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Is it necessary to aspirate a breast cyst?

Just had a mammogram done and now I need to have a cyst aspirated. I did some research on the web and found that most cysts will either go away by themselves, not to mention that they are harmless. Do you think it's necessary to aspirate it?

These days aspiration is the norm. They will give you a local and it should be no big deal. Better to check it out. :-)

I had one show up 12 years ago. Since it was my baseline mamo we decdided to wait 6 months and do another mamo to see if there was a change. It had enlarged a little, so he did what they call a needle localization, and removed it. Thank god it was nothing.  (+ info)

My girlfriend thinks she has a cyst on her breast?

It's just below her left breast. Dark reddish and blue in color. She thought it was a pimple at first, popped it, and a thick solid yellowish white matter came out. It filled back up within a couple minutes, and she popped it again, and has since filled up yet again.

Her family has a history of breast cancer, not every female, but there have been some cases. Please give us any insight to what this could be and what we need to do about it!

Tell her to go to a doctor. Don't be popping it or moving it around, it could most likely rupture something.
When a lump forms on a part of the body which has a very soft tissue/soft skin i.e Breast, eyelid etc.. the best thing to do is not fool around with it and just get it professionally looked at.  (+ info)

I think I have cyst on the side of my right breast?

It feels like I have a little extra puff on the side of my right breast under my skin. It doesn't feel like a lump or anything. It doesn't hurt at all but I can feel it when i press my arm against my side. It's pretty small. Is this a cyst or what?? And how can I get rid of this? It's not even noticeable when I look in the mirror.

  (+ info)

Why would my doctor send me to a surgeon after an ultrasound showed a cluster of cyst in my left breast?

Said couldn't tell if simple or complex; right breast has 5mm x 9 mm cyst as well

The surgeon will probably just do a biopsy. Then they can tell more about the cyst and what it is. Also if it is cancerous. But don't start worrying about that. I know that is easier said that done. But you don't know it is anything bad. Lots of women have cysts in their breasts that are benign. Not cancerous.  (+ info)

Anyone every have a cyst in their breast?

For the past two night I have had a tingling sensation in my right breast while I have been sleeping. I did my breast exam and felt no lumps but near the bottom of my breast it is very tender when I touch it.

Has anyone else had something similiar?

I don't think it is breast cancer because I'm on 32 and have no family history of the disease. (I know it is still possilbe though.)
I can't be pregnant because in March I had a hysterectomy.

Any other ideas? TY.

You need to have it checked. Since you found something that wasn't there before, better to safe than sorry. I've had fibroid tumors removed. They were not cancerous, but later on in life they found a cancerous one. So keep an open mind.  (+ info)

How can a doctor be sure that lump in your breast is only a cyst?

I have had it check 3 times and they insist it appears to be normal. But now it's hurting into my armpit area as well and the lumps bigger and still there . Mammograms hurt and they suck and they never show me the actual results like the pictures they took. anyone else having this problem?

A cyst is fluid filled and can be drained and/or collapsed. A cancerous lump is more solid and has a different feel and shape to it. There are several things that could be going on in your system, but ask the doc if you can't get that cyst "destroyed" so to speak and then you will feel much better.  (+ info)

Okay, I had a cyst removed from my breast 4 days ago. Is the insistion, supposed to turn black?

I know its supposed to bruise and stuff. But I am not sure an insision is supposed to turn black.

the incision should be red as it's healing. i'd call your doctor's office.  (+ info)

Ha sanyone had a cyst in their breast?

I have a large one in my right breast. I think my period is coming bc i am getting a sharp shooting pain in the cyst. This doesnt normally happen but i just got off birth control and should/hopefully be expecting my period soon. Has anyone ever gotten a cyst drained with a needle?? The doc tried to drain mine when i was there but i freaked out and wouldnt let him. He said its okay. Should i get it drained?? Will the pain go away after my period?

A breast cyst is a fluid-filled sac (like a tiny balloon) inside the breast. Breast cysts are common in women. They can cause a little pain, but they are usually benign (noncancerous). In breast cyst aspiration, your doctor uses a small needle to drain fluid from a cyst. A breast lump that you can feel might hurt or make you worry about cancer. Breast cyst aspiration can help your doctor find out if the lump you feel is a cyst or a tumor. Aspiration gives you this information right away, so you don't have to wait for the results of a mammogram or an ultrasound exam.

Your doctor might numb your skin first. Then, your doctor will insert a small needle into the breast lump. He or she may use an ultrasound to get a better picture of the lump. Using a syringe, your doctor will try to drain fluid from the lump. If the lump is a cyst that contains watery fluid, and the cyst goes away after it is drained, you will not need other tests.

If the lump contains bloody fluid, your doctor will send the fluid to a lab to find out what it is. If the lump is solid, your doctor may need to remove a tiny bit of the lump and send it to a lab to be examined. At the lab, the fluid or sample from the lump can be examined under a microscope or a biopsy is done to look if there are cancer cells. Please ensure that the biopsy is done so that even if there is nothing wrong you will be relieved of the worries. Best wishes -  (+ info)

Couple of breast cyst which hurts periodically?

Hi, my wife has a couple of breast cyst which hurts her periodically. Visits to the doctor revealed nothing more than a couple of benign cyst which is normal. however, my wife complains of biting pain of her chest from time to timefrom time to time. is this normal? is there any natural remedy for her to decrease the pain? she is not under any medication. but likes alot of sugar though. thanks in advance!

I had a similar problem a few years ago. My doctor suggested decreasing caffeine intake, which really helped. I don't know if your wife drinks coffee or soda, but if she does, she could try reducing or cutting it out of her diet. Good luck!  (+ info)

Has anyone had an irregular cyst in the breast?

I am waiting to see a specialist. This was found by accident and is 9x4mm pear shaped and has low level echoes from the ultrasound results. The other lump I found was checked and is believed to be benign. Im wondering if anyone has had something like this and what the results were.

I have, and it scared the **** out of me! I thought that was it for me, for sure. Thankfully, it turned out to be just a cyst, even though I would have sworn otherwise. Mine also was pear-shaped, there was absolutely no pain with it, and it felt deep in my breast tissue. Don't obsess over it, love, though I know that's hard. Your other lump is believed to be benign, and it's probably the same for this one, too. I had 3 of them, the other two being a bit smaller, and it all turned out fine. I'm sure yours will, too.  (+ info)

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