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does anybody know of any herbal/natural remedies/antibiotics to help with bronchiectasis

Tea. Lemon and Honey, The lemon helps dry up the mucus and the honey helps soothe your throat. And whenever you can cough up the phlegm, You don't want this sitting there okay. Feel Better  (+ info)

bronchiectasis ??????????

hi, i am about to be diagnosed, i think, with bronchiectasis, ive read lots of info about this disease but want to know more, any answers would be appreciated, thanks!

Bronchiectasis R Us is a patient self help web site at http://www.bronchiectasis.info/

There is a lot of information on site and a lot of members prepared to answer questions.

Keith  (+ info)

Why is everyone saying Bronchiectasis is caused by smoking?

I have read several answers in here, some supposedly by doctors, saying that Bronchiectasis is caused by smoking. My doctor tell me it is NOT caused by smoking, although smoking can worsen the condition. Which is true? I know many people get Bronchiectasis as children, so it can't ONLY be caused by smoking. . .

Bronchiectasis is an abnormal stretching and enlarging of the respiratory passages caused by mucus blockage. When the body is unable to get rid of mucus, mucus becomes stuck and accumulates in the airways. The blockage and accompanying infection cause inflammation, leading to the weakening and widening of the passages.

Bronchiectasis can develop at any age, begins most often in childhood, but symptoms may not be apparent until much later. Bronchiectasis can occur as part of a birth defect, such as primary ciliary dyskinesia or cystic fibrosis. About 50% of all cases of bronchiectasis in the U.S. result from cystic fibrosis. It can also develop after birth as a result of injury or other diseases, like tuberculosis, pneumonia and influenza.

Smoking is a contributing factor, not a cause.  (+ info)

In bronchiectasis,with treatment,can the cilia resume their function or have they been permanently destroyed?

In bronchiectasis,with treatment,can the cilia resume their function or have they been permanently destroyed?
Will the patient be on antibiotics all his life?

The cilia is destroyed and won't come back. Depends on the extent of the bronchiectasis the patient might need antibiotics. Other factors include: smoking, asthma, immunocompentency.  (+ info)

What is the best conservative management for cough caused by bronchiectasis?

My mom's cough gets so worrisome at times especially after consuming feeds containing starch as she claims. Cold weather is also a contributing factor. She gets antibiotics from her doctors sometimes but improvements are hardly noticeable so we have resolved to try other means like diet restrictions. Who knows what we can do better. Really need help here! Thanks.

If foods containing starch set off her coughing, she may want to avoid them. That said, a cough is the body's way of clearing the airway. With Bronchiectasis, there are copious amounts of phelgm produced by the lungs. She needs to clear that out. Being properly hydrated can help thin those secretions out. Thinner phelgm can be coughed out easier.  (+ info)

worksmans compensaton doctor says i dont have bronchiectasis, and i have all the document on hand to prove it.?

I have at least 4 doctors that say that i have bronchiectasis, in several tests and ct scans. how do i contest this action.

  (+ info)

B/w bronchiectasis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is a more serious and damaging disease ?

Which is a more serious and damaging disease ?

They both could be serious and damaging .... there are some pulmonary fibrotic disorders that cause severe hemoptysis and eventually death  (+ info)

My partner has Bronchiectasis and at the moment has a chest infection?

or pneumonia she has been on antibiotics (clarithromycin) for 9 days she is not getting any better and yesterday (monday) had a chest x-ray does anyone know of a better antibiotic as our Dr doesn't seem to have any idea?, thank you.

first change your diet
then you use herbs
then you get acupuncture

you should eat a simple diet
avoid stuff like pizza and mcdonalds
eat sweet potatoe or yams and simple things
try taking some herbs like ginseng

Dont listen to doctor he is a quack! take the initiative to make you and your girlfriend better! remember antibiotics wont kill viruses and they will kill your bodys natural defenses against them! dont listen to doctor quack! healthy diet, no smoking some herbs and if that doesnt work get acupuncture!
avoid antibiotics, as the virus already mutated around it, and it creates fungus that adds to the infection  (+ info)

Are there any natural cures for bronchiectasis?

I would like natural or herbal cures, which do not have side affects. Please only reply if you have used the cure and found it effective.

Yes, of course there are. Lots of them. The reason that you won't be prescribed them at a hospital is because doctors just love to make their patients suffer unnecessarily. It's why they went into medicine.

Get a grip.  (+ info)

I have Bronchiectasis and have a chest infection at the moment, but also i am have pains in my right shoulder?

I have an infection in my chest at the moment but i am also having pains in my right shoulder is this common with an infection because i have never experienced this before?

maybe you have pulled a muscle in your shoulder when you were coughing ?
hope u feel better soon  (+ info)

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