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What do you think the lung tissue of a smoker looks like in comparison to a healthy lung tissue?

What do you think the lung tissue of a smoker looks like in comparison to a healthy lung tissue?

Normal lungs are pink and inflate/collapse normally. It might feel like a soft sponge. In an early smoker without COPD, the lungs will develop a grayish-black discoloration due to tar and soot deposits. With continued smoking, the lung will begin to scar (fibrose), and the lung architecture will become distorted. The lung may take on a rice-krispies-like texture. In severe emphysema, long-term fibrosis may lead to large air pocket formation (bullae), which can expand over time.  (+ info)

What does my lung looks like after smoking for 6 months?

I never smoke before but recently I have.
I smoked weed everyday for 6 months, totaling about an ounce of weed in 6 months. So does my lung look black like a heavy smoker's lung, will I get lung cancer? If I quit now would my lung goes back to the normal color if it already is black like a smoker's lung?

Your lungs are not black, get that out of your head. Something like that takes years and years of smoking. Your lungs are most likely fine. You will regain something like 10% of your lung capacity back every month when you quit because the "tissue" in your lungs will regenerate.  (+ info)

Carcinoma of the sigmoid with invasion into adjacent tissue. What is the ICD 9 code for this?

Carcinoma of the sigmoid with invasion into adjacent tissue. What is the ICD 9 code for this?

You probably would need more specific information. There are many ICD-9 sites on the internet that would be of help to you. Would probably be close to 209.16 to 209.66, with more specifics.  (+ info)

Can I have a basal cell carcinoma on my foot?

Has this happened to anyone, what I thought was a wart is infact a basal cell carcinoma. How was it treated if this happened to you. Thanks.

Skin cancer is a major problem in the elderly. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common skin cancer, typically occurs in this age group. Despite a number of modalities readily available for treatment. Consequently, the search for novel treatments continues. To my knowledge, there are only 6 published reports of invasive SCC treated with 5-percent Imiquimod cream. (Imiquimod is a topically applied imidazoquiline immunomodulator that enhances both innate and cell-mediated immunity )
This is a clinical trial result that has details that may be of interest:- An 89-year-old woman presented with three lesions on her lower limbs. She had previous treatments for multiple basal cell carcinomas, actinic keratoses, Bowen disease, and invasive SCCs at various sites. The new lesions were on the left foot (one) and right lower leg (two) and all showed changes of poorly differentiated SCC histologically. She declined surgical excision; radiotherapy was felt to be a poor option. She was treated with 5-percent imiquimod cream, initially to just the lesion on the dorsum of the foot, for 8-12 hours at night for three nights each week (three times a week). Treatment was well tolerated by week 2, so the frequency was increased to five times a week, and all three lesions treated. Gradually, two lesions diminished in size. Treatment was continued until there was no clinical evidence of residual tumor at these sites (19 weeks) repeat biopsies showed only a focus of dysplastic cells with no invasion (dorsum, left foot), and epidermal hyperplasia with no significant cytological atypia (outer aspect, right lower leg) Neither now showed evidence of invasive SCC. After 16 months there was no recurrence of either lesion. The third lesion (right lower leg,) did not respond to topical imiquimod and was later surgically excised.
Hope this helps
Matador 89  (+ info)

What is the best lung cleansing supplement on the market?

I am recovering from being a smoker (8 years) and living in Los Angeles. I need a strong lung support/detoxing supplement to aid my recovery.

I dont think a single supplement can really help with lung cleansing but it can be a part of the solution.

You need to really change what you eat and a whole bunch of other stuff as well to get rid of the tar and stuff.

I know that eating hot foods like chilli can help loosen mucus though which has heaps of tar and chemicals in it from smoking which you can then cough up ... there is more stuff on the site below.  (+ info)

How difficult is traveling with lung cancer and emphazema?

My grandmother was diagnosed with the early stage of lung cancer and enphazema (shocker: she's a smoker). She is due to have surgery to remove part of one of her lobes next week. My question is, I am planning my wedding (I live in California and she lives in Texas) and need to know if she can travel by airplane? I'm afraid that the recirculated air will be bad for her health. If traveling is going to be a problem for her, I will gladly have my wedding in Texas. Any ideas?

My aunt had lung cancer and could not travel long distance. It just depends on how strong your grandmother is and if she feel up to it.  (+ info)

What is the best way to increase your lung capacity?

I am looking for some good ways to increase my lung capacity. I like to run, but I feel like I am out of breath very shortly. My body can go much further than my lungs will let me.

First, slow down.
You need to find that perfect balance between your big body and your small lungs.

Usually, breathing IN is automatic and easy, but breathing OUT has to be rhythmic and forceful and even noisy, like pushing out the air out of your lungs in three (or even four...as many as you need) bursts, during three (or four) steps you're running, until your lungs are completely empty. Exhaling once is the automatic one, the second exhale is the conscious one and the third exhale is the forceful one.
You have to make some conscient effort to empty your lungs completely.

Learn proper breathing techniques while jogging/running and you'll be fine.
When I cross the path of a jogger/runner, I can hear him/her breath out from very far away. Make noise, that will help you, like those gruntings in martial arts that get your core energy out.  (+ info)

What are your thoughts on mineral powders causing lung damage?

I heard on Dr. Oz today that powders like Bare Essentials can cause lung damage because they are inhaled as they are put on, causing scarring of the lung. What do you think?

They said that the effects over 10 - 30 years could be damaging. I love my bare minerals and I don't want to stop using it!

im not sure...maybe its true? ive heard mixed reviews on mineral makeup in general...i use dinair airbrush makeup and it rocks cause its all water based so its not bad for my skin...it covers everything and its amaizng....anywho...hope i helped in some way...=)  (+ info)

What is the association between smoking and dying of lung cancer?

For cigarette smokers the lung cancer mortality rate = 140 per 100000. For nonsmokers the lung cancer mortality rate = 10 per 100000.
This is a question in my epidemiology class. And we have to interpret the results. Thanks!
We have to calculate the association between smoking adn dying of lung cancer by using the numbers above. Then with that number we have to interpret the results. I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

People on this board sharing experiences and helpful hints between cancer sufferers and you are asking them to do your homework? Maybe reminding them even more of death by cancer? I guess maybe I'm overly touchy and having a not so good day, if I offended excuse me but, I am a little offended.  (+ info)

What are the chances of surviving lung cancer?

My sister has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and i want to know what are the survival rates?

Survival statistics depend on a huge number of factors, the type of lung cancer, the staging and the age and general health of the patient.  (+ info)

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