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What is the correct definition of bronchial tubes?

What are/where are bronchial tubes?

a) billions of bronchial tubes are in the capillaries

b) air sacs in the lungs

c) main branched from the trachea (windpipe)

I do not know the correct answer so please help me out

A bronchus (plural bronchi, adjective bronchial) is a caliber of airway in the respiratory tract that conducts air into the lungs.

the correct answer is c, air sacs in the lungs are called alveoli.  (+ info)

should i see an allergist if i keep getting a bronchial infection?

I have had a cold for few weeks and it never totally goes away, it comes back and now I have a bronchial infection. This is not the first time this has happened. I am also trying to see how I can build my immune system. Im not sure if its weakened, but I know a cold should not linger, start to go away, then relapse. Any info is welcomed.

I would see an allergist who is also an immunologist, not all of them specialize in immunology. But you might also consider seeing a pulmonologist first, which is where I would start.  (+ info)

I have a burning in what seems like my bronchial tubes at times and shortness of breath What is this ?

I am a 48 year old male, non smoker, I experience attacks of shortness of breath, palpitations and a burning sensation that seems to be in my bronchial area. Are these asthma sysmptoms ?? I do have some allergies and I though that might be it, but it comes and goes.

It may be bronchitis. Go to the doctor to be safe.  (+ info)

Can bronchial spasms disqualify me from becoming an Air Force Aviator?

i wanna become an air force aviator, but will bronchial spasms stop me?

Probably. This is only a guess, but if these impair your abilities for even seconds, that is long enough for the bad guys to shoot you down.  (+ info)

If I have asthma, is it better for me to use medicines and inhalers that reduce my bronchial inflammation?

If I reduce bronchial inflammation by using asthma inhalers am I at a lesser risk of developing lung cancer from having my lungs less inflamed? Do steroids and inhalers increase the risk of developing cancers or reduce the risk?

ask your doctor.

the answer to your first question is NO

I suspect the answer to your second question is also : NO.  (+ info)

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

What over the counter medications exist for bronchial asthma?

primatine mist or pill

I have used all of the above and in a pinch (ran out of prescrip med on a weekend) I like the broncaid better because it last longer although the primatine mist works faster  (+ info)

Can doxycycline be used for a bronchial infection?

I have a bronchial infection can this anti-biotic be used for it?

my doc gave it to me for my bronchial infection and it did help  (+ info)

I have bronchial tightness and coughs, can I work out with that?

I've been having what feels like bronchitis for a couple days now, and was wondering if its safe to exercise. I get tightness in my chest, mucus production, and coughs. However, I got no fever, no energy or appetite loss and feel completely normal except for the said symptoms. Should I be fine working out?

  (+ info)

What is inflammed bronchial tubes and what's the treatment?

My Doctor put me on Symbicort (two squirts twice a day). But it's been 10 days and I'm still a little weak and breathing maybe a little better.

Inflamed bronchii is also called bronchitis. Symbicort both combats the histaminergic response which causes inflammation and induces smooth muscle relaxation, opening your tubes.  (+ info)

how do i get rid of bronchial infections?

how do i clear catarh when antibiotics dont work.i get chest infections every 3 months.this one wont shift.im 56 and dont smoke.had exrays.

I was the same, constant bronchial infections most of my life, ever since the first one when I was 8 yo.

Finally when I was 27 and coughing constantly one doctor, who had already seen me several times, went out on a limb and said perhaps you have bronchial asthma. He said if ventolin (the blue inhaler) works to clear the phlegm/cough then it must be asthma because ventolin doesn't fix anything else. It did work to clear the airways. It took 3 years of high dosage steroids (not the illegal sort that make you big) to get my lungs healthy again. Now I only ever need the steroids if I get an ordinary cold or flu and I hardly ever use the ventolin.

Perhaps you should discuss this possibility with your doctor. Even if you don't have asthma, steroids may help strengthen your lungs and bronchial tubes.  (+ info)

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