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what differences does a bone marrow drive & blood drive have? what diseases/sicknesses can be helped by which?

if i participate in a bone marrow drive, how is that different that participating in a blood drive? and vice versa. what diseases/sicknesses/research can be helped by which?

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What diseases are treated with bone marrow and stem cell transplants?

well, bone marrow and stem cells can help people with a variety of cancers, including:

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)
Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML)
Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)
Chronic myeloid diseases, such as myelodysplasia and myelofibrosis
Hodgkin's disease
Multiple myeloma

In addition, bone marrow and stem cell transplants may be used to treat people with other blood disorders, such as severe aplastic anemia, and immune system disorders, such as severe combined immunodeficiency disorder.  (+ info)

what diseases will a blood test show for a bone marrow donor?

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what diseases would require a bone marrow transplant?

other than leukemia or other cancers

Several non cancerous blood diseases like sickle cell anemia. Many different auto immune diseases. It can be used in conjunction with an organ transplant to give patients a chance to come off the anti rejection meds. It is a possible cure to hiv.
Here is a list from the National Marrow Donors Program of treatable diseases.
http://www.marrow.org/PATIENT/Undrstnd_Disease_Treat/Lrn_about_Disease/index.html  (+ info)

does anyone have high platelet count that is NOT correlated with a leukemia and/or other bone marrow diseases?

my hematologist said i might have essential thrombocythemia (a myeloproliferative disorder), but my allergist says that many young patients have moderately high platelet levels (mine is 628, although it's been increasing for a few years). i've had really bad allergies since I was kid, especially since moving to TX, so could that be elevating the platelets? i don't see my hematologist again until next week, so i'm looking for a heads up.

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After a patient has had bone marrow disease how can isolating them help to prevent the rejection of it?

After bone marrow has been transplanted to a patient who has had bone marrow disease how can isolating them from other people for some time after the operation help to prevent the body rejecting the bone marrow?

After this procedure, the patient's immunity system is lower, allowing them to get sicker quicker. By isolating the patient, less germs are available to get the patient sick.  (+ info)

What is the name of the disease when skin darkens and burns after Bone Marrow Transplant?

My sister went under a bone marrow transplant but her skin burned 3 months later. Her normal skin tone is tan/white but now her skin is burned and is constantly burning and its very dark. I cant seem to find the name of this disease or how long it will take to heal. The doctors say she is cancer free and her blood in fine except the issue with her skin being burned and dry. Any help to find a website about this would be highly appreciated. THANKS

I wonder if she has graft v host disease. Did her transplant use a donor? I have had problems with chornic gvhd that effect my skin, but its not burnt. I get a rash that looks similar to eczema. Its red, itchy, and dry in splotches.  (+ info)

Bone Marrow?

I am 16 and wanting to Donate Bone Marrow, if i have my Parent/ Guardian Consent, can i donate?

As long as you don't have any diseases that prevent you from donating. Talk to a doctor about the specifics but you should be able to donate. It is a great thing to do because it is in high demand and not enough people donate. :)  (+ info)

bone marrow?

I was recently diagnosis with an MRI with fatty deposits on bone marrow. Does the Bone Marrow Replace itself???

if your body is working properly  (+ info)

How can Bone Marrow Transplant be successful?

Since Red Blood Cells do not contain a nucleus, it can't go through cell division (mitosis). If mitosis can't occur, how can the new blood that has been transplanted into the blood be successfully performed? How can overtime the patient would be cured from diseases such as sickle cell anemia?

Because they arent transplanting red blood cells.

They are transplanting hematopoetic stem cells, either from bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (the stem cells are a type of white blood cell, not red), or cord blood.

Honestly, a lot of the biology is over my head, but the stem cells would have all the material they need to replicate themselves.

I dont know the details on sickle cell anemia, but in general the bone marrow transplant replaces the entire marrow and blood system. The patient's current marrow and blood system is what is producing the sickle cell anemia, so the new marrow and blood system, one that is healthy, would not.

If you are going through this, your doctor will be able to give you specific information on what it is exactly that causes the sickle cell anemia, and why replacing the marrow will change that. I went through it for leukemia, but the diseases are different.  (+ info)

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