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Does chronic marijuana cause more brain damage than mid marijuana?

self explanatory. if so, how much more?

Marijuana does NOT kill brain cells or cause brain damage!

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9077214414651731007#  (+ info)

Can prolonged use of anti-depressants and sleeping tablets cause brain damage?

Or comes to think of it can suffering from chronic depression cause brain damage?

I don't think so or every psychatrist of psycologist would be in court 24/7 defending themselves against malpractice suits.  (+ info)

Can cystic fibrosis damage the brain during embryotic development?

I know that Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic disease of the lungs and digestive system that causes the body to produce mucus. . . But, can cystic fibrosis damage the brain during embryotic development? I thought it could because the mucus build-up could block oxygen from reaching the brain, causing damage and poor development. . .
Please include a source. . .

no not at all  (+ info)

Does acute stress damage the brain, or only chronic?

There are a lot of studies suggesting (and some proving) that chronic stress causes atrophy in the hypothalamus region of the brain. How chronic must the stress be to have a malignant effect on brain function, though?

For example, can being aroused into a cantankerous, viotriolic, screaming fit in real life for an hour do anything?.....Or, is it the act of repressing that anger and dwelling on it for weeks or months that causes the harm?

And what kind of stress is necessary? When I had a neurological evaluation to assess the extent of a few unrelated deficiencies, the neuroscientist and MD that administered the tests said that I appeared to be laden with a lot of stress, but my heart beat is always calm, and "ruminating" on things is something I thoroughly ENJOY doing! It isn't an act of stress, for me -- in fact, it even calms me down. So how could that be harming me?

Goodness...if stress caused someone to go nuts or other problems I would be dead! You should have asked the doctor your questions...you seem intellegent...you can even spell and make sentences! That is rare here! :)))

Listen...I have a handicapped child...spent 10 years in a hospital with him while going to college and raising two other children....I have had a very stressful marriage with all the unexpected things happening. But I have a GREAT husband...one that is my rock!

I have had cancer and almost died..and watched my granddaughter of 19 months die. If that isn't stress ....nothing is!

Stress is good for you and bad for you. I was told to take a LOT of the B vitamins..after my son's accident that left him 10 weeks in a coma at the age of 7 and being paralyzed...those 10 years were as about stressful as you can get. ... and then they had to amputate his leg! They were giving me shots of B12! When you are under stress your body seeks out and uses up all the b vitamins. so take extra B vitamins.

I don't think a day of stress is going to harm you or that it is necessarily a bad thing!  (+ info)

Brain damage?

Can brain damage stop you from feeling pain? Like, if the part in your brain that helps you feel pain in damaged can it stop working?

Damage to the spinal cord can stop you from feeling anything completely. The areas affected would depend on where the spinal cord was damaged.

I've never heard of brain damage causing someone not to feel pain. Pain meds obviously affect the brain to the point where you would not feel much of anything.

For what it's worth, overactive pain sensors in the brain are believed to be what causes the constant pain symptoms in fibromyalgia.  (+ info)

brain damage?

ok well my 3 week old daughter is 3 weeks old and she is colic and last night i was soo tired i havent really slept in a few days...so i went to feed her on the couch and i fell asleep by accident and she fell off the couch and its 8:00 almost and i have been crying since 4:30 i keep thinking i am the worst mother in the word...could my daughter have brain damage because of the fall??
sorry about the typos like i said i havent slept in a few days:(

Yes, it's possible, but it's very unlikely. *All* babies take a fall occasionally; their brains are very well protected. And you are not a bad mother--only a very sleepy one!!

Call your doctor. She/he will tell you whether the baby needs to be seen and what to watch out for.

Please don't sleep on a couch with your baby. It is inherently unsafe. I am adding a link to a page on safe co-sleeping. It's better for all concerned.  (+ info)

Brain Damage??

over the past year or so i have hit my head quite a lot. sometimes it is hard and other times just enough to notice. can this cause any type of damage including brain damage? i am feeling normal and nothing physically wrong.

thank you in advance

well I'm actually not sure. It might it might not. If i was really concerned i would talk to a doctor tho.  (+ info)

What type of brain damage is a stroke likely to cause?

What is the usual type of brain damage that a stroke can cause? Is it likely to lose capacity for thought and problem solving skills? Also, is it possible for tissue damage to restore itself back to the level of functioning it was at before, as the brain regularly restores cells?

Damage and the subsequent problems with speech, language, and cognition rely entirely on the site and size of the lesion.
Tissue does not regenerate significantly enough to affect functional recovery, unfortunately.
Yes, it is entrirely possible to have damaged reasoning and problem-solving skills. Typically, in the absence of a language deficit, the lesion in that case would most likely be in the frontal lobe of the right cerebral hemisphere.  (+ info)

What type of brain damage can a stroke cause?

What is the usual type of brain damage that a stroke can cause? Is it likely to lose capacity for thought and problem solving skills? Also, it is possible for tissue damage to restore itself back to the level of functioning it was at before, as the brain regularly restores cells?
I meant "is it" possible, not "it is" possible, sorry, don't want it to come off as stating a fact.

A stroke causes a type of brain damage called Infarction.
Infarction occurs when an area of the brain experiences local tissue death, and in the case of stroke this happens due to lack of blood supply. Infarction can occur in all areas of the brain, including the cerebral hemispheres, thalami, basal ganglia, brain stem, or cerebellum.

Causes of Infarction

The most common cause of brain infarction is stroke, which is when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. A ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. A hemmorhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel breaks open, causing blood to leak into the brain. The risk of stroke increases with high blood pressure, age, family history, smoking, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Symptoms of Infarction

* Symptoms of infarction include:
* Weakness, numbness, tingling, or decreased sensation of any body part
* Slurred speech or difficulty speaking; swallowing difficulties and drooling
* Vision changes
* Memory loss
* Loss of coordination and balance; dizziness
* Personality and emotional changes
* Drowsiness and lethargy
* Uncontrollable eye movements or drooping of the eyelids

Prognosis of Infarction

Depending upon the severity of the infarction, degree of recovery, as well as how long it takes to recover, varies from person to person. Rehabilitation often consists of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or a combination of the three.  (+ info)

How much alcohol does one need to drink to get brain damage?

I am 21 years old. I have drank alcohol about 10 times or so. The last time I drank was a year ago. I never want to have a drop of alcohol again because I have heard it causes brain damage.

Do you think I have brain damage from drinking 10 times? I have had a few nights in which I did not remember everything.

How many times does one need to drink alcohol before having permanent brain shrinkage/damage?

well, it will be your liver that is going to suffer first...

brain damage is rather relative: its the nerve cell death, happens every time you drink, especially if it is low quality alcohol.

i don’t think 10 times can make such a difference, and considering the time of abstinence, you should be fully recovered by now.  (+ info)

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