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Exactly how does a brain stem tumour cause death?

I realise there are a number of ways this tumour can end a life. I am nursing someone who has this and I would like to understand more of the ways it may end. A brief explanation would be appreciated.

As the tumor grows it cases pressure and eventual decay of brain tissues.
There are vital brain tissues - such as the ones which control the breathing center - and their destruction causes rapid death.
There are less vital brain tissues that their destruction causes paralysis, and loss of consciousness, making the person restricted to bed. People restricted to bed are prone to infections, problems in their breathing, blood pressure, kidney and liver failure, that causes death within a few weeks.  (+ info)

Is it possible for someone to damage their spinal cord/brain stem from bending their head forward for too long?

For example, if you fall asleep with your head slumped forward can you hyper extend your neck for too long? Or say you are tweazing hairs from your thighs and your head is bent down for a long time. Could the symptoms, if any, be similar, to whiplash?

I personally don't think so but I'm not a doctor. I think it would be more likely to have sprained it. If it caused trouble I would have it checked out. If no permanent damage then it should go away with rest, heat packs, or ice packs for a few days.  (+ info)

How many calories are in a human brain-stem?

Just curious.

why, planning to eat one?  (+ info)

Is the brain stem located between the ears?

Is it located ahead of the ears, behind the ears, or between them?

  (+ info)

Who knows anything about a Brain Stem Brain tumor?

I was just diagnoised yesterday. I am in a state of shock.
I was so shocked that I forgot to ask questions like........Life Span?
What sypmtoms to expect in the future? Will it be a slow painful death? Are there ways to keep it from progressing? Is it operable?

That is shocking. At this point, the brain stem tumor has been visualized, but the doctors have not anlyzed it. If it is operable, they will remove it and get a pathology report on whether it is benign or not. At that point, you will know what to expect in the future.

If it is not operable, they can do a biopsy, like they did for Ted Kennedy immediately after he had his seizure. A small hole is made in the skull, and a sample of the tumor is withdrawn and analyzed. An appropriate non-operative treatment can then be used: either chemo, or radiation that is focused, such as "gamma knife."  (+ info)

Can Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema occur in patients with a CNS injury but not brain stem injury?

If yes: why?

Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema is a common complication of both CNS and brain injuries.  (+ info)

Are there any herbal medications that promote stem cell division in the brain?

I ask because I'd like to improve my memory and mental ability, and I recently read that stem cell division plays an important part in mental function.

There are some products that have caused folks own stem cells to multiply and then those stem cells can "fix" or grow where needed. This is certainly not meant to be a claim, but it is an observation I have made with some specific nutraceuticals. I have seen folks that have been disabled from stroke, accidents etc..... that were told they would never function again and they function just fine now.
Don't give up trying.  (+ info)

Dad just had surgery to remove cancer from brain stem?

He came out of surgery and still has not gotten feeling in his left side. The right side came back pretty quickly even before he came out of recovery. The surgery was this morning and was over right around noon. Is now after 7:30 is he ever going to regain left side?

This must be very hard for you. My heart felt prayers for you and your family. I think it may be too soon to tell when he will regain feeling. I don't know the answer to your question but my gut response is that feeling on and use of the left side may take a while to come back. I am an acupuncturist who works with stroke/Parkinson's patients who have had brain consequences from those kinds of injury. Sometimes after a stroke, function and / or sensation of the affected areas comes back very quickly. But if it does not come back quickly, there is considered to be a two year window of time during which scalp acupuncture may help restore sensation and movement. So if all that your dad wants to come back does not come back promptly, talk to your neurologist about the possibility of interventions including possibly physical therapy and acupuncture to help him. The rule of thumb for stroke is that the MD's must be sure the bleeding has stopped and that one waits at least two weeks before starting acupuncture. Other than that it is considered desirable to start as soon as possible. I hope you dad recovers fully and quickly. Best wishes.  (+ info)

If someone suffered brain damage in a car accident, what would the step by step be for them to get stem cells?

What difficulties would they face? What is the STEP by STEP process theyd go through? What would the ethical implications be?

The best thing to do is have the person seen on a daily basis for intense rehabilitation. An occupational therapist would assist in retraining the individual in activities of daily living, such as self-bathing and dressing. The physical therapy staff would assist him or her in regaining their standing balance and coordination for walking. Speech therapy would work on regaining functional speech. The brain, more or less, has to have time to try and repair itself but with the aid of different therapies, the damaged areas of the brain can be "rewired" to some extent. Fortunately, the brain has two halves (hemispheres).  (+ info)

can you live without a brain and just have the brain stem?

ok this is what im looking for, if a baby was born with no brain but still had a brain stem can the baby live and be ok, or well the baby die? I need this answer for my medical law bioethics class

The baby certaily would not be "OK," but I believe the brain stem could take care of very basic functions like breathing. Such a child would be blind and deaf and would not even have a basic swallow reflex. This would barely qualify as being alive.  (+ info)

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