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Do hyperbaric chambers help brain injuries?

What does research show? Does it help injuries from 20 or so years ago?

  (+ info)

Are concussions considered to be head injuries or brain injuries?

and if a child had a concussion at a very early age could this effect learning later in life?

A concussion is the least serious form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Concussion generally is trauma to the brain which is significant to cause interruption of function (loss of conciousness, amnesia, etc) but not serious enough to cause structural damage to the brain. It's basically a jolt to the brain that messes up the brain synapses temporarily.

By that definition, a concussion should not cause any problems with learning later in life.  (+ info)

How does brain injuries affect schizophrenia?

They could make it worse and more difficult to treat.  (+ info)

What are some effects of brain/head injuries on college athletes?

Interviews with how coaches react(I found one, mike leech with texas tech)
It would help if you could find effects with COLLEGE athletes only.
NFL is easy to find.
Include ANY sport...Basketball, Football, Baseball anything

None!...All college athletes are BRAIN DEAD...  (+ info)

How long do traumatic brain injuries last?

Depends on the severity of the injury - serious ones last the rest of a person's life, whereas a minor concussion would last a couple of days.  (+ info)

please list as many brain and ear injuries you can develop going to too many rock concerts?

iv never been. im just Curious.

Remember when Mr.Roach told us that he went deaf in one ear at a concert in his younger days??? That could happen, well that's one thing that could happen.  (+ info)

Should two people with traumatic brain injuries be together?

why not? they can take care of each other and understand each other far better. take happiness where yo may.  (+ info)

Do I have any brain injuries?

I'm only 13 years old, and since my friend got a concussion I've been paranoid lately. I've been reading about brain injury symptoms, and I have been feeling like I have those symptoms because I have been thinking about it to much. I feel really stupid. Please help me, am I just paranoid or is this for real?

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what were the old ways of treatment for brain injuries or if you had brain problems?

The treatment of brain injuries is a relatively new thing. With better technology they have been able to learn more about the brain. My brother was involved in a very bad accident 22 years ago. He lost his math skills all sorts of things, but none of his doctors ever told him to go to a neurologist. Basically lost skills were lost skills and you just had to deal with them. To some extent that is still the way it is today. They have learned a lot more about the injuries and they have a lot more ways of trying to help, but there are still things that they can't solve and you are left with "dealing with it."  (+ info)

which part of the brain will be damage due to a head injuries, difficulty staying awake and focusing?

You named quite a few areas. For staying awake it would be the inner brain and brain stem. Focusing is too broad here.

If you are unable to focus visually and attentively, its the Parietal Lobe,
If you cant persist in a single task, or inability to plan, or attending to something for a long period of time its the Frontal lobe.  (+ info)

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