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Chronic headaches with congestion and ear pressure?

I have spent the last several years with constant nasal and chest congestion with chronic headaches and earaches. All of the sudden about 6 days ago I got a severe headache with ear pressure and it hasn't gone away since. The pain and pressure is constant. I've had a doc tell me that my headaches were probably caused by chronic candidiasis, but this sudden flare makes me think there's something else wrong. I need some relief!

It is my undoctored view that you are suffering from chronic allergy problems. The chronic allergy problems are causing the nasal congestion, chest congestion, chronic headaches and earaches.
The sudden increase is due to a superimposed ear infection.

You can read more about headaches here: http://www.healthmad.com/Conditions-and-Diseases/Headaches,-Common-Causes-and-Cures.-Listed-in-point-form.-Self-Learn-Series..2739/2

http://www.healthmad.com/Conditions-and-Diseases/The-Common-Cold.-Signs,-Symptoms-and-Cures-and-Myths..2438  (+ info)

What's the best way to treat chronic intestinal Candidiasis?

I have had chronic Candidiasis for years after taking many, many courses of antibiotics. I have been treating it with Pao D'arco and probiotics, but lately the Pao D'arco doesn't seem to be working. I've tried garlic, caprylic acid and psyllium, and a few herbal blends, none worked very well. What would be the most effective natural treatment for Candida? Any kind of treatment suggestions would be nice.
Ok. let me be more specific, yes, I have been diagnosed by 2 medical doctors as having candidiasis. Yes, I already follow a no sugar, no white flour, no simple carbs, low-glycemic index diet, and have been taking acidopholus for many years. No, I do not have a psychological problem. I have a medically diagnosed over-growth of yeast in my intestines because of large doses of anti-biotics that were prescribed to me as a child when doctors gave antibiotics for everything, bacterial or not. I'm allergic to penicillin so I've taken the same antibiotic over and over again. Oxygen treatment has not helped. I'm looking for reviews of herbal products.


Actually, the best thing you can do is change your diet. No sugar, no simple carbs. Period. Sugar means corn syrup, honey and/or maple syrup, fructose and other sweeteners too.

Simple carbs should be eliminated if they are white-white rice, white bread, white pasta, white flours, etc. Even bananas should be avoided. You can still eat high fiber fruits and grains but be sure they are unprocessed as much as possible. Those are what feeds the yeast. If it has no food it dies.

I have also had success using small amounts of herbs with berberine compounds (i.e. golden seal or Oregon grape root) Too much of those act just as antibiotics to though, so you should really ask an naturopath to monitor you if you wish to try that route.

Acidophiles is another supplement that may be helpful. The best way to get it is by ingesting it in live culture form-often people will eat yogurt.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had chronic candidiasis (yeast infection)? If so, how did you cure it?

Have you seen a doctor?? And I read about this woman who had a continual yeast infection... until her doctor realized that the husband was a baker who was always handling yeast. So if you can think of an outside source that could be re-infecting you, there's your problem.

You also could be picking it up from your partner during normal sex. Everyone has yeast on their skin naturally. Some are more susceptible to infection than others. So he may have to medicate to get rid of it on himself. In fact, he could be re-infecting you.  (+ info)

I am suffering from Chronic Oral Candidiasis.pl tell me good Naturopath/Ayurvedic doctor in pune city .?

suffering from oral candiasis(thrushing) since last 2 years.I have taken Alopathy & homeopathy treatment but problems are reoccuring.I am following candida diet as much as possilble but 100% following of diet is difficult as i have to go for touring job.can somebody tell me Specialist Naturopath/Ayurvedic doctor for candidiasis in pune city.
can somebody tell me Naturopath/Ayurved Treatment and where to purchase the natural/ayurved antifugal in pune city(india)
pl tell me good quality probiotic brands available in india for oral candidiasis.

If you are looking for a natural doctor in your town, the only way I've found (if they aren't listed in the phone book, which most aren't listed that obviously) is to ask around to areas that would know. Specifically, ask in health food stores, Chiropractor offices (also Acupuncture and other "natural healing" places), etc. I've talked to a number of people that have found doctors that at least have some information/experience with natural options and/or supplements, but not all towns have such doctors, unfortunately.

That being said, I've found that high doses of good Probiotics (30+ billion viable organisms from several strains) tend to help control yeast very well. Also, Caprylic Acid (often from Coconut Oil) and Grapefruit Seed Extract tend to help a lot in conjunction with the Probiotics for controlling yeast and a Candida diet. Good luck and I hope I helped!  (+ info)

I am sufferring from oral candidiasis.Where can i get Grape seed extract,olive leaf extract in pune/india.?

I am suffering from oral candidiasis since last 2 years.Problem is chronic and reoccuring.Can some body tell me where can i get Grape seed extract,olive leaf extract,oregano oil in pune/india.

Oral candidiasis can be treated with topical anti-fungal drugs, such as nystatin, miconazole or amphotericin B. Topical therapy is given as an oral suspension which is washed around the mouth and then swallowed by the patient.

Patients who are immunocompromised, either with HIV/AIDS or as a result of chemotherapy, may require systemic treatment with oral or intravenous administered anti-fungals.

Herbal medicine (from Grape seed extract,olive leaf extract) is not as effective as the above medicines used in oral candidiasis. Herbal medicine may complicated the oral cadidiasis, may cause chronic thrush.  (+ info)

Candidiasis - Has anyone had success with Candidol, ThreeLac or other anti-Candida cures?

There are many websites claiming to offer cures/remedies for chronic Candida infections. I heard of a non-pharmiceutical product called Candidol, but I am also aware of ThreeLac and know there are others.

Can anyone tell me if these work? Do you have other (related) advice for me? Personal testamonials are welcome.

Simple Garlic is anti Candida. Take ordor free garlic tablets.
or better Aloe vera  (+ info)

What is candidiasis and its treatment. Is there any herbal treatement for this. ?

I was diagonized diabetic at 27 and that is the time I started experiencing itch on my private parts. I am now on insulin and candidiasis is really a problem. Any cure?

Candidiasis is the term used to describe what happens when the yeast that normally populate the gut become pathogenic and reproduce uncontrolled, resulting in an infection that is almost parasitic in nature.

The yeast cell is normally round, and at healthy levels they help to keep things moving along in your digestive system. When disbiosis occurs (an imbalance in the normal gastrointestinal flora, or bacteria and fungi that populate the gut) the yeast cells can grow unchecked and may become pathogenic (or cause disease). When this happens, the yeast cells develop rhizoids (or flagellates, little tail like appendages) that they use to burrow into the intestinal walls in search of food. Get enough of them in there and you may end up with leaky gut syndrome, a condition in which the intestine has become permeable and undigested food particles and waste products from the yeast can make their way into the bloodstream where they are treated as toxins and an immune response is triggered. This can make a person feel very sick.

The diabetic diet should go a long way toward starving the candida, as it feeds on sugar. It is tantamount that you keep your blood sugar levels under control to have any measure of success in battling a yeast infection.

But, that alone isn't a cure. In severe cases, strict adherence to the anticandida diet is required (this includes total avoidance of sugar, both natural and artificial, as well as moldy and yeasty foods such as cheese, all vinegars except ACV, mushrooms, pickles, and alcohol), and may be for several months or even years before a balance is achieved.

A good probiotic is also necessary to help repopulate decreased levels of the healthy bacteria normally present in the gut that keep yeast in check.

In addition, antifungal therapy may be necessary, such as a prescription medication (like diflucan or nystatin powder) or herbal remedy (such as oil of oregano, pao d' arco, or other herb with antiviral properties).

Digestive enzymes can go a long way toward starving yeast because they help to break down food before it reaches the intestine, where the yeast are feeding.

Usually a comprehensive (or multitier) program works the best, and long term therapy is required to acheive a good result. Diet, probiotics, antifungals, and digestive enzymes together should give a good result if the program is adhered to faithfully.

Keep in mind that if you kill off too many yeast cells at once you may experience what is known as a herxheimer response. This happens when too many dead yeast cells and their byproducts are killed to be comfortably filtered by the system. If this occurs, simply let up a bit on the therapy and go at it a bit more gradually.
  (+ info)

Is there a non-over the counter drug to cure cutaneous candidiasis?

I have a stubborn case of cutaneous candidiasis (yeast infection), I have been to the dermatologist for it many times have have tried many things. Verdeso was the only thing that worked but it came back after my sample was done. Then he put me on something else that doesn't work at all. I was wondering if there is anything that you could buy non over the counter that anyone has found to treat this. Thank you.
DTD, you are correct... it is a skin infection.

Not yet, there is a couple working their way through the red tape though.  (+ info)

What is Chronic pain and do I fit into the classification?

I've had headaches everyday for 6 years and I'm not sure what kind of headaches they are and neither does my neurologist. The levels of pain vary everyday. They are kind of a mixture of migraines, tension headaches and sinus headaches. I was just wondering if I could call that chronic pain.

Chronic pain is continuous pain affecting the same area every day. Yes, you do fit into that classification.  (+ info)

If Oral candidiasis is caused by a medicine will it go away after the medicine isn't taken anymore?

If Oral candidiasis is caused by the side-effect of a medicine will it go away after the medicine isn't taken anymore?

sometimes, but who want's that, it can be painful to swallow, or eat. just get diflucan or nystating or mycelex troches. I like Diflucan, don't like Nystating swish/spit/swallow. I want it gone, but can be caused by steroid inhalers/asthma/ antibiotics/inhaled /oral. some women get vag yeast infect instead. get Rx.  (+ info)

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