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Cachexia is a condition in which so few calories are consumed that adipose tissue disappears.?

List three possible causes for this condition.
Identify the eating disorder related to it.


1. self starvation
2. inability to digest food the right way (no nutrients or calories are consumed from it).
3. celiac disease? that's when there is a gluten allergy and you lose so much weight and it's extremely hard to gain it back. you don't have enough protein or fat either cause it basically screws up your entire digestive system.

I'm guessing the eating disorder would be anorexia because bulimia alone doesn't usually cause extreme weight loss although anorexia is usually linked to bulimic behaviors as well.  (+ info)

I have a question, I was diagnosed with cachexia and was given 2 meds for it, I smoked "good" marijuana and ?

the effects were profoundly good, I know that there is medical marijuana, but not so much on the east coast. Are there ways to release canabinoids endogenously, and is it possible to find doctors in maryland who prescribe dronabinol? I`m not interested in going `illegal` and I`m not interested in becoming a NORML rabble rouser. Thanks

Maryland is a medical marijuana state. Check out this link for info an the "How to"
http://www.safeaccessnow.org/article.php?id=2050  (+ info)

How can heart failure may lead to cardiac cachexia?

Shortness of breath with exertion and fatigue often develop when the weakened heart is not pumping enough blood to meet your body's needs for oxygen and nutrients. Therefore it can lead to cardiac cachexia (which means any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease). One of the symptoms of heart failure is having less energy, feeling more tired than usual, and not being able to exert yourself physically as you did in the past. The body's effort to make up for heart failure eventually cause the symptoms to get worse.

There are 4 stages of heat failure, but many people live longer now with CHF. Today there are more options available for heart failure than ever before. Tight control over medications and lifestyle coupled with careful monitoring are the first steps. As the condition progresses, doctors specializing in the treatment of heart failure can offer more advanced treatment options.

Click below links for more info:
http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/Heart-Failure/tc/Heart-Failure-Symptoms  (+ info)

Can I donate my body to science even though I have lung cancer, emphysema and cachexia?

First, I am very sorry. Second, yes you can. You could not donate organs for transplant, but there is a lot to be learned from donating your body for scientific study.Your body donation would be welcomed.  (+ info)

a decrease in food intake is responsible for the weight loss assicated with cancer cachexia?

is it true or false

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Pneumonia and cachexia?

Why are people with pneumonia at risk for cachexia?

People with pneumonia have higher caloric requirements due to increased efforts required for breathing and more energy needed to fight infections and to heal. Also, people with pneumonia may find eating more difficult, so they just don't eat much. When someone is sick and can't breathe, eating is the last thing on their mind. The combination of all this leads to the general wasting and poor state known as cachexia.

When my daughter first got sick with a lung disease as a little baby, she lost 1/3 of her body weight! They called it "failure to thrive" at first (slap in the mother's face diagnosis if you ask me!), but they soon realized that the problem was that she was using up all the energy she was taking into her system on breathing. She eventually suffered respiratory failure and had to go onto a ventilator for a few weeks, but once they started high doses of steroids to reduce some of her inflammation, she got off of that. She is still trying to heal from the lung damage and has been on oxygen and the steroids ever since, but she is now growing and developing quite normally. We have been told that the supplemental oxygen is helping her maintain her growth because she is no longer burning up all her calories trying to breathe.

I am not a doctor, so if I left stuff out, sorry. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What are the effects of surviving a gun shot to the head?

Specifically the left hemisphere.

To say that he is weakly hanging on when hospitalized and is not yet unconscious.

What would be the symptoms? (i.e. loss of memory, dystonia, disinterest in food, cachexia, nausea, dizziness, etc.)



Well, by having the left hemisphere of the brain damaged all or some of the following could be impaired:
Past and Present
Simple Math
Grammar/Vocab of Language

Of course, this all depends on how severe the wound is, how he is progressing, if there are any other complications, etc.

The hypothalamus in the brain controls hunger, thirst, and mood. (So the disinterest in food would be ruled out as injury to left hemisphere)
Breathing is controlled by the brainstem

So the symptoms you have mentioned (I don't know if they were random or what you have seen in this person) Could be caused by a variety of things.

Hope it helps, at least some  (+ info)

what is cachexia?

Just put the word in the search box and do a web search. There is a medical dictionary to give the definition and articles on it if you want more info.  (+ info)

What does paraneoplastic syndrome refer to?

a. the effects of substances such as hormones secreted by the tumor cells
b. severe weight loss and cachexia associated with advanced cancer
c. the decreased resistance to infection resulting from malignant tumors
d. the effects of multiple metastatic tumors

It is a syndrome directly resulting from a malignant neoplasm, but not resulting from the presence of tumor cells in the affected parts.  (+ info)

Are all of these things possible problems from being a vegetarian???

Beriberi---(Thiamine Deficiency)
Pellagra---(Niacin Deficiency)
Bitot's Spots
Scurvy---(Vitamin C Deficiency)
Rickets---(Vitamin D Deficiency)
Diabetes Mellitus
Osteoporosis---(Lack of Calcium)
Megaloblastic Anemia---(B12 Deficiency)
Xerophthalmia/Night Blindness---(Vitamin A Deficiency)
Zinc Deficiency (Growth Retardation)
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Loss of Hair
Loss of Muscle mass
Abnormal Accumulation of Fluid
Weakend Immune System
Lower Bone Mineral Density
Irregular Menstration in Women
Low Birth Weight in Women
Intestinal Discomfort
Lack of Pigment
Dry Skin
Developmental Abnormalities

look at obese people and then ask yourself what health problems are possible.
Poor diet of ANY kind can cause issues.  (+ info)

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