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at what age dose the body stop growing. and at what age dose the brain stem stop growing.?

are they the same?? dose the body stop growing before the brain stem finishes developing? or do they grow at equal rates and timlines? i have a medical condition this is relevent to. anyinfo would greatly help.

They dont go the same, Say you have an 17 year old. They stop growing but they are still mentally growing. The two things are processed at different rates  (+ info)

What do u think of terminating the life of a patient with brain stem death?

U know that comatosed patients with 4th degree coma(brain stem death) will never regain their concousness as they lost their higher respiratory functioning center, so they will stay on the ventilator for the rest of their lives, so in our country we have the right to terminate their lives by switching off the ventilators(life support devices) or deprivation of the cardiac muscle support( dopamine, adrenaline) , but after the consent of their family i.e if their family asked to as they cannot afford for the expenses of the ICU stay.....Now this issue is out confusing me as it is lately stired it up again in our country for organ donations issue from the clinically dead donors

Help me the pricking of conscience is killing me .. almost all the doctors r with this idea and consider them almost dead but Am i a doctor but not doctor minded? .. Am i wrong or right?
Caffsans , in ur country organ donation is easy , while in ours it is restricted to certain conditions!
Nursus , i know a friend who regained his conciousness after 4 months coma, but i am talking about Brain Stem Death! that is another thing = clinically dead, he is dead with his heart beating !

You did not wrote the age of the patient, if he has crossed senior citizen level than its ok to terminate the life if it is living on life supporting measures alone & even if the family is capable for expenses towards ICU! Other wise as general medical practitioner because i witnessed at few occasions, I do believe in miracle to happen but within six month time and if no signs of any small improvement is noticed/seen within this time than there is no point to continue life like that as every one knows it is a brain DEATH!! Do consider that by keeping this patient alive only on life supporting system you are helping him or doing worse to him! Its a Total wastage of your & of all concerned valuable time,
Money, drugs, and what not? Deviate your thoughts and keep busy doing other work and forget this patient! Believe me by terminating the life of this particular patient you are doing a good favor to his soul to have a waiting another life of next birth! His soul will bless you! Today it’s a MOTHERS DAY and here I am shouting at the top of my lungs that if this had been the case of my own mother I surely would have done what I wrote here! BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS A GAME OF CHANCE AND CHOICE! TRUTH REMAINS TRUTH AND IT MUST BE TOLD EVEN IF IT HURTS! SO THIS IS THE TRUTH! Truth is GOD! You and Me & all Doctors should always be practical and not so sensitive because they have to take so many decisions in against the nature & human made laws! THERE ARE FEW COUNTRY IN WHICH THIS MERCY KILLING EUSTHANIA IS LEGALLY ACCEPTED LAWFULLY.IN FUTURE THIS SURELY BE THE RULE THROUGHT OUT THE WORLD OF COURSE WITH FULL PROOF LAW TOWARDS THE VERDICT TO BE MADE! All country should pass a law to have organ donations in such a cases with the consent of the nearest family memebers !!Actually all persons those who want this to be done than before anything happens to them they should give verdict for their organ to be donated in a case of their BRAIN death for transplantaion to make other human life to live happily !God bless you! DO GOOD BE GOOD AND KEEP SAMAMTA! i AM ALWAYS YouRsmE  (+ info)

is brain stem stroke patients, still have the chance to move his body?

my husband suffered brain stem stroke and paralized from neck down, altho he is undergoing theraphy for almost six months, still he was unable to move his arms, hands or legs. is there a possiblity that he can move? and in addition to that ,he also undergo rehabilatation.

The therapy he's been getting is likely to be RNA services for maintenance of his muscle fibers and to prevent contractures of his legs, feet, hands and arms. It is not possible for him to have physical or other kinds of therapy given by a licensed provider, such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech pathologist because no insurer would pay for it this long.  (+ info)

Can problems with the brain stem be serious?

My friend is in the St.Louis children's hospital currently with problems with her brain stem. I don't want to ask her if it's serious...I'm too scared. So I was hoping someone here would know if it was or not.

The brainstem has so many important centers in it, that it is hard to say. The brainstem has respiratory centers, breathing centers, and Reticular activating system (responsible for alertness). Also 4 different cranial nerves branch off from the brain stem. Ask her for more information about the condition, then look it up, or ask another question here to see if it is serious. Good luck!  (+ info)

Can a brain stem stroke cause ONLY the inability to swallow?

A relative has been diagnosed with a brain stem stroke. The only symptom is that she can not swallow. All her motor abilities are ok.can damage be this limited?

It certainly can but I would say that odds are against this being the only affected function. The brainstem contains the Cranial Nerves necessary for swallowing, 6 (out of 12 in total). Though one could lose only a few of those nerves, he would also lose the other functions of those nerves, like CN 5 controls sensation on the face, CN 7 controls movement of the face, CN 11 also causes one to shrug the shoulders...etc...all have more than one function.  (+ info)

Do you know of anyone that has had a Brain Stem STROKE?If so,did they live and what was their disability?

My best friend had a brain stem stroke and since she has a living will Dr says its only hours before she passes.

The brain stem is the part of the brain that makes you breathe. Similar to being brain dead. If it is not functioning a person doesnt live very long. My deepest sympathies on the loss of your friend.  (+ info)

What does transection of brain stem mean?

Does it mean decapitation? I do genealogy and I have a family members death certificate and I'm not sure what cause of death is.

A transection means a tear, usually complete. It could mean either your ancestor was decapitated or that there was a spinal cord injury that was severe enough to tear the spinal cord at the brain stem level. As goofy as it sounds, decapitation is not a cause of death. The cause of death is the transection of the cord- or in this case the brain stem. The contributing factor would be the decapitation or accident. Look to see if it has a remarks section on the certificate, and that may tell you more. Not that I think you could live without a head, and I don't think anyone has. It's just a quirk in how things are done. It's the same as not listing suicide as the cause. The manner of death is a different section usually, the cause would be whatever it was that they did. In this particular case, there might be an autopsy record on file, and that would give you the rest of the story. Either way, your ancestor had a pretty serious spinal cord injury that wasn't survivable at all, whether he/she got to keep their head or not.  (+ info)

What's worse, a Glioblastoma Multiforme or a Brain Stem Glioma?

Is a Glioblastoma Multiforme in adults worse than a Brain Stem Glioma in children?

Answer your own question.

It doesn't matter. A brain tumor that is a Glioblastoma or a Brain Stem Glioma is bad. Doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult.

Want more facts? Check out www.abta.org The American Brain Tumor Association has all the information you need to answer this and many more questions.  (+ info)

What could Stem Cell Research potentially cure? Could it cure brain damage?

I know it could potentially cure Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and some blindness. What other possibilities does it have? Could it cure any or all stroke victims that have lasting brain damage? Would there be a time limit on how soon it would have to be treated and how far away is this if possible.....months/years/decades?

here is a web site with all the cures happening with
adult stem cells.  (+ info)

When does the brain stem start to develop in a fetus?

  (+ info)

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