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my little girl, Layla, is 4 months old and has bronchiolitis! is there anything i can do 4 her?

i took her 2 the doctor and they said no b/c its a virus but ive been givin her tylonal! but is there anything else i can do 4 her? shes so sick! the doctors said that this is going around like crazy! help!
i do have a humidifer in her room! the doctor gave her a breathing treatment and she said that it didnt help her! should i take her 2 urgent care? she eats good?!?!? could it be something different? what do i do? at first the doctor told me she was fine, she was just cuttin teeth! now its bronchiolitis! i dont know! just confused!

HI, Well for bronchiolitis the key is to keep her comfortable, and if there is a fever give tylenol not motrin, she is too young for motin. Use a humidifier in her room during the night, keep the head of the bed elevated, use pillows or a blanket under the mattress. If she is breathing really fast, and you see her retracting (you see her ribs when she breaths or her abdomen gets sucked in, or you see her nose flaring. She should be followed up. If there is a Pediatric ER in your area go to them. If you need anything please email me.
Some Children do get admitted with bronchiolitis .
Good luck, Bromchiolitis can get worse so please follow up with your md. Your doctor should also want to follow up with you, if not i would change the doctor
Some Children to get admitted with bronchiolitis.  (+ info)

Bronchiolitis treated with Azathioprine 50Mg tabs?

my mom has Bronchiolitis which she has been taking steroids for about three months. It is not helping and today the pulmonary specialist said she should start taking Azathioprine for a month to see if the lung issue is resolved. On the prescription information it says it could cause blood disorders including anemia. My mom has been anemic for a long time. What happens if she takes the meds and her anemia gets worse? I could call the dr tomorrow to ask but was hoping someone out there could help. Thanks!

I don't think it is approved therapy, but some drugs are used "off lable".  (+ info)

I had Bronchiolitis when I was a child, is there a chance of it coming back or does it just go away?

NOT Bronchitis

The bronchiolitis of infancy and early childhood is usually self-limiting; however, it is important to know if this is what it actually is diagnosed to be. If you have any symptoms of asthma, even wheezing or easy fatiguability with exertion, you should have a simple breath test done, specifically what is called peak expiratory volume. This is done with a Wright peak flow meter and is really easy to perform.

If you're having no symptoms but rather just bad memories--your own or someone else's--be encouraged by your lack of symptoms, if that is true. If true, put your burden down.  (+ info)

Experiences w/ bronchiolitis?

Just curious to hear about other parents experiences w/ bronchiolitis.

I had to take my baby to the hospital a few days ago because he was wheezing & had a fever. He was diagnosed w/ having bronchiolitis. We were told to use the vaporizor, Tylenol (if needed), & albuterol (to make him more comfortable). We were told that it has to run its' course.

That's about the story, I would also recommend starting a very hot steamy shower and turning the bathroom into a sauna, take the baby in there for 10-15 minutes, it really helps.

If the baby isn't better in a week take him to his pediatrician.  (+ info)

redipred for bronchiolitis?

hey guys, my 1 yr old has had his 2nd round of bronchiolitis in 3 weeks. dr has prescribed redipred for him. has anyone used this for bronchiolitis and was it affective? the thought of giving him steroids freaks me out a bit. he is still eating and feeding well enough and still quite happy in himself. but the breathing rapidly and the wheeze is horrible.. thanx guys.
to elptl... cant work out how to save you to my contacts. thanx for the info. wondered if dairy could be the source because i have only just started to introduce it. but i breastfeed so wouldnt the symptons have started when he was younger. i posted a question the other day about him screaming but only at night. could this be the reason to?????

Take him off all dairy products like ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and especially Milk! Milk causes all kinds of health issues especially in the respiratory areas. Humans are the only ones who continue on milk after being weined, actually they really are not weined, as they continue on it even as adults unless they get problems from it which many are. It causes mucus, and has blood and pus in the milk. Many children have earaches from it also. Stop the milk and these situations will dissipate. You can get calcium from vegetables, and 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunshine before 1 P:M and after 3:PM is your vitamin D. In the winter take supplements. Contact me if you care to.  (+ info)

my baby has bronchiolitis?

my 10week old baby has bronchiolitis and keeps having really bad coughing fits it is really scary, has anybody elses baby had it so young? iv took her docs and hospital where she put on a nebuliser and sent home!
iv got an older boy aswel that had it and he ended up in hospital 4 3days he was 4months when he had it

  (+ info)

my 5 month old has bronchiolitis?

i was just wondering if anyone elses child has had it and what you had to do to get rid of it. At first, my sons pediatrician thought it was a cold and gave him antibiotics, last week he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis after having a chest x-ray. he's taking breathing treatments and that doesn't seem to be working either.
i don't smoke, but his father does, however he doesn't smoke around him and he only sees him once a week.
he is using a nebulizer. i dont know the name of his medications, he takes one of them once a day and takes the other every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

When my son was two 1/2 months old he had it. He was actually hospitalized for 5 days because of it. After that, we just used the nebulizer. It eventually went away, but he would get sick on and off for another 6 months. It's just like bronchitis in adults, it takes a while.  (+ info)

Bronchiolitis what to do?

my 6 months old baby have bronchiolitis how can i give the medice he dont want them and if i force him make him vome and he dosnt eat very well what can ido is anyone have the same ilness at his baby?

You can put it in a small amount of juice or formula in his bottle and feed it to him. Or mix in with some applesauce or cereal. Do NOT put it in ice cream, babies cannot have ice cream~!  (+ info)

What would be the safest way to clean your baby toys?

I have 5 and half month old baby girl. She just now started to get over her bronchiolitis. She still coughing and runny nose. But youngest son had pink eye and it almost over. But my question is want would the the safest way to clean my baby toys, They are easy to clean. But i need to know want would be the safest way.

I agree with hot soapy water but you could also use a 50/50 solution of water and peroxide. If you are looking for a non toxic/healthy way to clean.  (+ info)

If you put Vicks in the humidifier water is your humidifier ruined?

I just bought a humidifier for my 3 month old son yesterday who has bronchiolitis. I told my nanny not to do this and now my humidifier is full of oil and water. Any suggestions?

yes -use WATER only in the humidifier. if not using a humidifier that send out heated air, wash thoroughlly with a bleach solution each day to avoid mold spores.  (+ info)

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