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What is considered early stage squamous cell carcinoma?

I had a wart-like area below my lower lip for a long period of time which comes and goes intermittently in long period intervals. Now I have 2 sores under my lower lip that will not heal. I have been using proactiv assuming it was a type of acne. They scab over and unfortunately I do remove the scab. This has been going on for approximately 1-2 months.So what is actually considered an early stage?

Any sore that doesn't heal in a month needs to be evaluated as a potential skin cancer. This could be either a basal or squamous cell or nothing serious. If it was me I'd make an immediate dermatologist appointment and find out for sure what was going on. If you have only had the lesion for a couple months then it is probably early stage. You don't state your age but skin cancer is rare in people under 25 however your description does fit skin cancer perfectly. See a Dr now and get a biopsy. I'd quit using anything on the sores until you get an answer from the Dr. good luck

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001442.htm  (+ info)

Is there evidence that spray on tanning predisposes a person to squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma?

I know that sun exposure and tanning booths (UV rays) predispose a person to these forms of cancer, but does the risk lessen if a person gives up these methods of tanning and uses a spray on tan method?
Are you saying that spray on tan has nothing to do with the development or continued development of squamous cancer cells? Rather, that it's all about the light treatments....?

It depends on how much UVA damage has already been done when the person switches from tanning to spray tan. There is a point of no return with UVA exposure after which the skin becomes permanently damaged and squamous cell cancers will continue to develop despite staying indoors and wearing sunscreen.
Some people with psoriasis or other skin ailments that required numerous UVA light treatments to clear up their skin are now plagued with a high rate of development of squamous cells many years after they quit doing the light treatments. The same risks hold true after long term tanning or real sun exposure.

http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v91/n2/abs/5613590a.html  (+ info)

Basal cell carcinoma surgery and skin graft - anyone else had the same?

I've had a full thickness skin graft for a basal cell carcinoma on my left temple on my face, but after 3 months, my wound site where the cancer was (not the skin graft site) is still painful. Anyone else had this?

I had a basal cell carcinoma on my nose removed April 3rd 1991.
Now its beginning to peel. I've made arrangement to see a skin specialist.
I would suggest you do the same. It can be very painful. The likelihood of the cancer coming back, while still in the back of our minds, is minimal at best, its still there and very real, and very scary. Go see your DR. its important. And refrain from being in the sun. Your to important/special to not go see about it.  (+ info)

How may eating frozen foods be a predisposing factor to interstinal carcinoma?

Why would a frozen food be more of a carcinogen than a fresh food?  (+ info)

What is the difference between the hyperthyroid disease and the thyroid carcinoma?

GREETINGS, hyperthyroidism is that your thyroid is working too fast and usually people are very thin, cold, hungry but don't gain weight easy and it can be fatal if not treated, thyroid cancer can do the same thing, the same symptoms but the cancer is a growth on the thyroid, nodule or tumor, that causes the thyroid to not function right, and sometimes when and if the growth can be removed without removing the thyroid itself, you will revert back to normal. If they remove the thyroid due to cancer, then you will be on meds for life as you will be come hypothyroid.  (+ info)

26 year old grandaughter diagonosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma Help?

The tumor was found in the cervix. Doctor's here give her a 25% survival rate. Does anyone know anything about this cancer?

This is a very rare type of neuroendocrine tumor. I'd suggest that your granddaughter be seen at a major cancer center as designated by the NCI. Here is a by state listing of hospitals.


I'd also join the ACOR carcinoid list. The type tumor your granddaughter has is one variety of carcinoid tumor. The carcinoid list is very active with over 750 members and you will be able to get accurate answers about the best Drs and cutting edge treatment for treating this type of tumor. There are some very excellent Drs in the US that specialize in treating carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumors and your granddaughter will do best in the care of these experts.







all the best to your granddaughter

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  (+ info)

Can renal cell carcinoma spread to the skin?

My husband has had kidney cancer since 2008. It has spread to the plueral lining and to some lymph nodes. He now has an open sore that will not heal. I am wondering if it is possible for this to be more of the kidney cancer or possibly some other cancer?

Yes kidney cancer can spread to the skin and if it did it would not be skin cancer it would still be kidney cancer. Technically most cancers can spread anywhere and although it doesn’t often happen kidney cancers are known to spread to the skin. It is also possible that it could be skin cancer.  (+ info)

Can dogs get squamous cell carcinoma?

Just wondering and if you can give me details about what happens to the dog, if they can get it. Thanks!


The treatments and prognosis are pretty similar to those of humans. It all depends on location and whether the cancer is treated promptly or was given time to potentially spread. Dogs can get squamous cell carcinoma of the skin or also the lips, mouth, throat or nose. good luck to your dog

http://maxshouse.com/squamous_cell_carcinoma.htm  (+ info)

How long does it take to go from CIN 3 (carcinoma in situ) to Cervical cancer?

I am 24 and went from fine to Advanced CIN 3 in less then 2 years! Now I have to wait a couple of months before I can get the LEEP procedure done! I'm wondering if I should find another doctor that can get me in sooner or if I can wait!

I would find another doctor. I had the Leep done in 2000 and thought I was safe. But in June of 2009 I had cervical cancer. I went through chemo and radiation and I've been in remission for 6 weeks now. So if possible, find a new doctor that will do test now. The best of luck to you. Take care. ♥  (+ info)

What is the meaning of Oncology and Carcinoma ?

These words are related to the DEADLY disease CANCER. I am a volountary worker to help the patients of this disease. I am doing it in my area and want to know how much my friends in this forum are all aware of these words and how they can can contribute. I do not want to collect any money or contributions i kind for this, but I want workers world wide to help the sufferers to educate people about CANCER and I invite answers from persons serius about this. I want the world to know more about this disease becuse CANCER IS STILL AN ENIGMA-
I invite more and more answers which explains the terminologies and educative to people all over the world. I have gone through the entire web for these including the valuable pages of American Cancer Institute and I am aware of all the detials. I choose this forum as a contribution to educate the people world over. Do not answer just to gain 2 points. Answer to the world an the affected.

Oncology is the branch of medicine that studies tumors (cancer) and seeks to understand their development, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. A physician who practices oncology is an oncologist. The term originates from the Greek onkos (ογκος), meaning bulk, mass, or tumor and the suffix -ology, meaning "study of."
In medicine, carcinoma is any cancer that arises from epithelial cells. It is malignant by definition: carcinomas invade surrounding tissues and organs, and may spread to lymph nodes and distal sites (metastasis). Carcinoma in situ (CIS) is a pre-malignant condition, in which cytological signs of malignancy are present, but there is no histological evidence of invasion through the epithelial basement membrane.
Please see the web pages for more details on Oncology and Carcinoma.  (+ info)

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