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Does a tumor or breast cancer stop your boobs from growing?

Just wondering ... I think my friend who is thirteen might have it . Her boobs are like a 32A and shes really tiny, but she got her period at eleven turning twelve. She's gorgeous, but insecure about her flatness and she wants them to grow already. So does like breast cancer or a tumor stop your boobs from growing?

I doubt it . I feel your friend being so young just isn't done growing there. Tell her that patience is what she needs. IF her mother and/or any other female relatives are fuller up top tell her that is often genetic and she will just have to wait and see how that goes, when the time is right she will fill out in that if others in her family tree are bigger up top. Women of all different sizes up top have gotten breast cancer. It is either genetic related as to the risk of this (often the case actually) or some exposure to things like LONG time use of birth control pills and smoking increases the risk of that at the same time. Also things like cancer causing items exposure.
Like chemicals, asbestos, radiation to some extent, etc.  (+ info)

Is it possible to fight a malignant cancer tumor in the spine?

Well a friend of mine has a malignant cancer tumor in his spine near something in the spine that connects to the brain. This is very important question thank you.

YES. My lung cancer had spread to the spine and that is where it was first diagnosed. It was successfully (so far) treated with radiation therapy. I still have cancer in both lungs and that is being treated with chemo. Actually it isn't being treated in the sense that we expect a cure. The chemo treatments are for maintenance to (hopefully) keep the cancer from growing and/or spreading. I hope your friend is successfully treated for his/her cancer.  (+ info)

What are the radiation points on the head for a Pituitary Tumor?

My daughter has a 1.4cm tumor on her pituitary gland. They are talking of starting radiation in a couple of weeks as they cant operate at the moment. The doctor said the radiation would go in either side of her head (above the temple area) and the forehead but I heard from others that it was the back of the head. Has anyone had radiation for this type of tumor?

Just a note - no need to be dismayed over you not listing what type of tumor. It's really not relevant to the question. Regardless of what type of tumor it is, the radiation delivery will be the same.

Generally, these types of tumors are treated with multiple beams from multiple angles. It also depends on the type of radiation being used. If it's protons, that's a different story. However, for photons (which is more standard, and what is usually available) there will be beams coming in from multiple directions. This reduces radiation dose to the healthy tissues. All the beams will converge on the tumor. These are, in general, highly conformal beams. Meaning the end result is the radiation fits like a glove around the tumor. Some buzz words you can look up, if you're interested, are SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery) which is generally one treatment, but can be split up into 3 or a few more treatments. IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) which is generally split up into many fractions (however... this in general wouldn't be used for a tumor so small). If one of these techniques (or protons) aren't being used, I would strongly suggest a second opinion. However, I bet they are. There are many areas around the pituitary that need to have reduced dose, so going this route is the only way to maximize dose to the pituitary (cancer) without giving excess dose to healthy tissues. I'm betting the procedure is SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery) which really only works with the beam coming in from multiple directions.

If you know what type of treatment your daughter will be receiving, I can give you more information.

I should have clarified further. SRS is photon radiation. Gamma knife is also photon radiation (and is also known as SRS, confusingly enough). WIth the modern technology available, most centers can do just a good of job with either SRS delivered by a linear accelerator or gamma knife. The idea between all of them is small beams focused on the tumor. In either case, there are many many beams coming from many directions. The good thing about SRS through a linear accelerator (not gamma knife) is that the shape of the beam can be altered.

Make sure wherever she gets treated is accredited - by either ACRO (american college of radiation oncology) or ACR (american college of radiology). If they are, they are going through rigorous standards to ensure they are safe treatment centers.  (+ info)

What do I say to relative with cancer tumor?

My father who lives in another state just emailed everybody that he has a tumor in the kidney. He will have cat scan to see if it has spread tomorrow. He only wants emails because he has severe pains from polymyalgia. I'm always at a loss for words, so what can I or should I say? We've always been on good terms. Thanks.

That you'll pray for him, and that you know everything will work out for him.
Try to get him not to worry too much, mental stress can aggravate conditions.  (+ info)

What Does It Mean When A tumor starts bleeding?

My dog has a tumor and it visible and you can see it. It is big and it is on his rear end. And i noticed that it was bleeding a lot cuz i culd see a lot of blood stains on the floor and i saw that it was coming frm his tumor. What does this mean?

I dont know what it means but you need to go to a Vet. like right now !  (+ info)

What are the chances of my headache being a tumor?

I've had this headache since August or so. It's pretty constant. I got a CATscan done and everything came out negative... but it still hurts and pain meds do not help one bit.

Could have I developed a tumor since then?

Before you expect the worst, explore some other options:

1. Eyesight. If you've been wearing the same pair of glasses for over two years, then it's time for an eye exam. If your prescription has gotten worse, the eye strain could cause headaches.

2. Sinus/Allergy issues. Certain plants grow at certain times of the year, and allergies can develop suddenly.

3. Lack of sleep

4. Not eating enough/lack of certain vitamin(s)

5. Constantly looking at a computer screen.  (+ info)

If a bladder tumor has started disintegrating what are the chance it has spread outside of the bladder?

My mom is 69, Dr. wants to take her bladder out, has already removed "larger than I anticipated" tumor. The MD states the bladder had started disintegrating and had involved the ureter as well.

You are not making sense. In your first question you state the tumor is disintegrating.
In the statement below you state the bladder is disintegrating. I guess it really doesn’t matter as neither one disintegrates. It is impossible to give you odds with little information. You should have asked the doctor, they have all the information and they saw the tumor. All I can tell you is that it sounds like it is in the wall at a minimum and the odds go up everyday surgery is delayed.  (+ info)

What does it mean when the doctor says a tumor has a tail?

My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 1 doctor said it was benign while another doctor says she is concerned because it has a tail. What does she mean?

A 'Tail' in tumors indicates that the tumor is growing, and expanding into the direction of least resistance. Since cancerous tumors grow faster than benign tumors, a tumor with a tail can indicate a stronger chance that the tumor is cancerous. BUT NOT ALWAYS. My father had a tumor that wrapped around his tibia, that had a tail and was quite large. Prior to surgery the Drs. gave him a 80/20 probability that it was cancerous. It was benign, and they removed95% of the tumor, unable to reach the final section behind the bone.
6 months later, the tumor had grown completely back, and was 20% larger. The doctors now anticipated that the prob was 90%. The tumor again was benign, andf this time all of it removed.
So dont worry, as worry wont help anything.  (+ info)

How bad is a gall bladder tumor in it's early stages?

I just heard that my Dad has a tumor in his stomach, they are talking about chemo and no operation. My Dad is trying to sound very positive. PLease tell me honestly, how bad is a tumor in it's early stages?
Where is the best country to operate?

Is the tumor in the gallbladder or the stomach?
Treatment without removing the tumor is not curable regardless of stage.  (+ info)

What is the chance of recovery from a brain tumor?

My uncle collapsed yesterday, so they took him to the E.R..He was admitted to the hospital so they could run some tests. All we know so far is that he has a brain tumor that is causing fluid to build up on his brain. He is in his 60s or 70s. What kind of chance does he have?

It depends on the brain tumour. Is it operable? Is is treatable? There are many kinds and types of brain tumours.

The tests should tell you more. The doctor should be able to outline the options.

Good luck.  (+ info)

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