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Need help from anyone with knowledge of the disease Sclerderma or Crest Syndrome?

My aunt has this horrible disease and it is rapidly killing her. Is there any new treatments or anything I can do to help alleviate the symptoms for a little more comfort. Natural remedies are welcome.

check out these websites if you havn't already..good luck and sorry to hear the news..
www.scleroderma.org  (+ info)

A short definintion of crest syndrome?

I don't really know what it is, but i think my mother has it. I need to be able to explain it to her, but with good facts and detailsv with it not being to technical-sounding, i guess lol. Thanks!

I'll try and explain: CREST stands for Calcinosis cutis, Raynauds phenomenon, Esophageal dysfunction, Sclerodactyly adn Telangiectasia.

Calcinosis cutis: small nodules (usually multiple) that are moveable and not tender. (a depostion of calcium salts)
Raynauds: when exposed to cold the hands and feet blanch white, then a few minutes later turn blue. This is a blood flow problem and may be painful.
Esophageal dysfuntion: small amounts of collagen will be noted in the esophagus (throat).
Scerlodactyly: the fingers get stiff, the skin smooth and shiny. Often, the fingers will have a flexing that causes them to look like "claws"
Telangiectasis: there can be multiple red spots on the face that are caused by underlying blood vessels being dilated. This may also cause significant bleeding if these vessels are broken.

Hope this helps. Kind of hard to explain in "laymans" terms.

Dr. Dan  (+ info)

CREST syndrome? Just what is it and what type Dr. do you see for this?

My small blood vessels in my hands are dying. Sore's on fingers, nerves are dying also. Skin on hans is becoming tuff like leather.
I need to know if someone has han in succes in stopping this?

C for calcinosis, R for Raynaud's, E for oEsophageal hypomobility, S for Sclerodactyly, and T for Telangiectasia (the CREST syndrome)
Please see the webpages for more details on Systemic Sclerosis.  (+ info)

Does anyone out there know anything about illiac crest syndrome?

I have been told repeatedly that I have lower sacrum problems yet don't have the classic pain in the sarcral nerve. You know...lower back pain that shoots down your legs and in your hips? Mine is across the crest of my lower back and very stiff. This happened about a month after having my first child when my bones began to settle back into place. Any insight would be helpful.

The budding PT provided a very accurate response. I have been a PT for 6 years, and I would also like to inform you about a sacroiliac dysfunction (this is what happens with iliac crest syndrome). This is usually a displacement between the sacrum and the illium...two of the bones in the pelvis. Now, many people highly doubt the exsistance of SI dysfuntions, yet when it DOES occur, it is usally in women right after child birth. This is because women secrete a hormone called relaxin that looses the ligagment around the pelvis to allow for childbirth. Unfortunately, it leaves one prone to a displacement between the sacrum and the ilium. It is characterized by pain across the joint, especially when bearing weight (such as standing on one leg) on the affected side. It can, but is rarely associated with pain radiating into the leg.

Derrangement syndrome and sacroiliac dysfunctions are two very likely diagnoses.  (+ info)

Can you have CREST syndrome and RSD(Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)?? I need answers!!! >_

My doctors are haveing a though time with my Medical case because of the symptoms I have presented. I am going to Duke Medical Reseach hospital any day now (when ever they have a cancelation. I'm on a wating list) my syptoms include:

-Headache(after standing up from ither a laying or sitting position)
-High Blood pressure (even after being on Nifedipine, asprin, and fish oil for months my BP normaly runs around 160/100 something)
-skin discoloration upon cold or stress (blue, white, pruple, and dusky gery color)
-Raynaud's phenomenon like features
-rashes upon sun exposure in odd patterns (even under my clothes or when I take hot shower
-scalley rashes (face, trunk, thighs, and butt)
-different rashes in shower (black splotchy all the way up to my thighs sometimes this happens when I'm cold)
-vomiting-clubbing and yellowing toenails(my tips of my toenails look like they are pulling away)
-chronic pain in feet (tingling and achyness never go away)
-rough skin on the tops of my feet( where they trun splotchy black) this occures even when the skin colr is normal
-lack of appitie (can't eat much)
-unable to sleep well ( get about 4 to 5 hours of sleep)
-abnormal sweating (underarms, feet, hands, and sometimes arms and legs)
-hair loss
-chest pain upon exertion
-random feavors
-haveing issues concentrating
-musclar atrophy in calves and thighs
-incerase in feet pain and new pains in hands upon exertion
-adema-swelling joints
-cracking,popping, snapping of joints
-lack of energy
-At times looseing the comple ability to walk
- right lymthnode in my neck is sowllen
-fluttering sensation in chest upon exertion, if I get up too quicky or when i get too hot
-lower back pain
-neck pain (collarbone region)
-high pulse rate 117 at times
-abdomenal pain
-pain in joints
-looseing the prefierial pulses in both feet at times
-I can't walk normaly. I walk on my heels. I cant walk with my feet flat.
-early signs of depression
-mental confusion and disorentation

Thats about it. All my 17+ doctors are sending me to Duke Medical Research hospital this fall. I'm only 17 years old and fixing to be a senior in high school this fall. It gets frustrating going to my doctors and all they can do is shrug their sholders at me. I have been atmitted to the hospital and have been rushed multipal times to the ER
I also have the skin yellowing that is rougth on the top of both of my feet. I know I don't have cancer b/c of my blood work. My blood pressure drops when I stand up after sitting. Please Help me!!! I know you all must know what is like to be frustrated. I have lost over 20lbs. I eat less than a meal a day!!! I can't continue to live like this much longer!!!! It is driveing my Mum insaine!!!!

It is possible to have RSD with several different types of other conditions, but by your symptoms you certainly have much more than RSD. The symptoms of RSD are severe burning pain, pathological changes in bone and skin, excessive sweating, extreme sensitivity to touch. All patients do not present all of the symptoms, but the symptom that is most common is extreme burning pain, and extreme sensitivity to touch. RSD does not have many of the other symptoms that you are presenting so seeing the specialist is something that you need to do asap. I know how it is to be so young and having such problems...I'm 15 and have had RSD fro almost 2 years. I would suggest seeing the doctor- you possibly could have RSD, but it is certainly not only RSD if you do have RSD. www.rsds.org is a good website for information on RSD. Good luck!  (+ info)

my girlfriends mom just got diagnosed with crest syndrome. will she die?

  (+ info)

What the difference between Crest Pro Health Night and regular?

What is the difference between Crest Pro Health Night toothpaste and mouthwash and Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash? Should we use the Night stuff for night and the regular for morning?

It's a gimmick-it is used to sell more toothpaste. Just brush morning and night with a toothpaste that you like-that is the secret- (now you know the secret, too!)  (+ info)

How do you get the Crest white strips to stay on your teeth?

I'm trying the Crest white strips renewal. I'm having a problem with the bottom ones staying on my teeth. I've read all the instructions carefully, and was wondering if there were any tips to making the bottom ones stay on better.

Dry your bottom teeth w/ a piece of gauze. After you have placed the strip, make a sucking motion...while pressing your tongue against the back of your teeth (top and bottom). They should hold pretty well. I know it's hard, but try not to play w/ them too much. This will cause them to shift or wrinkle.  (+ info)

How do the Listerine, Aquafresh and Crest whitening strips compare to one another?

I want to use one that won't sensitize my teeth too bad. The commercials for the other two whiteners both said they were better than Crest because the worked faster and didn't screw up the tooth enamel.

yup, it all depends on the brand you prefer, there's also another tooth whitener, IONIC WHITE that you can get on 88db, it is a light activated tooth whitening system  (+ info)

Will crest whitening strips work if I use more than one strip per day?

I have crest white strips and the directions say to use them once a day for five minutes for 42 days. I want to know if I could use the strips twice a day instead of just once a day for half the time. Do you think they would be just as effective or more effective?

My mother did that, and OH NO! She got white spots on her teeth! DO NOT DO IT sweetie!!!  (+ info)

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