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What is the main cause of a pituitary tumor?

What is the main cause of a pituitary tumor?
I was just diagnosed with one yesterday, after taking an mri about a week ago.
I went in to take an mri because my hormone levels were way to high and they found the tumor, the doctors said that the tumor is the reason I gained 30 pounds in 2 and a half months and my periods stopped for about 8 months.

I wanna know what the cause of it is?

The causes of pituitary tumors are unknown, although some are a part of a hereditary disorder called multiple endocrine neoplasia I (MEN I).
About 15% of tumors in the skull are pituitary tumors. Most pituitary tumors are located in the anterior pituitary lobe and are usually noncancerous (benign).
Pituitary tumors develop in about 20% of people, although many of the tumors do not cause symptoms and the condition is never diagnosed during the person's lifetime.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of a tumor in the liver if you have or may have gynocomastia?

I have gynomastia, and I go to my doctor frequently to check up on it, but I wonder if I have a tumor in my liver, that he might have not of notice, so what are the symptoms of a tumor in a liver?

pain jaundice bleeding disorders.  (+ info)

What is my cancer risk after having a benign tumor removed along with the ovary it was on?

I had abdominal surgery to remove a benign tumor from one of my ovaries. My doctor said the ovary had to be removed and one of my tubes had to be removed because they were abnormal. I was wondering, with a strong family history of female cancers and having this happen to me what my risk is for getting a female cancer?

With any surgery no matter how small or intense, there is always a risk. Don't let anyone fool you/ As ar as re,moving a benign tumor. which simply put ,means you don't have cancer. So my question to the doctor is, why is he going to such extremes for something that's not cancer. You need to see another Dr ASAP. It sounds like you're someones experience, I think he did something wrong. Please, go see another docotor about this, someone he doesn't know. this is just too fishy. Let us know how this comes out. and please,don't go back to that doctor, and I use the term loosely God bless  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a tumor in your breast without it being breast cancer?

My mother recently found a small tumor-like growth under the skin towards the center of her chest on her breast. I'm really worried that its cancer but she won't go to the doctor! Is it possible for it to just being a "harmless tumor" like she says it is? Please help, I've never had to deal with anything that has to do with cancer and I'm really worried!

It could just be a cyst, and I have had one of those. I had it checked out just to make sure. But if it is cancer and your mom does not get it checked out to be sure, then she might as well start making her will out.

My mom kept putting off going to the doctor and when she finally agreed to go see the doctor on Monday, she died that Sunday night.

If she won't do it for herself, ask her to do it for you.  (+ info)

What are some ways to help with an oral tumor in a cat without having surgery?

I believe my cat has an oral tumor. In the past 2 weeks the bump under her chin has grown 3x the size. And I just noticed that she lost a tooth and her other teeth are turning sideways. She has also been drooling a lot of blood. As well, losing a lot of weight. So is here anything over the counter type of medication I can give to her to help her ease the pain?

That sounds like an abscess, not a tumor. You should check it out at the vet. They can give you antibios and drain it for you. This will save you and your cat a lot of pain, sweat and tears! :)  (+ info)

Can a surgeon successfully remove a live cancerous tumor without it spreading?

My cousin has signet cell breast cancer. It's a rare and aggressive form and she's been on chemo since December. The tumor has shrunk but, after checking it, the surgeon said it's still live. She's having a mastectomy tomorrow morning and the surgeon thinks he can get all the cancer out without spreading it. All I've heard is "Don't remove a live tumor because it'll spread." Is it possible to remove a live tumor in the breast and lymph nodes without spreading it? I appreciate your help! Thank you!

This is a widespread misconception that is particularly prevalent among some ethnic groups.

The concept probably came from the days before advanced imaging when often the only way to tell how advanced a cancer was to cut the patient open with a knife and see. Unfortunately, in many cases the cancer had already advanced far enough that surgical resection (removal) was impossible. So the surgeon would come out and say "I'm sorry, but the cancer has spread and there is nothing we can do". You can see how families could intrepret that as meaning that the surgery caused the cancer to spread, when in reality the tendency to spread locally or to other parts of the body (metastasis) is a characteristic of cancer and not caused by the surgery at all.

All cancers that are surgically removed are live; if they were dead there would be no reason to remove them. For many cancers, surgical removal is the only treatment that has any hope of producing a cure.

I should point out that there are rare situations in which cancer can actually be spread by inappropriate surgical technique, but this does not occur when the surgery is planned and executed properly.  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover after having a tumor removed?

my mom has the surgery july 9th, and were going on vacation july 26th, is that enought time for her to rest. the tumor is in her throat, the doctor said she will be inthe hostpital for 1 or 2 days only after the surgery

ask the doctor, everyone heals at a different time depending on the person. mom will be the best person to decide in the end, only she will know how she is feeling and if she is up to it.  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between an early lip tumor and a canker sore?

Ok, so I'm probably being a paranoid hypochondriac again, but I have to know. How can you tell the difference between a lip tumor and a canker sore? Yes I dip, but not that often. Usually the only time I dip is if I'm offered a pinch; I never buy it myself. I smoke hookah on small occasion also.

Canker sores are kinda unique. Look up pictures online, and see if that is what you have. It is also quite painful normally. Cancer in lip may be painful, but often it wont be in the begining.

Also, a canker sore will generally heal up within a week. Bad ones may last two or possibly even three weeks. But the point is that will go away fairly soon.

Remeber, that basically all oral cancers are from MANY years of heavy tobbaco use. Not off and on use for a few years.  (+ info)

What are some signs of having a tumor in your throat?

Sometimes i sing , and this anime that i watched reminds me that the tumor in your throat hurts. Well is it just me or that there's a little bump in my throat just like guys have their Adam's Apple? Well the anime shows that the little girl singing has a tumor and it hurts her throat to sing. Mines doesn't hurt when i sing . but only a little? I just need information....*sigh.

You should contact a doctor or search the web for "signs of tumor in throat" I really hope its just a sore throat.

I love that anime too Full Moon wo Sagashite  (+ info)

What kind of problems can occur from a benign bone tumor in the knee?

I know benign means non cancerous, but can the tumor do any harm? Can they damage the bone, or spread?

Hi, i can imagine that they could do a small bit of harm, but only because they're growing and compressing nerves. See, if nerves are compressed, depending on the amount of pressure it could cause tingling, pain, numbness or even paralysis. Seeming this is a non-cancerous tumor, all the problems would pass as soon as it was removed. So example, if you had a benign tumor in your knee and it made that leg paralyzed, not long after it was removed, the paralysis should go away and you would have your normal leg back and have most or all feeling back. In rare cases you might never get feeling back because the tumor might have done bad damage, but i'm sure in most cases it's removed before that kind of thing happens.
Hope i answerd your queuestion :)  (+ info)

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