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can you get bronchitis without having a cold or flu before hand?

Pretty sure I have bronchitis but all i've read says its secondary to cold or flu but I didn't have either. Going to doctor tomorrow since its been 10 days since getting ill.

it is usually secondary infection in the bronchial tubes
you may need an antibiotic  (+ info)

Can pneumonia or bronchitis be present without a cough or fever?

I've been having chest pain at the very top of my chest for 2 days now, and sometimes shortness of breath. I've felt more tired than usual this week too. But I don't have a cough at all and no fever. Could this still be pneumonia or bronchitis, or do those always include a cough or fever?

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If I have bronchitis and tonsilitis and a stuffed up nose will a humidifier help me at all?

I have tonsilitis, bronchitis and an ear infection. I also cannot breathe out of my nose and it is horrible. I was told to use a humidifier but I can't tell a difference when using it.
I am on an antibiotic for the bronchitis, tonsilitis and ear infection. I am also taking robitussin with codeine for the cough. The dr also has me taking sudafed for congestion and stuff like that. Menthol doesnt even help with this stuffed up nose problem.

It can't hurt. Try chicken soup, too.  (+ info)

How long do you continue coughing after having bronchitis?

2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with bronchitis, ear infection. I feel much better but i cant stop coughing. Its not a dry cough really. Its clear mucous. I feel like its overwhelming to keep coughing over and over. I dont know when this will stop. What do you know about this?

I've had bronchitis many times; and my cough has always lasted way beyond when I start to feel better. The cough could last anywhere from 2-5 weeks after. Just suck on some peppermint lozenges, Werther's Originals, life savers, lemon drops or whatever you have. That should help some.  (+ info)

what are the chances of getting pneumonia or bronchitis from a seasonal flu ?

I have the flu and i am wondering what the chances of getting pneumonia or bronchitis because o the flu
rare? more than likely ?

If I had to assign a number, I would say......Hum......70%.

Stay hydrated, take decongestants if you feel like your congested, hot showers always make me feel better, get plenty of vitamin C and wash your hands often. This can help prevent illness regardless if you the flu or not.

Good luck.  (+ info)

What are some treatments of Chronic Bronchitis? How is it determined that you have it?

I am going to a lung specialist Thursday. I am on my third round of bronchitis this year. I am just wondering what kind of test to expect, and what possible treatments there are if I am diagnosed with Chronic bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis is characterized by permanent scar tissue in your bronchioles, causing a productive cough for more than two years continuously. I hope you haven't had it for this long!!! From three episodes of bronchitis in one year, you'd have recurrent acute bronchitis...

I'm not trying to pick over your vocabulary, I was just concerned you may google 'chronic bronchitis' and end up scared! Chronic bronchitis is an end-stage respiratory disease, never gets better, and requires lots of medicine and oxygen. It often accompanies emphysema, which together are known as COPD...

My guess would be the lung specialist will give you stronger antibiotics and see if you possibly have asthma, but that will be totally up to what he/she finds. Best of wishes, and I hope you feel better soon!  (+ info)

How do doctors check to see if you have bronchitis or pneumonia?

I don't have a cough like bronchitis only if the phelgm thats stuck loosens up and i cough.

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Has anyone ever had bronchitis and what are ways it can occur?

I was wondering if I am the only one that had bronchitis. Just Honestly tell me about it. I do care about others.

Bronchitis is a difficult problem. I was born early and have had to live with Chronic Bronchitis for my whole life. Mine is made difficult as I am allergic to most anti-biotics. However, I have been "attack" free for 24 years with the aid of diet, exercise and natural remedies. Because Bronchitus is serious - it can lead to Pneumonia - please have a doctor follow you as soon as you suspect that you are having an attack.
I find the key to prevention is lifestyle choices. This means cutting out junk food, sugar and white foods . . . white bread, white rice, etc. Making sure that you get your full daily vegetable and fruit portions - 8 - 9 servings - if you have been on the low side, work up over a few weeks to help your intestines adjust. Greens, have very good aids for the body - I suggest two medium green salads daily - using Extra Virgin Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar as dressing - the olive oil has omega nines and other good anti-oxidants for your body.
Make sure that you get good protein sources at each meal - if you eat meat, think to change to a grass fed variety (look at your health food store or online - www.mercola.com has good sources) - if you eat eggs try to make sure they are free range - and eating good fish - salmon, tuna - preferably, wild caught - two to four times a week is helpful.
A good Cod LIver oil - Twin Labs - orange flavor - or Carlson's Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil - (good prices at Amazon.com's partners - I find Vitamin Shoppe is the best value) - will help, if you take it daily on an ongoing basis. The Vit D and Omega three in it helps to protect the lungs.
Aerobic exercise keeps your lungs open and helps your whole system to strengthen. Even a half hour walk a day - building up to forty five minutes - as fast as you can go! - will really help if you keep it up.
Also, there appears to be an emotional basis for Bronchitis and other challenges - walking or other aerobic exercise helps the endorphins build in your brain, over a few weeks, which is a natural calmness factor that we need - actually for all of our life.
Breathing exercises are both calming and important for everyone who has breathing problems. There are books on breathing for people suffering from asthma - I find that they are helpful for people who are suffering bronchitis as well. It is important to practice them year round - they will contribute to calmness - or at least start a few weeks before cold and flu season. A simple exercise is to breathe deeply, through your nose, to a count of ten - filling the lungs all the way - as if you are filling your belly and back - hold for a count of three - and then slowly release the air to a count of ten. If this is difficult - go for as much of a count as you can - build up to five minutes once or twice a day. (Stop! If you feel dizzy!!!!! Build up gradually!) This will increase your lung capacity and appears to keep most attacks at bay.
Traditional Medicinals make a tea called, Breathe Easy. I have given it to a number of clients who find good relief with it for their lungs - keep it in your kitchen and drink it when you are having a cold. They and other companies make Echinacea teas - that you can take occasionally during flu season to boost your immune system - please don't take any herb for any length of time without consulting with a good Integrative Medicine practitioner or Herbalist.
I have a good quality juicer and - if you like fresh vegetable juice - it can help you to help yourself. A good recipe for ongoing lung health is to juice Romaine lettuce, a carrot or two, a slice of fresh ginger (very good for lungs) and one quarter to one half of a peeled lemon - you can add a pear or apple for sweetener if you wish.
If these solutions don't work for you - you might want to consult with a good Complimentary medicine doctor or Naturopath.
Good luck with your health!

Short conclusion:
Bronchitis can occur with birth, in a natural way, or it can come as a cold. If it comes as a cold, you will start to feel itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, throwing up, having a constant cough, your arms and legs might start to hurt, you may catch a fever, headaches, stuffy nose, etc. Bronchitis can turn into Pneumonia. It's difficult, and once you catch bronchitis or think you may have it, you must get it checked out. Once it turns into Pneumonia, it could be fatal, or deadly. Pneumonia and bronchitis is never a good thing. Get checked out immediatly. It's nothing to mess around with.  (+ info)

How can I keep my 9 month old from getting bronchitis if my husband and I have it?

I have a 9 month old daughter and my husband and I have bronchitis. Is there anything I can give her to keep her from getting it? We keep washing our hands and wiping everything down with lysol wipes.

You guys can also wear masks, that will help spread the germs from spreading through coughing. I know it's inconvenient, but it will help your baby.
Also, in addition to washing your hands, you should use purell.
And, get a spray that helps kill the germs in the air. Lysol isn't really for the air, but I think there's one out there that is, Oust maybe? But Lysol sprayed in the air would be better than nothing, just don't spray it while the baby's in the room... obviously.  (+ info)

How can I treat bronchitis while breastfeeding?

I am developing bronchitis and it's coming on very quickly. I am still nursing my 11 week old, however, so I want to be careful about how I treat myself so it won't negatively impact him. Any suggestions? I have house guests, so I need to get well sooner than later! Thanks for any input. God bless.

You really need to call your doctor to find out. Explain that you are breast feeding. It is important that you clear up this infection so that you will better be able to take care of yourself and your child.  (+ info)

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