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What are the nursing interventions for alcoholic cardiomyopathy?

all nursing interventions pertaining to alcoholic cardiomyopathy only

I remember those awful nsg care plans from school. Main trick is that other than social interventions for the ETOH abuse, you tx the cardiomyopathy just like you would any other heart disease. Education, pharm interventions, Na reduction, etc etc. You can buy care plan books with basic interventions in them at any bookstore.  (+ info)

Can you get alcoholic cardiomyopathy at 23?

also since this can lead to heart failure, do you need a transplant ?

Yes you can, but generally before your heart is affected to this degree, your liver fails or has advanced cirrhosis, your pancreas is diseased and you also have Hepatic Encephalopathy (brain disease from alcohol abuse). Most hospitals would not place someone like this on a transplant list, it would be like throwing a organ away. Much better to treat the alcoholism first.  (+ info)

alcoholic cardiomyopathy?

im 25 fem and have not had a drink in a year ever since i had cardiomyopathy and i had multi organ shut down.In that year i ust gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and sice the birth have had hypertention.I keep on goin to my docs as my heart is 100 at rest and about my blood pressure but they r still putting it down too my stress and server anxiety.5 days ago i went under a heart stress test and they said that there was some abnmalities but nothing to worry about and they r followin me up in a months time.They also said that when my heart failed a year ago it went down to 20%and in 4 days was pretty much back to normal.But the last couple of weeks ive been feeling dizzy and not sure if its the tablets for my hypertention.So i dnt know if i should b concerned or if its me ust stressing out to much.PLS HELP

Is the 20% your ejection fraction? What other diagnostic tests have you had done? Echocardiogram,nuclear scan? Do you check your blood pressure yourself? Do you know what your BP was? If your blood pressure drops too low your heart rate will increase, if you could find out the results of the questions that I asked that would be helpful, Donna  (+ info)

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy?

How long does it take to develop this? Months, Years? I can't seem to find it anywhere! It's for research, not myself.

Thanks in advance!

Depends on how much you drink in a single setting and how long you've been a heavy drinker. Since excessive alcohol consumption can raise blood pressure, it's normally a response to the heart having to work harder. It usually takes years.

However, drink moderately, and this won't happen to you. Moderation is the key!  (+ info)

I have Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy. Is it ok to use the Treadmill?

I just forced myself to become sober after 3+ years of very hard drinking after my father's death. I have all the symptoms of cardiomyapothy: irregular heartbeat, minor swelling, fatigue, frequent chest pains, you name it. I can't sleep at night because my heart pounds. Basically this was the wake up call for me to stop drinking and smoking. The area around my knuckles started to deteriorate. I just started using my treadmill and I wonder if that's a good idea because of my heart condition. I tried to get health insurance but I have been turned down repeatedly. I am a 28 year old male. I goto bed everynight with a cell phone in my hand because I'm afraid I will have a heart attack. Can you give me any advice?

yea, that's what I was thinking, then I saw the other answers. Were you diagnosed with cardiomyopathy? I was expecting you to be some older than 28, and I've never seen this kind of heart enlargement from only 3 years of drinking. I worked in a CICU for a number of years.

Also, if you are recovering from severe alcoholism, it could very well take your body a year to stabalize, and you would have almost the exact symptoms you are describing from the withdrawal. I've seen people with tremors and cardiac related symptoms last for over 6 months before they resolved after they had stopped drinking alcohol. But don't self-diagnose, please :-)  (+ info)

Can you develop alcoholic cardiomyopathy within drinking for about a year?

I recently stopped drinking cold turkey, but did have a problem for this past year. My dad died and I was going through a very difficult time and took comfort in alcohol. I drank about every night or every other night. Sometimes heavily. Sometimes just a glass of wine. Thank God I have seen how bad it has become. I have recently been having chest pains accompanied with panic attacks. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with panic issues. I guess due to the fact I've been reading up more about heart issues, I'm concerned this could be a symptom of the drinking.
Is it possible to develop such a condition in a year? By the way I am 22.

Dont worry I drank every day 20 beers for 6 years and my heart is fine and I do get chest pains but the heart docter said im fine and did 5 tests and I think my chest pains are from smoking weed which I also quit. 1 year of drinking is nothing I know some alcoholics who drank for 20 years almost everyday and are still fine, plus alcohol doesn't affect the heart but the liver most , cheers.  (+ info)

Is there a connection between LBBB and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

I wonder bc I was diagnosed with LBBB and my cousin was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and I know hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is thought to be genetic...and the symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy abd LBBB are similar.
so could i have undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? I have the shortness of breath, I was diagnose with excercise induced asthma, etc. is the only thing tested for the thickening?

Well, there is no connection per se between left bundle branch block and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

In simple terms, LBBB refers to a problem with the heart's electrical conductivity and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a thickening of the heart muscle.

The only "connection" is that the conductivity issue will aggravate the overall cardiac output, which is already lowered by the hypertophic cardiomyopathy.

RM: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is not difficult to diagnose. If you have seen a cardiologist, I'm certain that he/she would have been able to detect this.  (+ info)

Is it possible for a teenager to have viral cardiomyopathy?

I am 14 years old and i have always had problems with dizziness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Doctors have never found anything wrong with me before and we went over things that were possible for me to have, and yet still found nothing. But we forgot to check my heart. Is it possible for someone my age to have cardiomyopathy?

Heart muscle involvement due to viruses is usually called viral myocarditis and not cardiomyopathy. Though many of your symptoms could also be caused by simple anxiety, especially since doctors have not found anything wrong, it is always useful to get evaluated once again by an expert physician.  (+ info)

what kind of work is possible for a teenager with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

My 17 yr old son has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and is about to leave school to start a career, but as a father who has already lost two sons to this condition i would love to know what other teenagers out there are able to do with this condition who also have a Defibrillator as with my son.

As your son is having a defibrillator be careful in selecting a job for him. He should stay away from strong magnetic field and VACUUM TUBES and electrical appliances.
Please contact your physician to choose a right job for him. He is in a better position to recommend.
I am personally confused what to recommend him! as little knowledge is bad and can harm your child.  (+ info)

Has anybody with a family history of cardiomyopathy NOT gotten it?

My dad had it and he passed away in his late '40s. Now I am freaking out thinking that I am pretty much screwed. I know it is genetic, but I wanted to know if there's anybody who hasn't (or even has) gotten cardiomyopathy just because a parent had it. Thanks!

What kind of cardiomyopathy? There's lots of kinds out there. Can you talk to your dad's doctor who diagnosed him? Some kinds are caused by viruses and are not genetic at all. Find out if uncles, grandparents, etc. also had heart problems. If your own doctor knew your dad, schedule an appointment to talk to him again. Tell him what your concerns are, and get as much info about your dad's cardiomyopathy as you can. Things you can do - don't smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, exercise regularly, get an annual physical every year (with cholesterol check), and try to lead a low-stress lifestyle. And there are very few genetic disorders that automatically "doom" you. Don't worry too much yet, and just do your research for now.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiomyopathy  (+ info)

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