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Bone Marrow?

I am 16 and wanting to Donate Bone Marrow, if i have my Parent/ Guardian Consent, can i donate?

As long as you don't have any diseases that prevent you from donating. Talk to a doctor about the specifics but you should be able to donate. It is a great thing to do because it is in high demand and not enough people donate. :)  (+ info)

bone marrow?

I was recently diagnosis with an MRI with fatty deposits on bone marrow. Does the Bone Marrow Replace itself???

if your body is working properly  (+ info)

Bone marrow..................?

Hey, when i turn 18 in a fuw months im going to put myself down on the Donation list.
I was just wandering, the people who need this cannot produce bone marrow right? So will the Bone marrow i Donate run out eventually and the person i donated to will need another Donation? Im not sure how it works? Could you tell me? What are the chances i will be able to Donate, as ive heard many people have put themselves down on the Donation waiting list for 15 years and haven't had a call to donate.
(Im Caucasian living in England if that makes any difference, as i heard its unlikely to find a match with another race?) Thank you.

Thank you.

Well, there are actually many different reasons to have a bone marrow transplant. I had leukemia, so my marrow did not function properly, and as the post above said, they used chemo and radiation to kill my marrow, gave me donor marrow, and now my marrow works the way it should.

I dont know a number on the odds, but yes, you may never get called to donate. Hematopoetic stem cells (which is actually what you are donating) are matched by HLA (human leukocyte antigen) tissue type, and that gets into dna testing and the tissue type is inherited. That is why its so hard to find a match and why, in this case, race matters. The best chance at a match is a full blooded sibling, and thats 1 in 4. The next best chance is a parent or child, and thats 1 in 8. After that, the chances of a person finding a match anywhere go way way way low, which is why the registry is so important. Your location isnt really that important. Even though each country has its own registry, most of them are searchable world wide.

Even if you never do get called to donate, being on this list in and of it self, allowing yourself to be included in the search for a match for thousands of patients is a HUGE thing, and as a transplant patient myself, I thank you for considering it.

If everything works the way its supposed to, the person receiving the transplant should remain healthy. However, sometimes people do need to have a second transplant, but I dont really know how often that happens. The transplant is phenomonally expensive. Most forms of insurance will only pay to have it done once, and its such a huge proceedure that many people wont do it a second time. After what I went through, I know that I am certainly not doing it again.  (+ info)

What makes a bone marrow donor a match for a patient?

Is it blood type, DNA, iron count, etc.?
I'm writing a story that deals with bone marrow transplants and I need to know if a character could be a bone marrow match for another character.

It's down to genes unfortunately. Donor and recipient ideally should have the same human leukocyte antigens (a specific group of genes).  (+ info)

How painful is it to give bone marrow to someone that needs it?

I like to donate blood when I can, but now I am starting to consider donating bone marrow too. Is there anyone on here that has donated their bone marrow before and can you tell me how painful it was, and if you believe it was worth it?

Any detail will be helpful.


it hurts like hell but's it worth it to help a poor soul in need.  (+ info)

How long does bone marrow stay in the bones after an animal dies?

We had this substitute science teacher and he says he gets a science magazine or something or other and there was an article about the smithsonian museum and it said that there were some dinosaur fossils and they put them out on display and someone started smelling something funky and the scientists there cracked the bones open and there was still some bone marrow in there!

Your teacher was pulling your leg. Soft tissue protein has been found in bones, but only after chemical processing to uncover it. Right now people are still testing the material to make sure that it's really part of the original fossilized animal, and not the remains of bacteria that lived in the fossil.

You can real more about it here:
http://scienceblogs.com/notrocketscience/2009/04/dinosaur_proteins_cells_and_blood_vessels_recovered_from_brachylophosaurus.php  (+ info)

Can a bone marrow transplant save a terminally ill Lymphoma patient?

I'm curious for a friend. If a teenager is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and her case has been considered terminal, then a family member steps in and asks if they could do a bone marrow transplant, could she be saved?

Bone Marrow transplants are commen in lymphoma patients..

However, if the disease is considered terminal, it must have spread beyond the point where they feel they can stop it. Either that, or her body simply cant handle anymore chemo or radiation.

Dont ever give up hope though. There are records of thousands of people being told by doctors they were terminal and have gone on to survive and live long lives.  (+ info)

What is the difference between bone marrow biopsy and chromosome analysis?

Bone marrow revealed neutropenia and nurse said that they dont know what's causing it. Tested for every virus and negative. Waiting on chromosome analysis and what does that show?

"Lab Guy" has a superb answer.
C'mon Pedal7. You know these tests are completely different.
And you also know that it is impossible to test for every virus.
There are many hundreds of viruses. No one checks antibody levels for every one.
Relax and wait for the test results.
Be happy that no evidence of any type of leukemia was identified on the microscopic marrow examination.  (+ info)

How can a bone marrow match be determined and what is the procedure?

There is a very sick young boy in need of a urgent bone marrow transplant and i would like to see if i'm the match he needs
but wanted to know first how involved the transplant is and
would there be any risk to myself for giving him my bone marrow. Is it painful..etc ?? Please note the above questions too.

Thank you xx

Compatibility is determined by a blood test. Click on the link below to get your other answers. If you require more, run a search for "patient information on bone marrow transplantation". It's also called a BMT for short.

http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/medicine/bonemarrow/bmtinfo.html  (+ info)

How do you donate for a bone marrow registry?

I have thought about donating my bone marrow just in case someone needs it, but not exactly sure how to get myself in the registry. Anyone know? I do know I have A negative blood type and am a female.

Contact you local blood bank. Where I live, they do the registry and I am listed on it.  (+ info)

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