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which good website/text/book gives a good overview of the most common endocrine diseases, their treatment, etc

and maybe about how patients and families should deal with such diseases. anything's good, but preferably something w/ not toooo much detail, but more info than common sense....

try to go to the website below.....I hope it helps you out a little bit.  (+ info)

What causes rotting bone and tissue around the left sinus and eye socket, complete loss of nasal septrum ?

Have thick yellow discharge with blood and nerve damage on left side of face with dumbness. Chronic headache, severe throat drainage. Bone scans show numerous defects. Said to light up like a X-mas Tree. Have had 7 surgeries and seen 3 ENTs, rare diseases specialist and oral surgeons. I had artificial bone graphs on that side for implants several years ago.

There is a disease called Wegener's granulomatosis. it is very rare and is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body's natural defences to attack it's own tissue. It sounds like you have already had numerous tests to try and find a cause, ask your Dr about the possibility of Wegeners.  (+ info)

what diseases would require a bone marrow transplant?

other than leukemia or other cancers

Several non cancerous blood diseases like sickle cell anemia. Many different auto immune diseases. It can be used in conjunction with an organ transplant to give patients a chance to come off the anti rejection meds. It is a possible cure to hiv.
Here is a list from the National Marrow Donors Program of treatable diseases.
http://www.marrow.org/PATIENT/Undrstnd_Disease_Treat/Lrn_about_Disease/index.html  (+ info)

what are some diseases associated with bone pain -nix arthritis?

Tumor of bome.


Metastatic fracture.



Leg-Calve-Perthe's disease.  (+ info)

does anyone have high platelet count that is NOT correlated with a leukemia and/or other bone marrow diseases?

my hematologist said i might have essential thrombocythemia (a myeloproliferative disorder), but my allergist says that many young patients have moderately high platelet levels (mine is 628, although it's been increasing for a few years). i've had really bad allergies since I was kid, especially since moving to TX, so could that be elevating the platelets? i don't see my hematologist again until next week, so i'm looking for a heads up.

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do you know in the long run caffeinated drinks can cause bone loss,nuasea,herat diseases,high sugar in blood?

=> yes
=> no

I don't drink anything with caffeine  (+ info)

what are common endocrine diseases/disorders?

and maybe a brief description w/ each? =)

the only one I know of is diabetes  (+ info)

I have two liver diseases and fibromyalgia: Is saccharomyces cerevisiai a danger to my healt?

I read that it was a danger to the liver and bone marrow in certain cases?

The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is widely used in baking, brewing, wine making, and biotechnology and previously has had GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status. Recent evidence indicates the involvement of S. cerevisiae in a range of superficial and systemic diseases. Numerous cases of S. cerevisiae-induced vaginitis have been documented as have cases of oropharyngeal infection. Potentially fatal systemic disease due to S. cerevisiae has been recorded in bone marrow transplant patients and in those immunocompromised as a result of cancer or AIDS. A number of studies have indicated that commercially available strains of S. cerevisiae may cause disease in certain individuals.

It seems more of a danger to the immunocompromised.
S. cerevisiae should now be regarded as an opportunistic pathogen, albeit of relatively low virulence  (+ info)

Endocrine and bone related?

I am mainly interested in medical related opinions, as well as anyone that might have the various problems that I do. I can't really afford to do the medical research necessary(no insurance), so I thought I'd just post my symptoms here?

Precocious Puberty, age 4
age 10-14 Caught the chicken pox, then shingles, then some perculiar hands/feet blister virus-doctor said he thought it might be related or something.
age 15-70 pound weight gain, as well as a gestault of weird emotional/depression stuff
2005-broke my ankle, had two surgeries, doctors are saying that it may have a biological base because I have not healed---that's when I began researching.

Endocrine symptoms
Facial hair, getting more intense
Eyelashes comingout of my tear ducts
Joint laxity(Both of my knees come out of place occasionally, first time was age 15)
Broke right pinky(it felt like it dislocated, but has stayed swollen for monthsl)
Other hand joints feel "unstable".
Very painful periods
Major Back Pain
Also, in my early twenties, I went on a low carb diet and lost about 60 pounds.

You might have a hormone imbalance. You probably need thyroid medication, some bio-identical progesterone, and DHEA. The faical hair and joint pain is a sign of a cortisol/dhea/testosterone imbalance.
Your diet probably needs a major over-haul. You didn't mention what you eat, but I'd guess a lot of sugars, bread, fruit, etc.

Your hormones effect every part of your body.  (+ info)

What are 2 types of bone diseases?

  (+ info)

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