot and not removal of the cyst especially since its in your arm? I would continue to contact your dr even if it means going in to his office good luck  (+ info)

How to get rid of a ganglion cyst on the jaw bone.?

I have a ganglion cyst on the furthest edge of my jaw bone, where the jaw bone ends, it's on the end of the jaw bone. Evidently it would be extremely hard to hit with a book, lol. So are there any other methods available other than seeing a doctor.

Hi Kirsten :D

Well, there's the literal Bible bashing! XD No, seriously though, don't try it. LOL. It doesn't actually work, though in the olden days, there was a myth that it did.

Heat application should work. Topical plasters and poultices too. Don't try puncturing it with a needle, 'cos that can cause infection. (Sorry, I know you probably know all this already!)

Or you could just wait and see if it persists. Hopefully it should go away. Just try to avoid repetitive movements with your jaw bone. Wait, that's ridiculous, you can't really avoid that because of eating! My thesaurus is stupid. XD

Good luck and I hope your cyst departs presently! Lol.

xxx  (+ info)

I have three cysts in the shin (in the bone) and they hurt when i jog or run or even step to hard...help?

has anyone ever had three cysts in the leg that stick out a little bit and hurts when i exercise or anything! my friends just had surgeries on cysts in their arm and wrist but what about the leg? anyone out there share my "pain"?
it's in the bone! and i cant play soccer anymore or basketball. yes im going to the doctor but im just a teen and since its in the bone im scared i wont be able to go back to playing sports as usual

Hi Katie B, yesterday i went to the Hospital to have remove a Cyst behind mi Knee,. Today i feel wonderful, a take only 10 minutes, painless, very easy. Mi advice for you: don't let this things go in an for long time, see a doctor.I hope you are insured.  (+ info)

How can you tell if you dislocated your collar bone?

A few days ago I woke up and noticed a bump under my collar bone on my left side. It almost looks like a cyst but it's pure bone. It does hurt if I touch it to much. Everyone is trying to tell me that my collarbone could be dislocated and that I should see a doctor. Does anyone know what this could be?

See a doctor, check out the site(s) below in my source - there are serious implications if you just leave it. Sounds bad to me.  (+ info)

Why is the bone sticking out behind my ear?

The bone directly behind my right ear is protruding further than the left side. It doesn't hurt but I have been getting a lot of headaches lately. I had a fever last week. My doctor says it could be a cyst, but it is the entire length of my ear! That would be a huge cyst! Plus it isn't spongy, it feels like the bone. He put me on antibiotics and the fever went away, but the bone is sticking out even more. What else could it be? What kind of doctor should I be seeing? I also am having LOTS of hair loss and breakage. I'm not sure if that is related or not as I did have a baby a year ago.

Ask your doctor to recommend a specialist.  (+ info)

Is there any nonsurgical treatment for treatment of asyumeral bone cyst? Any remedies in alternate medicine?

My son has a asyumeral bone cyst in his upper left humerus since the age of 8. Only treatment available is surgical grafting of his thigh bone.
Any other non invasive alternatives available?

Benign bone tumors do not spread to other areas in the body. Many benign tumors do not require treatment. Others can be very aggressive and destroy bone quickly.
All malignant bone tumors require treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer increases the likelihood of survival.
Prognosis for a unicameral bone cyst is generally good. Most of these cysts do heal with proper treatment and if left alone, most heal spontaneously by the time the skeleton ceases to grow. Recurrence can, however, occur. Continuous follow-up care is essential for the successful treatment of this kind of bone cyst. A schedule of follow-up care should be determined by your child's physician and other members of your care team to monitor ongoing response to treatment and possible late effects of treatment.  (+ info)

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