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Will a carbuncle keep coming back if the "capsule" is not removed through surgery?

I had a carbuncle on my back and it is almost healed now. My doctor told me that it will come back if the "capsule" inside is not cut out through surgery. Is this true, or is there a chance that it won't come back?

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What is the difference between an abcess or carbuncle, or boil?

I have a red hardened sore half dollar size boil or whatever on my stomach. It just came about a few days ago is that to soon to have become an abcess? This morning it came to a white head and popped, but it's still draining. I have it covered with drawing ointment. But the surrounding skin still is hard is that normal with a boil? The skin around it is really red, but is some better now and so is the pain, but it's still gross looking. Any help I would appreciate.
I know it's not a spider bite I have had that before. It is something like a boil or a carbuncle but this is the worst boil I have ever had so that is why I think it's a carbuncle. It busted this morning, but I am still using stuff to get all the gunk out of it. the skin around it is still hard and it's red. But is that normal since it probably does invade the lymph nodes?

I'm no doctor but that kinda sounds like a spider bite to me. I had an abcess on my eye once and it was just a lump, no whitehead. that doesn't sound good, maybe get it checked out.  (+ info)

Carbuncle on my chin that returns constantly?

It seems every two months or so, what I think is a carbuncle grows on the middle of my chin just below the lip.
I've heard that if it returns a lot, I should go to the doctor, but my dad pretty much refuses to take me unless I'm dead.
It's about the size of a pea, red, and it hurts really bad when I touch it.

Any advice?
Thank you.

This is caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria and is often found in areas where pressure, over-stimulation, friction or excess moisture forces the bacteria deeper into the skin or hair follicle. Areas like the chin/jaw, underarms and belt line. Also things like petroleum or mineral oils may plug up a hair follicle and cause an infection.
Common treatments are Antibiotics, warm soaks and moist compresses, incision and drainage of the abscess.
You may want to try a paste made up of baking soda and water apply to area let dry then rinse away with warm water. It is very important to keep your hands off and do not pick or squeeze unless it is ready to pop by its self. Then be sure to use peroxide and a little neosporin to kill any bacteria that may remain.
But by all means if this continues see your doctor.  (+ info)

Are there any home remedies for a carbuncle (boil) besides hot compresses?

I wondered if there was a way to speed up the progress?

Epsom salts soaks will help but you need to go to a doctor and have it lanced and get a prescription for Cipro or its equivalent. You may not just have a boil, either. It might be MRSA and that requires intensive antibiotics. If you have some other pimple like places showing up, get thee to a physician ASAP. I have a family member who did not listen, and after paying a $400+ emergency clinic bill, he's on his 3rd round of double antibiotics, plus he has a hole in his thigh the size of a pencil.

Edit: BTW, if it should turn out you do have MRSA, investigate Allicin.


Antibacterial activity

The antibacterial activity of allicin was reviewed by Ankri and Mirelman in 1999.[21] Due to the increasing prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in hospitals and the community, there has been an urgent need for new agents that could be used to deal with these bacteria. In this connection, in 2004, Cutler and Wilson have studied the effect of allicin on these bacteria.[22] They used a new stable, aqueous extract of allicin, and have achieved very promising results.  (+ info)

what is a carbuncle? How do you treat it at home?

it is located on back of neck.

If you are sure that it is a true carbuncle, please do not treat this at home. A carbuncle is a coalescence of faruncles (boils), and is a serious subcutaneous tissue infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus. You need antibiotics, because the carbuncle is just short of bacteremic spread to other tissues and needs to be treated systemically. Staph aureus is very dangerous when it invades the bloodstream, and can lead to rapidly fatal conditions. Please see your doctor about antibiotics ASAP.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a boil and a carbuncle?

and why do some people get recurring boils and others never get any? Best treatment????

A boil has a single chamber full of pus. A carbuncle has many chambers...like a multi boil. Some people's skin is susceptable to boils for various reasons. My dad had boils. Best treatment I found was hot compresses to burst the boil then keep it clean to heal it. It may require antibiotics to clear up completely.  (+ info)

I have a large red carbuncle on my anus. Any clue what it might be?

I have a doctor checking it out early next week but I'll give 10 points to whomever gets it right.

Hint: Its not a hemerrhoid.

could be you hadn't washed your ass properly...idk just a hunch  (+ info)

I have a carbuncle on my chin, is it contagious, how should I cleanse my face, what more should I do?

I am taking antibiotics

Do you even know what a carbuncle is? It's a boil, it could be any type of boil also. If it's an ingrown hair you can put a hot wash cloth on it continuously until it comes to a head ,or, you may have to see your doctor and have it lanced. He will have to pack it until it drains and starts healing the correct way or it won't heal.  (+ info)

what is then difference between a boil and a carbuncle?

Multi cores or bacterial related.

A carbuncle is inflammation and infection of the skin and hair follicle that results from several untreated boils and are most commonly found on the neck, upper back or head. A boil (furuncle) is a staph skin abscess with redness, pain and swelling.  (+ info)

Where did my Carbuncle come from?

I know i could look it up but i'd rather get input from other people. I showed it to my friend a few years ago and he told me its a carbuncle. I cut it out and it was gone for a couple years and now its back in the exact same spot. i tried to pick it out again but just made it have puss and blood. Now there is one a few inches below it. They've been there for a few months now and wont go away

its an infection  (+ info)

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