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How long will it take me to lose my male breast?

How long will it take me to lose my male breast? I'm 12 years old. I weigh 116 pounds and my height is 5,4 and my BMI is 19.9. I'm planning to run everyday around my block for at least 10 times. My block has houses per street, so how long will it take me to lose my male breast. Also, it is not because of puberty or i'm just developing because there kinda bigger then all my friends. Sounds kinda weird but yeah.

They'll never go away. Mine never did. So to prevent them from sagging and looking real ugly. Make sure you do push-ups everyday. It doesn't have to a be alot, just be consistent.  (+ info)

What is the function of the male breast ?

Unlike the female breast, the male breast does not seem to have a function besides the erogenous nipple. Is it just cosmetic ?

Pretty much  (+ info)

how is a breast pump a plus if a male want to grow female breast?

I had went to a website that i had read that if you are a male and you would like to grow breast. Use a breast pump. Well last year i tried and I had never got anywhere. So how is a breast pump going to help me?

  (+ info)

What is the likelyhood of a 16 year old male gettin breast cancer?

If the male has no history of breast cancer in his family?
Bingo, I know they CAN, but what's the likelyhood?

very small indeed  (+ info)

Where is the least expensive place to get a male breast reduction?

Odd question, but I'm looking for the lowest cost place to get a male breast reduction - including air fair from North America.

It is not an odd question.

You need to consult with a plastic surgeon. If the procedure is medically necessary, the rate will be determined by the physician's relationship with the insurance company. If you are not insured, or the procedure is purely cosmetic, you can shop around and find out what sort of payment plans are available.

Your family physician or internist can help you locate a plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure.

This procedure is not uncommon. There is no need to include "airfare" in North America. Most any city, mid-size and up, will have a community of plastic surgeons. Call around and find out which ones off free consultations.  (+ info)

How big is the chance for an 18 yo MALE to develop breast cancer?

Last night, I was massaging my chest then I found out, there's some sort of a bump near my breast. It's not really "bumpy" - it's flat. You can only feel it if you press it. If you press it, you can feel that there's some sort of a "pimple" inside.. It only hurts if you press it.

Is this cancer??? I'm 18 yo male, no family history of cancer

My wife has breast cancer. I have read many books on the subject. Here is my opinion.

First it is very rare for males to have breast cancer, but not unheard of.

Breast cancer in females is known to happen later in life. So a girl 18 years old would probably not have it. A boy having it would be even more rare.

So, I believe you are cancer free in your breast. If you are truly concerned get it checked out.  (+ info)

How a male can enlarge his breast?

How a male can enlarge his breast?

Put a breast pump to it for ten minutes every two to four hours and you'll eventually start lactating and your breast will swell up.  (+ info)

If breast enhancement pills do not work, then how is it my male to female trans friends are growing breasts?

Its something I've really been mulling over, because I do have a few friends who are trans, and well they are male and skinny but are growing breasts. One of them actually has a B cup now. So if guys can grow bigger breasts, wouldn't it be correct in saying women could as well?

What they are taking Estrogen. Women and men both have Estrogen in both of us but Women naturally more than Men. Men can create more estrogen naturally buy becoming obese. For some Reason the fat content has something to do with it. Well Women are supposed to have a little more body fat than men, Because of bearing children. Estrogen in your friends cases- The Estrogen pushes the levels of Testosterone in their body down. So the body develops as a Teen age girl. If you were loaded up with Estrogen It really wouldn't do much at all. If you were taking something with Testosterone then you would start growing Facial hair and other things would start happening. You would end up looking like a Teen age boy. There are no Breast enhancement pills that work, they are just trying to make money off of people that are naive and gullible.  (+ info)

What is the name of the male breast cancer walk that is done in Rhode Island?

I am interested in any male breast cancer group or organization that I may promote during breast cancer awareness month.

The name of Breast cancer for men walk held at Rhode Island was named as - "FLAMES OF HOPE" and it was arranged by Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation -  (+ info)

What options are there for male breast augmentation?

Hormone therapy will lead to the growth of breast tissue; however, the hormones will have other effects as well. If a man gets breast implants, will the operation be able to make the breasts look natural without natural 'extra' breast tissue growth? Are there other treatments for natural looking breasts in men w/out the other feminizing effects of hormones or unnatural results from surgery?

i'm not sure what you want to happen with your body but i guess i should be consulting with a specialist, if you want to have breast implant try this: http://www.sp-cosmeticsurgery.net/thailand/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=28
Thailand is very popular with its very good and affordable cosmetic surgery packages!

hope it helps!  (+ info)

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