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I'm 27 and had a stroke. Does anybody know if researchers are close on stem cells for the brain?

I had an avm rupture wich led to swelling then came my stroke. I'm now legally nlind from my brain issues any thoughts. I'm pretty sure stem cells are my answer

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stem cell research for brain recovery, is that possible?

My sister had a terrible accident in which she went into coma for 6 months but recovered slowly. Right now she is able to walk talk and move very good and also recovered her long term memory but she has problem with short term memory. She doesnt know what she ate in the morning or what day is today and anything that is happening today.
Doctors did scan and showed the brain has some some parts swollen. Is there anyone knows if stem cell research can help her in any kind or knows any website where i can get the thorough information about it.

Stem cells can be placed in a specific part of the body to be specialed into those specific type of cells. So, if she were needing neurons, stem cells would come in handy. But I think that if she has a swollen part of the brain, that is just recovery.  (+ info)

Know of any survivors of grade 4 brain tumours in brain stem?

Sorry but,survival is low. In my twenty years of treating brain stem tumors that are stage 4,the overall survival is very low. 3 to 6 months at best.  (+ info)

What happens when your brain stem is detached from your spinal cord?


usually death,but total paralysis breathing only with assistance  (+ info)

what does it mean when your told a relative's brain is not functioning but the brain stem is still normal?

My cousin was found hung and is now in intensive care on life support. Test the doctors did showed no signs of brain function but have said the brain stem has no damage and appears to be normal. What does this mean? Will he survive but be severly brain damaged? will he survive at all? Can anyone shed light on our situation

it means his body is still able to function without artificial help..his body still has involuntary reflexes (like swallowing and breathing maybe) but all of the voluntary actions are gone... he no longer has the ability to reason or think or feel or know. Basically to be blunt he is gone, but his body is still living, he is past severely brain damage...his brain has been destroyed. His body can survive as long as he recieves nutrition and hydration..but he as a person has already died.

I am sorry for your situation. My father in law recieved the same diagnoses following heart surgery after a car accident. We discontinued life support. My mother went into a coma following surgery and septicima with ovarian cancer (cancer had metasticize into the liver as well) and we removed hydration and nutrition and allowed her body to shut down naturally. If it helps any to know, this is a very gentle and peaceful death for both the person and those who love them watching... it was the last gift we were able to give to them, to let their body go and give up that last part of them.  (+ info)

My friend died from brain stem glioma last year and she was only 12.?

i dont want to see any phycologists because that would make me uncomfortble. What do i do?

My friend part of your answer is asking questions. You are well on your way to healing/accepting the loss of your friend. I lost my father within minutes of He and I having arguments over my responsibilities. We were both yelling and he died within a few minutes of having a massive heart attack. I think about him often and wish I could take back everything I said that day. Talk with your friends and your parents and let them know how much this has affected you. Let them know you are worried and want help in learning how to cope with this. I can't imagine how much pain you are going through but I wish you the best and hope it all works out for you.  (+ info)

Why the torchlear nerve leave the brain stem dorsally?

is there an emberiological reson for this? or what?

Wow, I just did a lot of research and learned a lot about the trochlear nerve. Interesting stuff.

You're right, it is the only cranial nerve that exits from the dorsal aspect of the brainstem.

I was unable to find out what the reason is, but from what I just read, I think it has to do something with this...

The trochlear nucleus gives rise to nerves that cross to the other side of the brainstem. Thus, each superior oblique muscle is supplied by nerve fibers from the trochlear nucleus of the opposite side. Basically, the right one affects the left eye and the left one affects the right eye.

The trochlear nerve fibers curve forward and enter the dura mater at the angle between the free and attached border of the tentorium cerebelli. The nerve travels in the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus and then enters the orbit via the superior orbital fissure. The nerve travels medially and diagonally across the levator palpebrae superioris and superior rectus muscle to innervate the superior oblique muscle.

A lot of big words for me. Basically, what I got from all my reading this morning was that it has a specific route that it takes to get from point a to point b. It's the only nerve that crosses over like it does and affects the opposite side. In some aspects, it's also the smallest nerve. It must exit dorsally in order to get where it needs to go.  (+ info)

Which brain tumor is more common in children, Medulloblastoma or a brain stem glioma?

Thanks for answering. :)

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A question about the brain stem?

Is it hard to damage it? Like, if you go to the gym, and are using the machines, and you feel the muscles in your nexk feel like they're pulling or being used when they shouldnt be, yo cant injure it like that, can you? Or do you know what the fly is? its a machine at the gym, and it once again feels like the neck is bein used sometimes, when it shouldnt be, but could that because my back is being used and in turn thats the reason i feel a pulling on my neck? And you couldnt sever your brain stem by doing any of this could you? Lol, i probably sound crazy, but im just curious.

The brain stem is a very small part of the spinal cord so that might not be what you should be worried about. The spinal cord is lodged inside the vertebral column and is protected against most normal forces.

The tightness you feel in your neck is probably your sternocleidomastoid muscles tightening. Just try to relax from the neck up. Maybe do less weight and relax and then try to increase the weight and replicate the same relaxed neck.

Doing a regular exercise will not cause your spinal cord to be damaged so don't worry about it. You may get a sore neck if you don't change your technique but that's it.  (+ info)

I have a quarter sized lump on the back of my neck near my hairline and close to where my brain stem would be

I have a quarter sized lump on the back of my neck near my hairline and close to where my brain stem would be
I hadn't noticed it before today. I woke up and my neck kind of hurt then i felt on the back of my neck and there was this huge lump. Also recently i was diagnosed as having ringworm and the ringworm is pretty close to the lump. I was wondering if the medicine that is used to treat the ringworm could of caused this lump? It is very sore, its not on the outide, its on the inside and it feels like it is pressing on a nerve. It kinda feels like when you get a cramp in your neck and you cant move, except i can move. I am planning on going to the doctor tomorrow if its not gone by then, but i was just curious if anyone had any information they could give me. Thanks

Could it be an abscess caused by the ring worm? An egg sack or some other inflammation caused by the death of the ring worm?

It COULD be a “Boil”.
Boils are generally caused by an infection of the hair follicles by Staphylococcus aureus, a strain of bacterium that normally lives on the skin surface. It is thought that a tiny cut of the skin allows this bacterium to enter the follicles and cause an infection. This can happen during bathing or while using a razor.

People with immune system disorders, diabetes, poor hygiene or malnutrition (Vitamin A or E deficiency) are particularly susceptible to getting boils; however, they also occur in healthy, hygienic individuals, due to over scratching a particular area of the skin.

Hidradenitis suppurativa causes frequent boils. Boils in the armpits can sometimes be caused by anti-perspirant deodorants.[citation needed]

The development of boils throughout the body is also a symptom of smallpox.

It can be helped by putting a hot cloth on it until it comes to a head and then you can either let nature take it’s course or you can go to the doctor and have it ‘lanced’ or drained by a pro that can then give you med’s…  (+ info)

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