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I tend to get bronchotis after a cold or flu. Any recommendations to avoid getting bronchitis. Natural remedies?

Bronchitis is a difficult problem. I was born early and have had to live with Chronic Bronchitis for my whole life. Mine is made difficult as I am allergic to most anti-biotics. However, I have been "attack" free for 24 years with the aid of diet, exercise and natural remedies. Because Bronchitus is serious - it can lead to Pneumonia - please have a doctor follow you as soon as you suspect that you are having an attack.
I find the key to prevention is lifestyle choices. This means cutting out junk food, sugar and white foods . . . white bread, white rice, etc. Making sure that you get your full daily vegetable and fruit portions - 8 - 9 servings - if you have been on the low side, work up over a few weeks to help your intestines adjust. Greens, have very good aids for the body - I suggest two medium green salads daily - using Extra Virgin Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar as dressing - the olive oil has omega nines and other good anti-oxidants for your body.
Make sure that you get good protein sources at each meal - if you eat meat, think to change to a grass fed variety (look at your health food store or online - www.mercola.com has good sources) - if you eat eggs try to make sure they are free range - and eating good fish - salmon, tuna - preferably, wild caught - two to four times a week is helpful.
A good Cod LIver oil - Twin Labs - orange flavor - or Carlson's Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil - (good prices at Amazon.com's partners - I find Vitamin Shoppe is the best value) - will help, if you take it daily on an ongoing basis. The Vit D and Omega three in it helps to protect the lungs.
Aerobic exercise keeps your lungs open and helps your whole system to strengthen. Even a half hour walk a day - building up to forty five minutes - as fast as you can go! - will really help if you keep it up.
Also, there appears to be an emotional basis for Bronchitis and other challenges - walking or other aerobic exercise helps the endorphins build in your brain, over a few weeks, which is a natural calmness factor that we need - actually for all of our life.
Breathing exercises are both calming and important for everyone who has breathing problems. There are books on breathing for people suffering from asthma - I find that they are helpful for people who are suffering bronchitis as well. It is important to practice them year round - they will contribute to calmness - or at least start a few weeks before cold and flu season. A simple exercise is to breathe deeply, through your nose, to a count of ten - filling the lungs all the way - as if you are filling your belly and back - hold for a count of three - and then slowly release the air to a count of ten. If this is difficult - go for as much of a count as you can - build up to five minutes once or twice a day. (Stop! If you feel dizzy!!!!! Build up gradually!) This will increase your lung capacity and appears to keep most attacks at bay.
Traditional Medicinals make a tea called, Breathe Easy. I have given it to a number of clients who find good relief with it for their lungs - keep it in your kitchen and drink it when you are having a cold. They and other companies make Echinacea teas - that you can take occasionally during flu season to boost your immune system - please don't take any herb for any length of time without consulting with a good Integrative Medicine practitioner or Herbalist.
I have a good quality juicer and - if you like fresh vegetable juice - it can help you to help yourself. A good recipe for ongoing lung health is to juice Romaine lettuce, a carrot or two, a slice of fresh ginger (very good for lungs) and one quarter to one half of a peeled lemon - you can add a pear or apple for sweetener if you wish.
If these solutions don't work for you - you might want to consult with a good Complimentary medicine doctor or Naturopath.
Good luck with your health!  (+ info)


Yesterday I thought I had sinusitis, but today I know I have bronchitis. I know this because it's my fourth time in a year. This time seems to be particularily bad, however, i don't have insurance and want to wait to see a doctor for financial reasons. I am having a tough time breathing and can't get comfortable. When should I worry about this turning into pnemonia or getting bad enough to see a doctor? Does anybody have any remedies for chest/lung pain and/or throat pain? Thanks!

There really is no other alternative for bronchitis treatment other than antibiotics. I had bronchitis and it very easily turned into pneumonia. I would not wait. Go to the health department if they have a clinic there. They usually offer a sliding fee scale where you can pay as little as $5 for low income. I hope you take my advice and get in. Having pneumonia myself, I will add that it can be particurally difficult to treat once it has gone untreated. I now have permenant scaring in my lower lobe from having pneumonia and pluresey. Much luck, hope you feel better soon!  (+ info)

What is the difference between bronchitis and acute bronchitis?

The doctor told me I had "acute bronchitis" and I was wondering what the difference was between that and normal bronchitis. Thanks in advance!

Acute bronchitis is caused by a viral illness - this type is the "normal" bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is seen almost exclusively in smokers.
It's all inflammation of the larger airways called "bronchi".  (+ info)

Can asthmatic bronchitis be passed on to children from someone else?

My mother was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis. After 5 days of visiting her grandson who is 2 years old, he was diagnosed with bronchitis. Is it possible for my mother to pass her asthmatic bronchitis on to her grandson?

Asthmatic bronchitis usually is another name for asthma. Asthma is not contagious however if you have uncontrolled asthma and it turns into a viral or bacterial respiratory infection, then it could be contagious.

Asthma alone is not contagious. Asthma is an allergy.  (+ info)

What is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis?

My doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis, but I think it is pneumonia. Isn't a bronchitis cough dry and pneumonia causes a lot of phlegm?When I cough I get a rattling in my chest and my cough sounds like Rice Crispies in milk. I've been sick with a cough over a month. My doctor gave me an antibiotic but I don't feel much better.

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the bronchi that go into the lungs and pneumonia is in the lungs and where they fill with fluid. Your chest will feel heavy and hurt on movement and not just on breathing. Sometimes your chest will hurt on one side and feel"heavy" and you can definitely tell the difference.  (+ info)

I lost my voice because of bronchitis! How do I relieve the pain and get my voice back? Any tips or advice?

I've had bronchitis for over 10 days and lost my voice. My throat is sore and I need tips and advice on how to soothe the soreness and help recuperate my voice. Thanks.

When my kids have a sore throat, I give them Throat Coat tea with honey. If U cant find that kind, U can use Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer. Aside from tea, U can gargle saltwater and try an herbal throat drop like Riccola. Good Luck!!  (+ info)

What are the major symptoms of bronchitis and how it can be cure naturally?

I am looking for some natural treatment for bronchitis. Can anybody help me. Thanks.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, those being the air passages that extend from the windpipe into the lungs.This is a breathing disorder.

Its symptoms are:
1. Larynx, trachea and bronchial tubes are acutely inflamed.
2. Excess mucus secretion.
3. Difficulty in breathing and deep chest cough.

Some natural treatments for bronchitis are as follows:
1. Mixture of dried ginger powder, pepper should be taken three times a day.
2. Use of Onions.
3. Turmeric powder.
4. Doing some exercises in the fresh air, etc.

For more information you can try the link

http://www.naturaltreatmentsite.com/bronchitis.html  (+ info)

What are some ways to relieve bronchitis?

I'm pretty sure I've got bronchitis, and I'm having a hard time breathing. I should have a doctor's appointment either today or tomorrow, so something temporary. I've tried two inhaler puffs, didn't do much good. Are there any other ways?

i use robenteson.... idk how to spell it sorry. but its sold behind the counter which medical description drugs because it is very strong u have to be 18 to buy it and it can get u high so u have to follow the directions. not like tylenol. iit is very strong and its what i use when i have break outs. both my parents smoke inside so i cant get way from it. it sucks cause i hate cigarettes  (+ info)

Any natural remedies to help with bronchitis?

I am prone to getting bronchitis which is made worse in the winter.
What herbal remedies will help it? Possibly cure it?

My bronchitis improved dramatically just by watching the air quality and the humidity inside. You can improve indoor air quality by moving to natural cleaning products instead of commercial products and being careful about burning candles, spraying fragrances, etc. Commercial products people think of as "clean" usually have warning labels telling you that they can e harmful. Run a humidifier and keep your humidity at 40%.  (+ info)

How can I tell the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia?

I have some symptoms that seem to suggest I have or the other. I'm leaning towards bronchitis since I have no fever, no bodily pains, but how do I tell the difference?

Pneumonia is congestion and inflammation of the lungs. Your lungs feel heavy and it is hard to breathe with pneumonia.

Bronchitis is inflammation of the upper airway. It may be sore/tender and you may cough up a lot of mucus. If you think it is bronchitis, you need to make an appt with your GP so that he/she can start you on some steroids and/or antibiotics.  (+ info)

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