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what is murine lewis lung carcinoma?

what are the symptoms of murine lewis lung carcinoma?
how is it different from other cancer?

it is an aggressive rapidly growing form of lung cancer, it is different in how it is diagnosed and treated from most other forms of cancer, and the prognosis is worse than most other cancers.  (+ info)

What are the characterstics of lung tissue with Metastatic Carcinoma?

If i were to look under a microscope of a slide with cancerous lung tissue, what abnormality would I see in terms of damage to the lung structure?

  (+ info)

how does non small cell carcinoma lung cancer get created?

how does non small cell carcinoma lung cancer get created?
what is the process of this cancer?

i found a few stages but i need to know how the cancer cells affect the lungs

I know long active exposure to Nobelium (Is it Nobelium, I'm not sure) generates radioactivity that effects the lungs.  (+ info)

Is there a surgery for lung carcinoma?

If so, what are the options and how can you know the level of the disease?

They will do an x ray first, then a CAT scan then an MRI. If anything shows up they will do a biopsy first to find out what kind of tumor it is and if it's a metastatic type. Then they will review the options with you. Either Radiation, Chemotherapy or a resection of the tumor. They will do the least invasive stuff they can first. If it shrinks with the radiation or chemo then they reevaluate. If neither of those work they will simply take it out(resect it). The Pulmonologists, Radiologists, Oncologists and Thoracic Surgeons that are involved in your case will keep you up to date all the time. They all deal with this all the time and they know a lot about it. Trust them, they will do every thing in their power to help.
God bless.  (+ info)

what does Squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer affect?

Who does it affect?

It affects people of all kinds.
usually smokers, or people who have worked in constuction or woodworking. i really dont know why. i just know thats what they told my dad; and its kind of weird casue he had never did construction or woodworking.  (+ info)

How is Squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer cause?

Usually through constant irritation of the lining of the lungs ie through smoking, exposure to asbestos, history of copd etc.  (+ info)

what is the difference in carcinoma of the lung when it is a primary tumor and when it is a secondary tumor?

"Buddha" is correct. If the malignancy is metastatic to the lung, it must be stage IV advanced disease for whichever of the many possible primary cancers it may be.
A primary lung carcinoma might be resected - that is the best chance for long term disease control in most non-small cell lung carcinomas. Of course a small cell primary lung carcinoma is an entirely different story. It sure would help us to know the histopathologic diagnosis - what type of cancer this is on microscopic pathology examination of the biopsy specimen.  (+ info)

what should be done with adreno cortical carcinoma lung mets?

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define what Squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer is?

what are its symptoms?
how is it prevented?

This is a tumour arising from the lung that has started in squamous cells. In short, we have several different types of cell in our body, one of these types are squamous cells, and this is where the tumour in the lung has come from. The carcinoma is a fancy word for cancer. Hope that helps.  (+ info)

death rates and survival rates of Squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer?

My Dad was just diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in August. It is rising to the top as one of the most fast frowing cancers around. I know the doctors told my dad he had a very low chance about 40%. so far we are good but the doctor also said if the cancer comes back. We wont be winning anymore.
god bless you or whoever in your family may have it.
or if you were just wondering..i hope i helped  (+ info)

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