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What are 12 diseases/conditions in the endocrine gland that involve the thyroid?

What are 12 conditions and or diseases that happen in the thyroid gland that is related with the endocrine?

Thyroid cancer  (+ info)

bone diseases?

Uhhh...WHATS THE QUESTION?  (+ info)

What are systemic diseases that cause alveolar bone loss?

I have been slowly losing bone in my jaw over many years. I do not have gum disease. My dentists are perplexed. Despite getting my teeth cleaned 4X a year, they have not been able to control it. I do have a significant open bite, but x-rays do not show evidence of a traumatic occlusion. I have recently seen an endocrinologist to explore systemic causes of bone loss. I have so far ruled out sarcoidosis and osteoporosis. Are there any other diseases I should be screened for? I did find out that I was vitamin D deficient so am taking vitamin d supplements. There are no signs of inflammation on my gums. They are pink and firm.
No, I am not on fosamax. I had a dexascan and my numbers are fine. What type of autoimmune disease causes you to be allergic to your own teeth?

It could be wisdom teeth coming in combined with lack of calcium/vitamin D that could cause the jaw to recede which together cause teeth compression and bite disortions. A bite disortion will cause the teeth to bite down crocked causing jaw resession from the teeth as well as could cause loose teeth or even pockets of jaw bone to disappear around the teeth roots. I had this situation and I am trying hard to save two incisor teeth. 1000mg Vitamin D daily. 1000mg calcium daily. Exercise is most important for your body will only process food that the body demands from continued exercise. Stop drinking coffe or soda. No more candy/sugar. Drink Orange Juice in morning, milk in morning and night. Rinse/Brush after each meal, and before bed. Hydrate your body with water after exercise. Change the pillow case you sleep on at least each week. Might also change pillows for this could be a nightly source or irritation.
Shower before bedtime too.  (+ info)

Is there any relation between heart diseases and bone diseases? Is the treatment of one helps to cure both?

Are both diseases related to each other? If so, what is the treatment? I hope that you can direct me to more resources, websites, or even names of some books.

Yes there is e.g bone graft rejection, osteoporosis, etc.
Kindly go to www.amazon.com, you books out there.  (+ info)

What two bone diseases you would expect to see if the epidermis were a completely effective barrier to UV?

radiation and a person took no dietary supplements to compensate for this?

  (+ info)

what differences does a bone marrow drive & blood drive have? what diseases/sicknesses can be helped by which?

if i participate in a bone marrow drive, how is that different that participating in a blood drive? and vice versa. what diseases/sicknesses/research can be helped by which?

  (+ info)

Can vegetarians have issues with bone loss/bone diseases?

Recently I have heard on tv that being vegetarian may not be as healthy as some people think because vegetarians lack certain nutrients that cause them to develop certain bone problems.

Is this true?

Sounds like an infomercial run by the dairy industry. Humans were not intended to drink the breast milk of another animal, or drink breast milk all out lives.  (+ info)

is there diseases in bone caused by vinegar?

can somebody give me a list of bone diseases caused by over using of vinegar?
where's the list?

  (+ info)

What are two bone diseases that a person can get if they never went out into the sun or if they?

did they always covered themselves and they also never took any dietary supplements to compensate for this.

Two diseases? How did you come to know that it causes two diseases?
Basically morning (early) sun light has Vitamin - D so when we rise up early or go out for walk or any purpose, we absorb Vit. D from sunlight which helps in Calcium absorption. Calcium is very essential for the development and growth of bones (one of its benefits). On the other hand, if you don't, it can lead to calcium deficiency which ultimately causes osteoporosis.  (+ info)

What are common diseases, disorders or injuries that affect the endocrine system?

  (+ info)

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