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How can a bone marrow match be determined and what is the procedure?

There is a very sick young boy in need of a urgent bone marrow transplant and i would like to see if i'm the match he needs
but wanted to know first how involved the transplant is and
would there be any risk to myself for giving him my bone marrow. Is it painful..etc ?? Please note the above questions too.

Thank you xx

Compatibility is determined by a blood test. Click on the link below to get your other answers. If you require more, run a search for "patient information on bone marrow transplantation". It's also called a BMT for short.

http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/medicine/bonemarrow/bmtinfo.html  (+ info)

How do you donate for a bone marrow registry?

I have thought about donating my bone marrow just in case someone needs it, but not exactly sure how to get myself in the registry. Anyone know? I do know I have A negative blood type and am a female.

Contact you local blood bank. Where I live, they do the registry and I am listed on it.  (+ info)

How to donate bone marrow to save a life?

I saw a little girl on TV who needs a bone marrow transplant. She is black/mixed race, therefore it is very difficult to find a match. I'll admit I'm a chicken when it comes to this sort of thing, but if it's not a painful or risky procedure for me I would be willing to donate.

It breaks my heart to see this little girl so ill when I could potentially be a match. Have you, or do you know someone who has done this? If so, how painful is it and what would be the risks to me as a middle-aged donor?

Its only painful if you have to DONATE the marrow. First they check to see if you are a MATCH which is a now cheek swab- no needles- its so easy!

Then if you are a match, they will do further testing to see. If it comes to actually donating marrow, its more complicated and can be painful but not that bad- totally managed with pain meds.

To find a way to register with the national bone marrow registry near you go, here:


Speaking as a mother of a little boy whose life was saved by someone willing to do this, PLEASE register. you may not be a match for this little girl, but you could be for someone else some day.  (+ info)

Can bone marrow transplants affect the recipients characteristics like for example hair color?

Have relations with cancer and this question came up, the idea that bone marrow transplants could affect bodily characteristics like hair color is to me strange because I can't see the mechanism how this would occur. Is it true?

No, not the hair color, all the the chemo used in treatment and the conditioning regimen for the transplant can. This is usually temporary though.

This probably came up because bone marrow transplants change a part of your dna. The marrow and blood of the patient will change to that of the donor.

For example, I had a transplant this summer. While the rest of my body is uneffected, my marrow and blood now has the dna of my donor, rather than my own dna. My blood type also changed to that of my donor, from 0+ to a+.

However, the dna in the blood does not effect other physical characteristics of the body.

Anyone who goes through any kind of transplant goes through this. For example, someone with a kidney transplant. The new kidney will have the dna of the donor, not the patient.

This is called chimerism. Wiki has some good info about this phenomana and how it occurs in science as well as nature. In fact, it is more common than orginially though. However, you dont know it until you do dna tests. For example, while not all, but a lot of people with two diff eye colors are chimeras.

Anyways, look up www.marrow.org, it has a lot of info about the transplant and how it works.  (+ info)

How long would a bone marrow biopsy be sore?

I had a bone marrow biopsy almost 2 weeks ago and the area where the sample was drawn is still sore, specially when I make a sudden movement. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

On average I am sore for about a week after. I *have* had a couple that were done fairly rough (one of my doctors is NOT gentle about it) that were sore for about 2 weeks after.

My advice is that if its still sore next week, call your doctor. But, if you are concerned, go ahead and call and ask them about it. I have found that its far better to call and ask questions than sit and worry yourself to death.  (+ info)

What are the chances of having a relapse during a bone marrow transplant?

i had my bone marrow last july....
I get blood tests taken regularly, and my doctor always gives me the results in a day or 2, but it's been 3 weeks now?
anyway yea, what are the chances of having a relapse after a successful bone marrow transplant?

It does happen. I think the actual chances really depend on what exactly your disease was.

However, I doubt not getting your test results back mean you have relapsed. If they had seen something bad in the blood work, they would have called immediatly.

Why dont you give your doc a call? Likely someone was supposed to call you and it just never happened. But if you call you can get the results and feel better mentally  (+ info)

Can I register to become a bone marrow donor if I got a piercing last month?

There is a bone marrow donor drive today, and I want to register to become a donor. I got a piercing last month. Does anyone know if they will let me register? I figured I wouldn't be able to donate marrow for a while but can I at least register?

no you cant!
you have to wait 6 monthes after getting that percing!


What are the risks of bone marrow transplant to the transplater (person transplanting)?

A friend's husband is a match for someone who is an older gentleman (senior). She fears side effects of the medication that help to stimulate stem cells in bone marrow. They are trying to start a family. What is your opinion. Good idea or bad?

I'd do the donation of marrow. To think, to be able to save someone's life.  (+ info)

Does anyone know how to cook, or maybe a recipe for bone Marrow?

I was watching the food network, and on Unwrapped, they were showing western foods. They showed a resteraunt by denver, Colorado, that served this delicacy. A Bone, cooked so that when open, you can eat the marrow with bread. Does anyone know how to cook the bone without opening it, so that the marrow is preserved until cooked? Thanks!

I saw that episode. Want to go to that restaurant. That did look good. I imagine braising it would be the best way. Baking or broiling would only serve to dry out the marrow. Boiling it would dissolve most of it in the soup. Good luck!  (+ info)

What knife or saw should I use to cut through a marrow bone?

I bought my dog a few marrow bones from the butcher for christmas, I would like to cut them in half as they are quite big for my dog. Originally I thought of a hack saw however I plan on giving the bones to her raw and don't know if that will contaminate the bone. Is there a relativily cheap saw or knife that will work or will the hacksaw work?

I would stay away from using a knife as the possibility of breaking the bone and leaving sharp edges is too high. I would hate to see the pooch get injured. I would try a band saw if you have access to one (I use one for most of the large butchering that I do). Otherwise if the hacksaw is the most accesible saw for you it should work just dandy.  (+ info)

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