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Is it normal to develop a burning sensation in your mouth after eating carrots?

I've recently taken to snacking on carrot sticks and sometimes eat as many as a pound at a time. When I do this, I develop a burning sensation in my mouth that, while not especially painful, might be a cause for concern. Is there any explanation for this? They're not stored with any produce that may be emitting ethylene, if that's relevant.

If they are baby carrots, it may be the chlorine used in their manufacturing process.  (+ info)

What is that burning sensation in the mouth when eating something sweet after not eating anything for a while?

I've noticed several times that if I haven't eaten anything in a while and I put something obscenely sweet, sour, or delicious in my mouth, I get a burning sensation near my jaw joints. Even thinking about food at these times brings this on. My hypothesis is that my salivary glands are simply excited or something like that.

im sure its very normal for you. haha, chocolate tastes spicy to me, how wierd is that?  (+ info)

Burning mouth syndrome. Can the nerves be cut and leave the taste buds in order?

Can cutting the nerves being cut stop burning mouth. Can it be done and still have taste buds?

I admit I've never heard of burning mouth syndrome. I personally had geographic tongue, which is where you get red swollen areas of your tongue and it's pretty painful. That's why I looked at your question in the first place. I really dont' know the answer to your question, but I looked to see if burning mouth syndrome was reported by people with celiac disease, because that was the cause of my geographic tongue. It's an autoimmune disease caused by gluten intolerance. When I stopped eating gluten free my geographic tongue went away. You might try that while you're trying to find a cure. I spotted a couple of people who said they had it and it went away when they went gluten free.

http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.php?showtopic=17989  (+ info)

Bad taste in my mouth called Burning mouth syndrome. Is there any help or cure?

I suspect that a medication I took for one month, 3 1/2 years ago caused me to have "burning mouth syndrome." I stopped the medication immediately, but still have the horrible burning mouth syndrome. I have the constant, non-stop feeling that my mouth, especially tongue, has been scorched. Does anyone know of a remedy or any kind?

My mom is having a similar experience from taking "Boniva" -- the medicine that is supposed to prevent osteoperosis, but has so many dangerous side effects it will probably be pulled from the market.

At least that's what doctors suspect is the problem (She went to 3 different specialists and a dentist to figure it out and it's still only an hypothesis).

I think she's taking anti-inflammatory medicine that brings temporary relief from the symptoms, but it won't go away until that drug is out of her system. That's scary to know that it could cause a permanent reaction.  (+ info)

How do I stop my mouth from burning after eating a pepper?

I just ate a pepper (wasn't supposed to be in my food from Chipotle). Anyway, it's been 10 minutes and my mouth is still on fire.

Don't drink water...even ice water....it will just spread the oil from the pepper around your mouth. Try some milk or better yet, a banana. Either of those will help to neutralize the "heat."  (+ info)

Is there anyway you can stop your mouth burning whilst eating hot curry?

I'm eating one right now and I want to eat it all cos I'm hungry, but my mouth is absolutely burning. Is there anything someone can recommend that I can eat/drink to stop the burning? thanks x

Yoghurt...every time. It's what every indian eats with it. Along with a portion of salad...simple one - just lettuce, onion and tomato. They all cool the mouth.  (+ info)

What can I do to stop my mouth from burning when eating 'hot' foods?

When my mouth burns a lot sometimes,from eating hot foods such as meat,potatoes and hot pepper or something,there is nothing that I can do to stop it.
Any ideas on how to stop it?
I meant to say SPICY food,I'm sorry.

Don't eat bread or crackers. Don't drink water, or beer. Drink milk that helps a little, or the best way to get the heat out of your mouth, eat chocolate. Sounds weird but it WORKS..  (+ info)

how to stop my mouth burning after a chinese?

I adore a chinese curry but sometimes its a bit too hot!
how can i calm my mouth down?
oh and i hate yoghurt!

Milk might work, but not a great option if you are Asian as it will give you a bellyache (we lack the enzymes that Europeans have for dairy products) - beer works for me but my wife swears by citrus fruit - that is how her European taste buds survived travelling in SE Asia and Mexico and living with an East Indian Family...she had never had anything more spicy that pepper steak so her eyeballs practically melted when she had her first real curry...now she will try anything spicy anywhere as long as there is fresh citrus fruit available, yogurt and cucumbers or bubble tea...Chinese restaurants usually have beer or slices of fresh oranges available or lychee (but that can be a little weird for Europeans because they look and feel lik eyeballs and they are a little squuemish about stuff like that (^_^)...but water is DEFINITELY the WORST thing to have!  (+ info)

How do you stop your mouth from burning when you eat hot foods?(hot and spicy)?

I love this Shin Ramyun soup but its really hot and spicy, and once i've finished it my mouth burns for forever. what can i do right afterwards that will kill that?
Milk worked great! I'd give points to everyone that said dairy, but i can only give to one, so the first person gets it :)

Milk!  (+ info)

What would cause burning and numbness on inside of mouth after incision?

Had a sinus cyst removed from iside cheek of mouth a month ago

  (+ info)

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