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Brain Hemorrhage?


I was wondering if one always gets a severe headache with a brain hemorrhage and if the headache is always there or does it come and go?


A brain hemirrhage is due to 2 possibilities: 1) Intraxial -within the brain eg hypertension, tumors 2) Extraaxial-ouside the brain-subarachnoid bleed and subdural

Extraaxial bleeds are rapid and the headache is the most severe and may be devastating and progressive and there is alteration in mental state. These have the worse prognosis

Intraxial bleeds are progressive eg on laying down the headache worsens.

Both headaches do not ease up and are continuous and have pathologic features that are positional and progressive.  (+ info)

Can a brain hemorrhage be detected through an ofthalmological exam?

Can a brain hemorrhage or the beginning of one be detected though a test by the ophthalmologist?

  (+ info)

What will weed do to my brain if I am recovering from a very traumatic brain injury?

By very traumatic I mean multiple brain contusions, skull fractures, broken bones in my ear, and double vision. Do you think it will hinder my recovery? The doctor said don't do any drugs, but you would think that every doctor would tell you NOT to do drugs... Right?

I was just in your situation last year, minus the contusions and broken ear-bones. I agree that smoking anything will slow your recovery, simply from the tar and carbon monoxide, but if you use a vaporizer, you don't have to worry about inhaling combustion products.

I started smoking weed again about 2 months after my injury. It helped me wean off of the strong pain meds I was given, made a massive positive difference in my mood, and helped me deal with the psychological trauma stemming from the incident. As for the physiological effects of weed on an injured brain, here's something that you should read:

"Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon found that the administration of synthetic cannabinoids in rats stimulated the proliferation of newborn neurons (nerve cells) in the hippocampus region of the brain and significantly reduced measures of anxiety and depression-like behavior."

It did for me what it sounds like it did for those rats. I wish I could have taken part in a study to test the efficacy on human neurogenesis. The bottom line is you sound like you have a lot on your mind and you have a long way to go. In my experience, smoking weed with these kinds of injuries is the least of your worries. Relax. Stress is much worse for you right now. Just make sure you use your brain. Watch Discovery or other educational programs while you are recovering and don't let the onset of ADD and working-memory deficits get you down.

Optimism: Now you get to see the world in a new light.  (+ info)

Can someone explain a brain hemorrhage to me please?

when i was 8 in 2002 my mum had a brain hemorrhage and i didn't really understand it. and i still don't, can someone explain please?

Intracerebral hemorrhage is focal bleeding from a blood vessel in the brain parenchyma. The cause is usually hypertension. Blood from an intracerebral hemorrhage accumulates as a mass that can dissect through and compress adjacent brain tissues, causing neuronal dysfunction. Large hematomas increase intracranial pressure. Cerebellar hematomas that are > 3 cm in diameter may cause midline shift or herniation. Herniation, midbrain or pontine hemorrhage, intraventricular hemorrhage, acute hydrocephalus, or dissection into the brain stem can impair consciousness and cause coma and death.

If you have more question, u can post them in:
http://med50.blogspot.com/2010/04/patient-education-program.html  (+ info)

Can I have a brain hemorrhage and be alive still with no seizures?

Two years ago when I was swimming I hit my head hard and to this day I have pain in my sup occipital g and almost half of my brain. The only are not affected is the right side of my brain. The pains are so agonizing that I cry when I get one. I have painful headaches, change in vision, loss of cordination and balance which are some of the symptoms of a brain hemorrhage. But I don't have seizures so is it possible to have a brain hemorrhage and not have seizures?

The brain does not feel pain- pain only comes from structures around the brain.

It is possible that you are actually having seizures in your occipital region. A seizure in medical terminology does not automatically mean that you pass out and flail around, it means that you have uncontrolled electrical activity in your brain. Brain injury can definitely cause this kind of problem.

Also, it is possible that you have an unresolved subdural hematoma, or it is also possible that you have a migraine disorder. Bad muscular or nerve injury from the impact could also be at work. You definitely should go to a doctor about this since it is causing you so much trouble.  (+ info)

Do they consider dying from a brain hemorrhage natural courses?

My husband passed away three months ago from a brain hemorrhage. I was left with a few unanswered questions and 1 of them is that on the death certificate they stated that he died of natural couses. It's that what is suppose to say?

Death by natural cause is basically any organic disease process, like a stroke, heart disease, cancer, or hemorrhage, so yes, it would be normal for the cause of death to be listed as "natural", even though that is a legal classfication as opposed to a scientific medical one. Sorry for your loss.  (+ info)

What type of government money is available for an individual after having a Traumatic Brain Injury?

I had a traumatic brain injury and am in serious need of financial help to go back to school and to live. I've heard that there are many different grants and government funds available but can't seem to find any on the internet. Does anyone know what I can do?

I am not aware of any special grants for people with TBI.
just regular financial aid, by filling out the FAFSA, which connects you with government backed-loans and grants, like any other student.

Maybe there might be a scholarship through the local branch of the TBI association, but that's all I can think of.  (+ info)

What activities would be recommended for a person recovering from a traumatic brain injury?

My father suffered a traumatic brain injury in May. He is finally going to be released from the hospital next week. As a result of the accident he is severely anxious and cannot concentrate long enough to do anything. Can anyone recommend any activities that he would be able to participate in? I noticed that when I took him to dinner in a busy restaurant he became very anxious. I also noticed that when I took him to dinner in a quiet restaurant he was okay.

Most TBI survivors who are just beginning recovery have a very difficult time with overstimulation. It can last months or years (perhaps depends upon area/s damaged and to what extent?). The overstimulation can be caused by tv, music, hearing others talk, etc. It feels overwhelming, you can't focus no matter how hard you try- very frustrating. Take that fact into account for the future.

1. Look at him patiently as he speaks to you. Don't interrupt or change the subject quickly.

2. Turn off the tv or radio.

3. Sit in a more quiet area when you are out.

4. Don't urge him to answer Q's, or to explain what he means. (The brain takes a very long time to heal. Be patient :) He will get to it- but you may want to gently remind him of subject when he forgets in frustration.

5. Look into a local brain injury program. They are all through the states, and non-profit. They hold support groups, which can be helpful. They also have many employees happy to help in whatever way they can. They can assist your father find work, a place to live, apply for medical assistance and Social Security. Seeing others who have adjusted well and seem so much farther can be encouraging.

6. There are a couple of great websites for you to check out. The first is a terrific source of info. Very informative, and touches on many issues. The second is a place where survivors and survivors' family meet and chat. People there are fabulously supportive to everyone! (And that's pretty darn rare, imo.)

Please do check them out, to get ideas on how to move on from here. I wish you and your father the very best!   (+ info)

Can acute stress lead to something as serious as a brain hemorrhage?

I've been following the condition of rocker Bret Michaels after he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage a couple of days ago. I'd seen him on Celebrity Apprentice a couple of times, and knew he'd suffered from juvenile diabetes most of his life. And on one show he broke down after his daughter became ill, and then got word she might also have the condition. With his recent emergency appendectomy, complications, and him working at a faster pace than usual, could these things have combined to lead to a hemorrhage?

who knows .. sometimes things just happen  (+ info)

Is it possible to regain movement in paralyzed limbs after a traumatic brain injury?

my friend has recently had a traumatic brain injury to the Left side of his brain, 6 weeks later his right arm and right leg are not able to move...but he does have feeling in both...says it feels numb....any info would help. Thanks!

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