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brain injury?

were can i go or what can i do to cure a brain injury mother gave birth to child and mother died and came back!!
mother is know in a position like barely moving
tell me please what can i do?

I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. Talk to her Doctor about what he thinks her future will be. Learn all you can on the net. Visit her as often as you can, Stimulate her brain by singing, reading, talking about what is going on in your life etc. Brain injurys are iffy things so you must not give up hope that she will still recover more function. How is the Baby btw?  (+ info)

Brain Injury?!???!?!?!?!??!?

Mmkay, so i got a concussion maybe like 3 weeks ago(?) i think lol
and i had ALL the symptoms(nausea, major head ache, tired, dizzy, dilated pupils etc) and my mom thought it was nothing so she did not want to bring me to the doctor, so i never went.
I am feeling fine now, but the day after my concussion my head felt really bruised and hurt like hell.

I was wondering if you can have a brain injury, brain bleed for example, and feel fine and not know it.
Because i am conerned that i may have had a injury, and i just want to know if I would know if i had one, or not know until the last minute(possibly at the edge of death)

yes, you very well could have an aneurysm. I would go to the doctor. If you do and you don't get it fixed it could get bad. better safe than sorry.  (+ info)

Brain injury?

my 17 year old sister was in a bad car accident thursday and medivac to a trama 1 hospital, she has 3 small brain bleed and one deep bleed, she is unconsious at this time but still has brain activity, she was able to have surgury to have her two broken femurs put back together, I was just curios to see if anyone else has gone through this themselves or are a close family member gone thorugh this, to help me through this. The doctors have given her a good chance of recovey. Please no negative comments this accident was an accident my sisters boy friend car hit an icepatch.
She is at the at one of the best Hospitals in America (Lehigh Valley), I am just glad she is alive, there was nothing left of the car and she was the worst injured.

Once your sister wakes up (which she will, by your description of her injuries), the doctor will order speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Once she is medically stable and able to respond to commands, they will probably send her to "acute rehab", hopefully at a center specifically for traumatic brain injury. Treatment typically lasts for up to a year or longer (depending on the extent of impairment), with a combination of inpatient and outpatient therapy.
There are eight stages of recovery from traumatic brain injury (the Rancho Los Amigos Head Trauma Scale):
1. Nonresponsive
2. general response (arouses to pain)
3. directed response (i.e., tracking with the eyes toward the stimulus)
4. agitation with confusion (combative at times), maximum assistance needed
5. confused, inappropriate; moderate assistance needed
6. confused, appropriate; minimum assistance for activities of daily living (dressing, hygiene)
7. automatic, appropriate (robot-like), minimal assistance
8. purposeful, appropriate; stand-by assistance (i.e., supervision needed).
Once she gets through all of the stages, she should be OK. The stages are predictable and recovery always follows this sequence (no steps are skipped). Be sure to work in conjunction with the therapists; they are a tremendous resource, and will have lots of activities that are goal-directed that you can reinforce with your sister,.
Good luck!  (+ info)

I am disabled, (brain injury and chronic pain), and I am on narcotics and I have found myself lately not ?

being able to accomplish the smallest of tasks that should be normal everyday tasks. Things like taking a bath, getting dressed, putting makeup on.
I am 42 and female, could this possibly have something to do with a hormone imbalance? I remember being in a hospital with a young girl who was literally a zombie, and they finally figured out, just in time according to her endocrinologist, that she had graves disease. I know that I have a thyroid disorder and take medication for it, however, I also know how much hormones can affect your attention, etc.
Has anyone had this serious of a problem.
I don't think I was really up, except for maybe 7 days the entire month of December.
What type of Doctor would you start with???
Thank you and Happy New Year.

My heart goes out to you. I have taken medication for extended amounts of time and I tend to blame different symptoms or actions on the meds. I believe that it is never good to get into that routine of dependence. I do believe that the narcotics can indeed cause you to just relax and take your energy away. I know someone who found pain relief with fucoidan, which is non narcotic and has no side fx. It's hard to find, but you can get a free sample at www.hope4utoday.iexfuze.net. hope that helps.
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I have a very serious medical problem, I have a brain injury and broken bones in my neck and chronic pain,?

however, the real problem is that I CAN NOT wake up! I am sleeping about 21 hours a day and the thing that I am most concerned with is my son. He is 9 years old. He is an only child and very independent but still a child. Today I did not wake up until 6:10 p.m., he tells me that he woke up at 2:20p.m., but I am not certain that I believe him. I do have a Dr's appointment scheduled, however does anyone know of an agency or someone who could help me with him. I feel terrible and worthless as he is taking care of himself and I truly love him. Sometimes feel like he would be better off without me. He does have a father and we are married, but since I am disabled, his father works...12-8 (noon to 8p.m.) and I seriously don't know what to do.

Please honest kind suggestions only. I already feel like a waiste of human space, But I have to do something to take care of my son.
I thank you in advance.
Susan I was going to email you back because I do care a lot. You think that this medication will help me? I will try anything. I care so much for my son and I love him to death and don't want to sleep through his life.

Do you think that an alarm clock might help? It is distressing to be asleep for most of the day, and I hope your pain meds are not causing this. If you have insurance, you definitely should see your doctor about getting a prescription for Provigil 100mg. It will help you stay awake when you want to be sleeping.
It is obvious that you care a lot about your responsibilities as a parent and want to fulfill them. Medication may help you to do that. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are some behavior changes when a traumatic brain injury occurs?

Hi! Im writing an essay how brain injuries can effect the three parts of the brain.

What behavioral changes happens when injury occurs in the:



If you have links ill greatly appreciate it.

Well then you'll need to do some research on the subject. Problems with the frontal Cortex I think has to do with impulse control. There are some videos on Youtube that may help out if you're too lazy to do you own research. The right brain controls your left side and your left brain controls your right side. BTW I am brain injured. I was able to find brain injury links, and some of them say you aren't allowed on them for research purposes cause jerks go there to harrass these disabled people.  (+ info)

What is it called when a brain injury victim's hands and feet start to curl in?

I have a brother who suffered a traumatic brain injury 4 mos ago. He is on a vent, is partially conscience & opens his eyes, however more recently his hands & feet are curling in and his head is starting to tilt downward. He is very stiff, muscle relaxers are not helping. I want to know what the "curling" condition is called.

palsy  (+ info)

Do people with brain injury usually experience anxiety as a direct result of the injury?

Just interested to know how common/ typical this is. Also, is the anxiety a direct result of the injury or a side effect that occurs after the injury? What are the physical factors that cause anxiety in brain injury patients?

People who have had mild to severe brain injuries, are very susceptible to anxiety attacks.
When I was seven, I fell about eight feet off of a high-dive ladder, and as a result suffered a subdermal hematoma (blood on the brain)

That coupled with another traumatic event in my life has caused me to suffer from anxiety. I actually have it under control a little better now. Talk to your doctor. I don't exactly what part of your brain would cause the anxiety.  (+ info)

What are the effects of drinking with a brain injury?

Well i have a Frontal Lobe Brain injury.I'm 19 and i want to start going to bars with my friends.I feel no urgue to drink and i personally do not like it at all, but i feel pressured into it as EVERYONE i know does it even people i never expected.I feel if i dont do it that i am a loser,especially being 19.So what are the effects of drinking with a Tbi?

The disinhibition from the alcohol may be even more pronounced with a frontal lobe injury. It could be very, very risky, indeed. Drinking alcohol with your TBI would be foolish, to say the least. The people that are pressuring you are the "losers" - not you! If you want to participate socially with your friends at the bar - go ahead. Simply order a soda and leave it at that. You owe them NO explanation whatsoever - other than the fact that you are mature enough to make your own decisions.

Hang tough,
~M~  (+ info)

What does Chronic changes in the brain mean?

I have a family member who was recently told by a doctor that she has chronic changes is her brain.
I'm a little concerned and just wanted more information.

Any information will help, but please, just facts.

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