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How large is a cyst when it becomes a mass in or on the kidney in renal cell carcinoma?

.25cm .43 cm 1.2cm 1.6cm 3.0cm 4.0cm 5.8cm
What is the procedure if it is 2.0 or smaller?

A cyst is benign (not cancer).

Carcinoma is malignant (cancer).

The only relation they have to each other is they both present as growth of some sort.  (+ info)

My mother had both non small cell carcinoma and breast cancer twice, am i at a greater risk for getting it too?

She recently lost her life after 14 years of batteling the disease. i have an appointment to discuss genetic testing in about two weeks. i just wanted to get some info about it. thanks.

Do yourself a huge favor and go to NetFlix or a video store and rent the movie called "Healing Cancer." You need to understand what is happening with this disease. The medical solutions are incredibly terrible. They are so terrible in fact, that the only disease that is defined as "CURED" as a five year survivability. No other disease is looked at that way. Ask yourself why? The answer is to make it look like modern medicine is succeeding with this disease, but it is miserably failing and for good reason. The chemotherapy helps only about 2-3% of people and according to medical research statistics, any drug that has less than a 30% success is considered no better than a placebo effect.

People who do not get treated medically statistically live longer than those that do. There are wonderful alternatives that are working and people are getting well. Don't be afraid of this disease, but do get proactive in searching the truth. Get the genetic testing, but don't fret the results and get educated, not indoctrinated.

good luck to you  (+ info)

What is considered early stage squamous cell carcinoma?

I had a wart-like area below my lower lip for a long period of time which comes and goes intermittently in long period intervals. Now I have 2 sores under my lower lip that will not heal. I have been using proactiv assuming it was a type of acne. They scab over and unfortunately I do remove the scab. This has been going on for approximately 1-2 months.So what is actually considered an early stage?

Any sore that doesn't heal in a month needs to be evaluated as a potential skin cancer. This could be either a basal or squamous cell or nothing serious. If it was me I'd make an immediate dermatologist appointment and find out for sure what was going on. If you have only had the lesion for a couple months then it is probably early stage. You don't state your age but skin cancer is rare in people under 25 however your description does fit skin cancer perfectly. See a Dr now and get a biopsy. I'd quit using anything on the sores until you get an answer from the Dr. good luck

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001442.htm  (+ info)

What are the primary and other risk factors that may or may not be related to basal cell carcinoma?

This is for my Anatomy class and is a clinical case study. I ask.com'd it but that none of the sites really helped me on determining the primary and other risk factors.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Risk Factors

Some common risk factors for basal cell carcinoma include:

Chronic sun exposure mainly to UVB radiation but also UVA
A history of repeated sunburns or childhood exposure to the sun
A suppressed immune system
HIV disease
Ionizing radiation used for acne in the 1940's
Fair skin and the propensity to freckle or burn rather than tan

Some rare risk factors for basal cell carcinoma include:

Exposure to arsenic
A condition called granuloma inguinale
Scarred or previously damaged skin, especially radiation damage
Rare genetic diseases such as xeroderma pigmentosa, nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, and albinism  (+ info)

Can renal cell carcinoma spread to the skin?

My husband has had kidney cancer since 2008. It has spread to the plueral lining and to some lymph nodes. He now has an open sore that will not heal. I am wondering if it is possible for this to be more of the kidney cancer or possibly some other cancer?

Yes kidney cancer can spread to the skin and if it did it would not be skin cancer it would still be kidney cancer. Technically most cancers can spread anywhere and although it doesn’t often happen kidney cancers are known to spread to the skin. It is also possible that it could be skin cancer.  (+ info)

Is there evidence that spray on tanning predisposes a person to squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma?

I know that sun exposure and tanning booths (UV rays) predispose a person to these forms of cancer, but does the risk lessen if a person gives up these methods of tanning and uses a spray on tan method?
Are you saying that spray on tan has nothing to do with the development or continued development of squamous cancer cells? Rather, that it's all about the light treatments....?

It depends on how much UVA damage has already been done when the person switches from tanning to spray tan. There is a point of no return with UVA exposure after which the skin becomes permanently damaged and squamous cell cancers will continue to develop despite staying indoors and wearing sunscreen.
Some people with psoriasis or other skin ailments that required numerous UVA light treatments to clear up their skin are now plagued with a high rate of development of squamous cells many years after they quit doing the light treatments. The same risks hold true after long term tanning or real sun exposure.

http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v91/n2/abs/5613590a.html  (+ info)

Can dogs get squamous cell carcinoma?

Just wondering and if you can give me details about what happens to the dog, if they can get it. Thanks!


The treatments and prognosis are pretty similar to those of humans. It all depends on location and whether the cancer is treated promptly or was given time to potentially spread. Dogs can get squamous cell carcinoma of the skin or also the lips, mouth, throat or nose. good luck to your dog

http://maxshouse.com/squamous_cell_carcinoma.htm  (+ info)

Body massage advised or not when Basal Cell Carcinoma diagnosed?

I was advised to check with my doctor if body massage is recommended after being diagnosed with BCC, although I was already treated, and the BCC was eliminated. The doctor said that it is OK to get the massage. Has anyone experienced something similar?
A response will be appreciated.

BCC is a localized cancer and once they are removed there is no risk at all to having a massage. BCC do not spread into the lymph nodes so this is another reason there is no risk in getting a massage. Enjoy your massage.  (+ info)

Life expectancy for Basal Cell Carcinoma?

For a science project i have to make a 9 slide power point presentation on a type of cancer. I chose Basal Cell Carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, for my project. I need to know the life expectancy of patients with BCC.

BCC is not a life threatening cancer. It doesn't metastasize, therefore will not spread into organs like other cancers. So the life expectancy is normal lifespan.

Lol, well I'm 99% correct!

My mom had a couple spots removed and has a couple more; she's 76 yrs old and never tanned.

Rates of metastasis for BCC have been estimated at 0.1%.

Average age: 85
Average refusal of treatments:40%
One documented death from tumor of bcc on spine for 15 years, Patient refused treatments. When it got so bad, as to have to be treated, he died of sepsis, not bcc. He was 53 yrs old.  (+ info)

How long would a person live with extensive small cell carcinoma?

My husband has cancer...hes currently undergoing chemo. What are his chances of survival?

No one knows but God! I have lived now for going on 9 years after having my total right lung removed. My Tumor was so big that they went in thru my chest to get it and also found cancer in the blood vessels around my heart. I was labeled stage 4 of course and given 20% chance to live 6 months. Good LUCK and keep the faith! Again who knows---only GOD! If you care to e-mail me its [email protected] no clowns please.  (+ info)

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