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What are 3 diseases associated with the immune system?

I know AIDS and Leukemia are two immune diseases or disorders (i'm sot sure what the proper word here is) but any other diseases would be helpful.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's disease (attacks the gut), Multiple Sclerosis (affects the central nervous system), lupus (affects multiple organs), rheumatoid arthritis (primarily affects joints).

Allergies and asthma are also disorders associated with the immune system.

HIV progresses to AIDS.  (+ info)

How would you group the diseases below? What are the similarities and differences between these diseases?

coronary heard disease [CHD],
obesity and
common cancers [lung, prostate, breast and cervical]

Is there a word or words that would mean these diseases?
Are there other diseases you would add to this group?

I am not sure if I remember it correctly but seeing your list, the words "Deadly Orchestra" and "Diseases of Lifestyle" come to mind. We discussed these somewhere in Medical/Surgical Conditions.  (+ info)

If I have asthma, is it better for me to use medicines and inhalers that reduce my bronchial inflammation?

If I reduce bronchial inflammation by using asthma inhalers am I at a lesser risk of developing lung cancer from having my lungs less inflamed? Do steroids and inhalers increase the risk of developing cancers or reduce the risk?

ask your doctor.

the answer to your first question is NO

I suspect the answer to your second question is also : NO.  (+ info)

What are the causes of aids and sexually transmitted diseases and where did the diseases?

I don't think gay people are the cause of those diseases.

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What kind of diseases can you get from smoking ciggaretes off the ground?

One of my friends has this disgusting habit, and I would like to know what kind of diseases you can get from this. He says nothing will happen to him, but besides lung cancer, what illnesses/diseases can you get from smoking used ciggaretes off the ground?

Depends on how old the cigarette and existing saliva is. Most diseases and viruses cannot like outside the body for extended period of time. Some Hepatitis strains can survive for several days, as can some worse strains of the flu. Honestly, I'd be more worried about the germs it has picked up off the ground than diseases. While it's not THAT big a risk, it is a risk and it's just plain gross. Try to talk him out of it.  (+ info)

How much percent is the possibility of catching sexual diseases even if you wear a condom?

I want to know how much percent is the chance of catching sexual diseases (AIDS etc.) for men when you wear a condom and have a sexual intercouse with a prostitute or woman who has a sexual disease ?

if the condom is used correctly you have a 98-99% Chance of not getting a STD.  (+ info)

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

primatine mist or pill

I have used all of the above and in a pinch (ran out of prescrip med on a weekend) I like the broncaid better because it last longer although the primatine mist works faster  (+ info)

What diseases affect the pituitary gland?

I am doing a science project and wanted to know what diseases affected the pituitary gland.

hormonal diseases.  (+ info)

What diseases affect the male and female reproductive system?

what are some diseases that actually affect the male and female reproductive system? i need 5.

sexually transmitted diseases
high blood pressure  (+ info)

What diseases can cause the same symptoms as anxiety disorder?

I was doing some research (helping a friend) who complains of being constantly dizzy and disoriented. He had a panic attack in his car a few months ago and now everytime he gets into his car he comes close to suffering another one. However, the dizziness and disorientation (he also has problems sleeping) are constant, car or not. His parents think it's anxiety but I'm not quite sure.

What other diseases or disorders can cause those symptoms?

Hyperthyroidism?  (+ info)

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