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Breast cyst?

I had a ultrasound done yesterday and the ultrasound showed a 6mm cyst in my right breast at 10 o'clock. The report also says dense fibroglandular tissue in both breasts. What does this mean and does anyone know whether this 6mm cyst is considered big or small and what the likely treatment would be for this?

I'm seeing my doctor on Monday to discuss the results but in the meantime just wondered whether there was anyone else that may have experienced this before?

Incase anyone asks, I'm 26 and only had the ultrasound, they didn't think a mammogram would be helpful at my age.

Dense fibroglandular tissue is exactly the kind of tissue that we would expect to see in a young woman. This dense tissue makes it difficult to get an accurate mammogram, and this is why we do not do mammograms on young women. Dense tissue appears white on the x-ray film....and so do all signs of breast cancer (both masses/lumps or calcifications). You cannot see white pathology through white, dense tissue. It is like trying to see a white volleyball in a the snow in a photograph. As we get older, this dense fibroglandular tissue is replaced by fatty tissue (which images as a dark grey on mammograms).

A 6mm cyst is very small. It translates to 0.24 inches. At this small size, the cyst is unlikely to be causing you any discomfort. Many woman have harmless simple cysts in their breasts. They come and go, get larger or smaller, with hormonal changes we experience with our menstrual cycle. An ultrasound of the breast will show cysts very clearly. If it has all of the appearances of a benign mass, and none of the signs of a malignant mass, the doctors probably will just leave it alone. The only time a doctor will remove a simple benign cyst in the breast is when it is causing discomfort to the patient. The radiologist I work for always says, "How do we cure a well patient?" Best wishes.....  (+ info)

breast cyst?

my mom just went to get a check up and they found a lump in her breast. is there anyway this could be mistaken for a cyst, or something else?
i know she has had cysts in the past.

A cyst can present as a lump. since your mom has a hx of cysts, I'm guessing she knows the proper follow up.  (+ info)

Breast Cyst?

I was wondering are there any steps to help prevent breast cyst, i'm 18 and for some reason i always have a breast cyst they stay for long periods of time somtimes they come on both sides other times no matter what when one goes away another one is forming they start off small a little aching bump next thing i know there bigger, i have had an aspiration b4 because one got so big i couldn't move, Why do they keep coming so consistently?

Go to the doctor for a check-up. Of the keep coming back maybe it something that your are not getting in the way of nutrition.  (+ info)

How can the doctor tell the difference between a breast cyst and a tumor?

My mom's been having pain in her breasts for a long time, and about six months ago a big red bulge showed up on her breast.
The doctor dismissed it as a cyst and didn't do anything.
The redness disappeared, but last week she noticed a lump in her breast, and the doctor finally admitted that it was a little off.

She's been referred to a clinic for a mammogram, but I'm still curious as to how they can tell.
I'm kind of worried.

I'm a doctor. Generally, we can tell based on a physical exam. That is the key. However, despite a relatively normal feeling cyst, some women may go on to develop cancer. Another important factor is the interview with your mom. For instance, if the size and pain vary with her menstrual cycle, or with diet (caffeine, smoking makes it worse)...then it is most likely a cyst (called a fibrocystic disease), however if it is persistent, with persistent increase in size and changes on the skin (redness, retracting skin) then it is exhibiting features that would be more concerning. In that case, I generally get an ultrasound of the breast (in a younger woman b/c it's a better test) and in an older woman I get a mammogram.

You should just wait until you get the results of the test back. I wish your mom the best!  (+ info)

What is usually found in a complex cyst in the breast?

I have found a lump which looks on ultrasound to be a fluid cyst but on the other breast there was a complex cyst which will be aspirated .What would it be if not fluid ?

I have a Fibroadenoma in one breast and although a small amount of fluid was drained (for a needle biopsy) the rest is just solid tissue.
Does the lump move around when you touch it? Mine does and that is one of the main characteristics of Fibroadenomas- just speak to your GP about it or research it online.  (+ info)

What is the difference between mastitis and a breast cyst?

'm a sixteen year old girl and last week I discovered a lump in my breast, this lump has started to swell and hurt, and it is a blue-ish color. It was a once in a while sharp pain, but now has developed into a continuous throb; My doctor said that it could either be mastitis, and has provided antibiotics, or a breast cyst; I will only get an ultrasound in December because of the line up...
Is there any tell tale sign that separates these two possible diagnosis?

The difference between mastitis and a cyst is that with mastitis there will be pain to the touch and some redness. It will then clear up with antibiotics.

With a cyst you will feel a lump and if it's easy to move that means that it is most likely a cyst that is noncancerous. The bluish color that you notice could be one of your veins that has gotten a bit larger if there is swelling going on such as if you are getting close to your period.

Because of how intense the pain is though I would recommend asking the doctor about trying to get this done sooner. Let them know that with this pain that you don't feel you can wait til Dec (I just ran in to an issue like this).

If you would like to talk some more about this please feel free to e-mail me off site any time.  (+ info)

How safe is a general anaesthetic needle biopsly for a breast cyst during pregnancy?

I'm about 6 weeks along and they found an enlarged milk duct and a 1cm breast cyst in an ultrasound of my breast. I'm worried about the effects of the anaesthesia on the baby this early on. Thanks!

I think if the doctor's allowing it with the knowlege that you're pregnant, there probably isn't much to worry about.  (+ info)

If you have a cyst surgically removed from my breast - will there be problems breast feeding?

I currently have a lump on my breast and I am going in this afternoon for an ultrasound. If it is a cyst, the doctor will want to remove it to biopsy.

Anyone out there had a cyst surgically removed during pregnancy and also tried to breastfeed? I really want to be able to breastfeed, and I don't want something like this to interfere.
I am 18 weeks along...

My first question would be to ask why a doctor would want to remove an obvious cyst from a breast of a pregnant woman. A cyst is not cancer....it is a fluid filled sac, and they usually will come and go with fluctuations in hormones. I would get a second opinion before I allowed a doctor to surgically remove one from my breast.  (+ info)

I recently got a ultra sound on my breast and they found a small cyst . Has anyone else had this experience?

I recently got a ultra sound on my breast and they found a small cyst . Has anyone else had this experience?
The cyst is probablysolid. From your experiences did you get the cyst surgically removed or just a biopsy without surgey?

YES! I've had that experience! I felt a bunch of unusual lumps and panicked. I scheduled a mammogram and then "surgery" but it wasn't really "surgery".

They put a needle into the cyst and pull out the fluid...a cyst is just like a blister and it is full of fluid. You can watch it disappear on the screen in front of you as the needle sucks out the fluid and it is quite fascinating and not very painful at all.

Relax and don't be afraid. If you don't tense up, it won't hurt at all and will all be rather interesting. You'll feel quite a bit lighter depending on the size and number of cysts you have. ( I had quite a few HUGE ones that had just developed over night...very scary but not really anything to worry about. FEAR and EMBARRASSMENT are your worst enemies.)  (+ info)

Can u tell the diff between a cyst and a tumor in the breast just by feeling?

My best friend went to the doctor today b/c of a pea size lump in her breast. The doctor told her that it was not a cyst! Can they really tell? The breast that the lump was found in is much smaller than the other and also warm to the touch. She has a constant burning sensation! Does anyone have any answers?

Yes, doctors are highly trained individuals who generally know what they are doing.

Cancerous lumps tend to be hard, have an uneven surface, are often tethered to the skin or underlying tissue and are non mobile.

Cysts are soft with a smooth surface and feel very different to cancerous tumours.

The fact that the breast is warm to the touch and your friend has pain in the breast is more suggestive of an infection than anything else, possibly an abscess or an area of fat necrosis.  (+ info)

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